Leaders are normally SPOTTTED in times of crisis.

When the Malays and their Kings were about to be robbed of their KETUANAN MELAYU soon after the Japanese surrender, Onn Jaafar was SPOTTTED as the right leader to unite the Malays. He took the initiative to gather more than 40 Malay NGOs to fight against the British-imposed MALAYAN UNION, which culminated in the formation of United Malays National Organisation(UMNO).

Within just over 10 years after independence, the Chinese-centred opposition parties, DAP and Gerakan, demonstrated their ‘once hidden’ HATRED towards Malays when they took took to the streets of KL in ‘victory parades’ immediately after the 1969 GE. They shouted VULGARITIES, displayed PROVOCATIVE gestures, and hurled ABUSIVE remarks against Malay onlookers, for two consecutive days, before HELL BROKE LOOSE and KL engulfed in FLAMES for weeks.

Under such testing circumstances, a new Malay ‘saviour’ emerged, Tun Abdul Razak. Within a few years, normality was restored, and the nation is back to the road towards PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, under the leadership of the newly founded BN.

2008 GE produced many surprises. The biggest surprise is the STAB IN THE BACK by Chinese and Indian voters against UMNO/BN. We can understand the feelings of Indians after being STIRRED UP by Hindraf into believing that the Indians/Hindus were being the objects of ETHNIC CLEANSING by UMNO. But, we do not really understand WHAT THE CHINESE ARE UP TO.

2008 gave birth to many Malay NGOs, including Perkasa. The Malays are back to the same 1946 and 1969 predicaments, where the role of NGOs were very crucial in shaping the the future of the country. While Najib is the PM of Malaysia, Malays are SPOTTING a new leader to speak out for their interests and RIGHTS. Obviously, the Malays are now looking up to Perkasa and its leader, IBRAHIM ALI,  to persue their aspirations, defending their RIGHTS, and fight off encroachments by others.

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  1. freesoft Says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

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