Today is our 53rd INDEPENDENCE DAY. The celebration in Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, was low-key by any standard, partly to allow key performers some energy to reserve in this fasting month of Ramadhan.

Despite its scale, the organisers have to be congratulated, for infusing FRESH AIR into the way such occassions are celebrated. Audio-visual effects used to the full, which were only possible in an enclosed stadium, have allowed the audience,  leaders and rakyat alike, to feel their blood-flow infused with PATRIOTIC FERVOURS. On their way home, both the participants and the audience, must have cherished the occasion as ONE OF THE BEST Independence Day celebration for a long long time.

31st August every year has been regarded as MALAYSIA DAY, or INDEPENDENCE DAY. However, many may have overlooked the fact that MALAYSIA was only formed on 16th September 1963, with the merger of the states of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and other British colonies of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. 

The date 31st August 1957 was infact the Independence Day of PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU, in English ‘MALAYA’.

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5 Comments on “There Was Only PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU or MALAYA 53 Years Ago”

  1. mohamad adel Says:

    31 Aug….Independence Day of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Memang tepat sekali, Syabas.

    Ingat, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Tanah Melayu.

  2. warisan tmk Says:

    mohamad adel,

    Yes, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.
    In future, the name of Tanah Melayu, and Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, has to be REPLAYED again and again.
    Otherwise, we are not being honest with our own history.

  3. From city to kampung. Says:

    I balik kampung during this Merdeka day, i seen no one holding our national flag. Even many of my Umno friends are not putting our national flag. I wonder why ?

    • warisan tmk Says:

      city to kampung,
      From my personal experience, it was not easy to get the bendera to for the car. You may find the bendera, but the holders ‘out of stock’ or ‘new stock yet to arrive’ and such nonsense.
      In the past, Petronas was the source of bendera for cars. Buy rm20 of petrol from Petronas station, you would be given a free bendera to be stucked to your car.
      For those who managed to get a bendera to be stucked to the car, the bendera would not last for more than a few days. If you drive your the car for over 100 km/hour, the bendera and the holder would simply snap away.
      Rais Yatim did well in the INDOOR STADIUM celebration, but he has to think hard WHY smaller items like BENDERA FOR CARS were not included in his overall celebration plans.

  4. Kenn Says:

    DS Najib wajar mencontohi dan mengikuti jejak langkah Datuk Onn Jaafar, apabila beliau sebagai Presiden UMNO tidak lagi memperjuangkan matlamat perjuangan orang Melayu dan Bumiputera apabila membiarkan UMNO berselisihan dengan Perkasa serta beliau memperjuangkan 1-Malaysia yang nampaknya memberi keutamaan yang lebih kepada kaum-kaum lain daripada Orang Melayu dan Bumiputera.

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