Unveiling the Back Side of PKR

These few weeks, PKR is undergoing their ‘most defining moments’ in their 10-year old history, holding their first party elections after the 2008 General Election. With their rank-and-file being induced with the ‘beautiful dream’ that Pakatan coalition would take over Putrajaya by the coming General Election, their leaders at all levels have started scrambling for ‘tickets’ to be candidates in the coming General Election, to be appointed as ‘Ahli Majlis’, State Excos, and even Ministers.

Its generally believed that divisional-level(in the case of PKR, its called ‘cabang’) Top 5 leaders would be the most probable candidates to be chosen by the party for State Assembly or Parlimentary seats. As events in the last one week unfolded, the bitter scramble for posts at divisional level has unveiled the ‘back side’ of PKR for the first time, for all to see. The contest for Divisional Leader posts have been particularly BITTER, in some cases with 4-5 candidates contesting for the post.

After the first round of divisional-level assemblies which elect the division-level leadership, there would be a second round of division-level assemblies, to elect the NATIONAL LEVEL leadership, using the new one-member-one-vote ruling. Those contesting for the national-level posts would require at least TWO NOMINATIONS for the respective post during the first round of division-level assemblies.

Despite the new one-member-one-vote ruling, the VERY TOP leadership of the party have shown BAD EXAMPLE from the very beginning. One of the party’s Vice Presidents, Azmin Ali, is believed to have persuaded the majority of PKR members of Parliments and State Assemblymen to openly pledge support for him in his bid for Deputy President post. Such move is viewed by many remenicient of Anwar’s move to form ‘Team Wawasan’  to ‘check-mate’ Tun Ghafar in the contest for the post of Deputy President of UMNO in 1993. Its an open secret that Anwar is actively behind Azmin.

Despite that, PKR newcomer Zaid Ibrahim have garnered steady flow of nominations for the same Deputy President post. It has been unveiled that Zaid Ibrahim is DAP’s preferred candidate for the post, and he appears to command the support of the majority of non-Malay members of PKR. And to the astonishment of many, both Wan Azizah, the wife of Anwar, and Nurul Izzah, the daughter, are believed to be supportive of Zaid.

The rakyat will be able to see more of the ‘back side’ of PKR in weeks to come.

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    Thank you..really informative!!

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