Chinese Going Back To China?

 Resolutions in MCA-sponsored Chinese Economic Congress, reactions by Perkasa, and alleged ‘racist’ statements by two school teachers have turned our Malaysian political scene into TENSE STAND-OFF MODE.

Whilst certain people tend to pin-point specifically on the alleged ‘racist’ remarks, I believe the matter should be viewed in isolation of other preceeding ‘political indulgences’ by others.

In the run up to the 2008 GE, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang was ‘successful’ in inducing HATRED towards UMNO, the party supported by the MAJORITY OF MALAYS. The induced HATRED led to substancial gains by Pakatan in the poll. The effect of the induced hatred can be felt strongly if we care to read the PROVOCATIVE, ABUSIVE and often VULGER postings by Chinese bloggers in in cyber-space.

 As in the Laws of Physics, ‘For every action, there is reaction’. Whilst Anwar and Kit Siang managed to attract more Chinese voters, more and more Malays who were sympathetic to PKR and PAS before are coming back HOME, to UMNO. Malays did not have much problem with the Chinese before 2008 GE. However, Malays felt STABBED IN THE BACK by the Chinese in the GE, the same feeling they felt when the Chinese-centred Communist Bintang Tiga attempted to take control of the country in the immediate aftermath of Japanese surrender in 1945.

The HATRED IN RETURN of the Malays towards the Chinese are building up, especially after seeing how the Malays in Penang are MARGINALISED by DAP, and how even MCA President were seen  KNOCKING on the MALAY RIGHTS.

The SOCIAL CONTRACT among races were AGREEMENT AMONG MAJOR RACES, which were enshrined ‘in writing’ in our Federal Constitution. The main essence of the Agreement was that, ‘in return for agreeing to the granting of citizenship to the IMMIGRANTS, the IMMIGRANTS-CONVERTED-CITIZENS, and their descendents, recognise the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS’.

Of late, there are STRONGER and BOLDER voices from among the Chinese community, spearheaded by DAP, questioning policies related to the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS.

For the Malays, the Chinese are DEFAULTING on the SOCIAL CONTRACT. Under such circumstances, its not surprising if certain Malays VENT OUT their frustration against the Chinese who fail to honour their part of the SOCIAL CONTRACT, and suggested that the Chinese go back to where their IMMIGRANT FOREFATHERS originated from.

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