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Nothing New About DAP-PKR Secret Pact

October 31, 2010

REVEALATIONS by YB Zulkifli Nordin in Parliment a few days ago,  about the SECRET PACT between DAP and PKR , including to grant AUTONOMY to Penang in the event of Pakatan winning the coming General Elections, have stunned the country, in particular the Malays.

However, by looking back into the pages of our recent history, there is actually NOTHING NEW about the ‘Chinese Agenda’ to wrest control of this LANDS OF THE MALAYS.

 The  then IMMIGRANT CHINESE used to attempt to take over Tanah Melayu immediately after the Japanese surrender in 1945. At that time, their ‘political vehicle’ was the MALAYAN COMMUNIST PARTY(MCP), a branch of the COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA. Their plot was only foiled by the returning British. Otherwise, Tanah Melayu could have been turned into one of the provinces of CHINA.

When the Malays under the leadership of UMNO managed to force the British to rescind the MALAYAN UNION and replaced it with PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU in 1948, it was the then CHINESE IMMIGRANTS, under the MCP again who opposed the formation of the PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU(PTM), to the extend that they took up ARMED INSURRECTION against the PTM, which led to the declaration of EMERGENCY and the BANNING of the MCP.

The crushing defeat of MCP in the Malaysian jungle by 1960, and the lifting of the state of emergency, must have led to the ‘retreating and regrouping’ of the COMMUNIST ELEMENTS into legal political organisation, to continue with their ‘Chinese Agenda’.

When Singapore became part of MALAYSIA in 1963, the CHAUVANIST CHINESE ‘re-grouped’ themselves under the PAP SINGAPORE, under Lee Kwan Yew. The expulsion of Singapore in 1965 led to the formation of DAP as a new ‘political vehicle’ for the CHAUVANIST CHINESE.

Ever since its debut in 1969 General Election, DAP has been the BIGGEST THREAT to the peace and stability of this LANDS OF THE MALAYS. It was their VICTORY PARADES along main streets of KL immediately after the 1969 General Election, during which INSULTS AND PROVOCATIONS were thrown at Malays, which had sparked off the 13th May tragedy.

Its time that the Government seriously consider BANNING political parties who harbour objectives NOT IN LINE with the FOUNDATIONS of our country. DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ is blatantly AGAINST our country’s Constitution, and should NO LONGER  be allowed to be propagated by a  ‘legal’ political party registered with the Registrar of  Societies. Unless and until DAP abandon such objectives, DAP will continue to FUEL racial disharmony, which may one day detonate the Lim Kit Siang-designed TIME BOMB.


Between Foresightedness and Threats

October 26, 2010

In his LANDMARK SPEECH at the just concluded UMNO General Assembly, Najib, the UMNO President and the country’s Prime Minister, among other things did touch on certain ‘bad human natural instincts’  which had led to HORRIFIC and HORRENDOUS episods in world history like the holocaust in Germany, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, and such HUMAN TRAGEDIES.

Certain opposition leaders, including Chen Man Hin, the DAP veteran, were fast in interprating Najib’s apeech as VEILED THREATS to non-Malays – threats that if powers are taken away from UMNO and the Malays, the non-Malays would suffer such HORRENDOUS ACTS too.

The way I see it, opposition leaders are only interested to undermine the TREMENDOUS ADMIRATIONS shown by UMNO delegates and the Malays at large to the POLITE, HONEST but FIRM speech by Najib, to put a stop to the ‘ever rising temperature’ race-related debates dominating our political stage.

Najib was VERY HONEST to state that, should every generation of Malaysians be embroiled  into debates with regards to  what the country’s forefathers had agreed as the FOUNDATIONS of our independent nation,  then the ‘bad natural instincts’ from both sides of the divide may lead the country along the path of  CARNAGE AND DESTRUCTION.

Najib’s intent was obviously to invite all Malaysians to avoid such EVENTUALITY based on his FORESIGHTEDNESS. It was not meant to be THREATS as manipulated by TRUE RACISTS like Chen Man Hin.

Social Contract WAS A Written Contract

October 23, 2010

After the ENLIGHTENMENT by Najib on the issues of MALAY RIGHTS, including the SOCIAL CONTRACT, I would expect certain PETUALANG BANGSA, ‘FAKE MALAYS’ and the IMMIGRANT-FOREFATHERED MALAYSIANS would be struggling to twist themselves out of the TRUTH OF THE MATTER.

I suspected Raja Petra Kamaruddin(RPK) would write something. Afterall, he is the only one who would LOSE NOTHING, after he has lost EVERYTHING. Those who become TRAITORS to their own race have actually lost their HONOUR AND DIGNITY. They are the LIVING DEAD, and can be regarded to have  LOST EVERYTHING.

According to RPK, he is unveiling 33-page to prove certain points about the SOCIAL CONTRACT. However he started his writing thus:

“A few months ago, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the Social Contract does exist. However, it is not a written Contract. It is a verbal Contract, said Dr Mahathir…..Do you know what lawyers have to say about verbal contracts? A verbal contract is not worth the paper it is written on.”

We do not in what context Tun Mahathir could have said that. To my mind, what Tun Mahathir could have meant that there is NO WRITTEN DOCUMENT entitled ‘Social Contract’, ‘National Social Contract’ etc. Indeed, there is NO SUCH DOCUMENT. But does that necessarily mean that there is no written Social Contract?

Only yesterday, Najib, the UMNO President and the country’s Prime Minister, while officiating this years UMNO General Assembly in PWTC, openly stated that the terms of the SOCIAL CONTRACT has been ‘soldered’ permanently in the Federal Constitution.

No doubt, prior to the FINALISATION of the Federal Constitution, there were numerous correspondences among all interest parties to the INDEPENDENCE of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, or ‘Malaya’, including recommendations by the Reid’s Commision. However, the recommendations and correspondences were NOT FINAL. The final product was the WRITTEN FEDERAL CONSTITUTION,  into which the terms of the terms SOCIAL CONTRACT were incorporated.

Najib was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT to make statement that the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT were permanently soldered into the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION.

Najib, the DEFENDER of Malay Rights

October 21, 2010

Congratulation to Najib Tun Razak for delivering a LANDMARK SPEECH in officiating this year’s UMNO General Assembly.

Not many would dispute that it was the BEST SPEECH he has ever delivered. It may have shocked a few, but definitely RE-ASSURING to the Malays/Bumiputras.

The HIGHLIGHT of the speech was when he RE-AFFIRMED that the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT have been ‘soldered’ in our Federal Constitutions, and certain articles related to it, including Article 153, are IRREVOCABLE, even by over two-third majority in Parliment, or even through emergency decrees.

Its time for all component parties of the BN to streamline their party stands to be consistent with the letter and spirit of the SOCIAL CONTRACT. Lets look forward, and stop looking back at what have been agreed.

Thank you Najib for putting back COMMON SENSE into the hearts and minds of the Malays and Malaysians, and putting back the country on the road of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY.

Dr. Mohd Asri And Perjuangan Bangsa

October 18, 2010

It was barely two weeks since I posted an aticle here REFUTING Tuan Guru Nik Aziz’s understanding of the term ‘asobiyyah’ which to my mind is a MAJOR OBSTACLE to the Malays/Muslims unity. Tuan Guru Nik Aziz in many occassions had labelled UMNO as ‘asobiyyah’ for being a political party for Malays, with its main struggle to uplift the Malays and to protect the Malay RIGHTS. In the article, among other things, I stated: ……”Bagi saya, pandangan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz yang menyamakan ‘asobiyyah’ itu dengan ‘bangsa’ adalah suatu FAHAMAN SESAT DAN KARUT, yang bukan sahaja tidak selari dengan apa yang difahami oleh Allahyarham Dr. Burhanuddin dan Allahyarhan Datuk Hj. Mohd Asri, malah TERPESONG dari ajaran Islam sebenarnya……”

It maybe a co-incidence that yesterday, Dr.Mohd Asri, the former Mufti of Perlis posted an article in his blog, explaining the position of PERJUANGAN BANGSA in the eye of Islam. Although his original article is quite lengthy, the conclusion was as follows: …….”Adapun asabiyyah sebenarnya adalah sikap berpuak yang membawa kepada membelakangkan kebenaran dan kezaliman kepada kepada pihak lain. Sikap fanati puak itu mungkin menjelma dalam bentuk bangsa, ataupun parti politik, atau mazhab, atau kumpulan atau apa sahaja yang fanatik dan menolak kebenaran orang lain. Sabda Nabi s.a.w: “Sesiapa yang berperang di bawah rayah ‘immiyyah (bendera kebutaan) dan menyeru kepada ‘asabiyyah atau marah kerana ‘asabiyyah maka kematiannya adalah jahiliyyah”. (Riwayat Muslim).Rayah ‘immiyyah (bendera kebutaan) adalah kiasan kepada suatu puak yang berhimpun atas suatu perkara yang tidak diketahui sama ada benar atau batil, namun membela atas dasar ketaksuban. Ertinya, jika ada ciri demikian maka itu ‘asabiyyah yang dilarang; samada perjuangan parti atau perjuangan kaum. Maka, bukan sahaja perjuangan politik bangsa boleh menjadi ‘asabiyyah, perjuangan atas nama Islam jika fanatik dan menolak kebenaran hanya kerana keputusan parti juga boleh dinamakan ‘asabiyyah………….Usaha memartabatkan kaum bukan prinsip perjuangan tetapi keperluan yang dilakukan apabila keadaan mendesak seperti yang berlaku kepada kabilah al-Asy’ariyyin dalam hadis di atas. Sebab itu al-Quran bukan sahaja menyebut membantu kaum kerabat yang susah, tetapi juga membantu golongan miskin, orang musafir yang kesusahan tanpa dikaitkan dengan kaum kerabat atau bangsa……… Kesimpulannya; prinsip Islam mengatasi segalanya termasuk isu bangsa. Perjuangan bangsa jika bertentangan dengan prinsip-prinsip Islam yang disebutkan tadi adalah diharamkan. Namun, usaha memartabatkan bangsa jika tidak bertentangan dengan prinsip-prinsip Islam seperti prinsip persaudaraan Islam, keadilan untuk semua dan tidak menghina bangsa lain, maka ia diizinkan, bahkan terpuji.”

Obviously Dr.Mohd Asri is standing on OPPOSITE POLE of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz in understanding the term ‘asobiyyah’. To Nik Aziz, any struggle for the sake of BANGSA or KEBANGSAAN, whether its in according to Islamic principles or not, is inevitably ‘asobiyyah’ and therefore AGAINST Islam.

On the other hand, to Dr.Mohd Asri,….”Perjuangan bangsa jika bertentangan dengan prinsip-prinsip Islam yang disebutkan tadi adalah diharamkan. Namun, usaha memartabatkan bangsa jika tidak bertentangan dengan prinsip-prinsip Islam seperti prinsip persaudaraan Islam, keadilan untuk semua dan tidak menghina bangsa lain, maka ia diizinkan, bahkan terpuji.”

I sincerely hope that there are more and more ULAMAS out there who would come forward to CLEAN UP the MISLEADING understanding of Islam, as being portrayed by DEVIATIONIST ULAMAS like Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. Tuan Guru Nik Aziz may be very knowledgable on many aspects of the religion of Islam…. but whenever he labelled UMNO as ‘asobiyyah’, he actually knew little about what he was talking about.

Tuan Guru Nik Aziz needs to seek URGENT ADVICE from fellow ulamas like Dr.Mohd Asri to get the true meaning of ‘asobiyyah’ and REPENT for being an obstacle to Malays/Muslims unity in this country. To cause DISUNITY among the Muslims is a HUGE SIN which Tuan Guru Nik Aziz will not be immuned from HARSH PUNISHMENTS  from Allah swt. the God Almighty.

Ibrahim Ali – Ular Menyusur Akar Tidak Hilang Bisanya

October 13, 2010


Kesilapan Nik Aziz Memahami Istilah ‘Asobiyyah’ Menghalang Perpaduan Melayu

October 2, 2010

Penulisan ini saya poskan ke blog popular ‘Kickdefella’ sebagai respons kepada suatu penulisan beliau berkaitan PERPADUAN MELAYU.

Salam perjuangan Sheikh,

Tahniah di atas konsistansi Sheikh di dalam memaparkan maklumat-maklumat menarik bagi menyedarkan umat Melayu/Islam di negara kita tentang pentingnya PERPADUAN di kalangan umat Melayu/Islam.

Sekiranya diadakan satu SURVEY di kalangan umat Melayu/Islam di negara ini, saya yakin dan percaya, lebih dari 90% dari mereka mengharapkan KERJASAMA, malah PERPADUAN, di antara parti-parti Melayu/Islam, khususnya UMNO dan PAS.

Sekiranya ini yang didoakan dan dinanti-nanti oleh umat Melayu/Islam, apakah masalah sebenar yang menghalang pemimpin-pemimpin politik Melayu/Islam dari mengorak langkah ke arah PERPADUAN.

Kita masih ingat, tidak berapa lama dahulu, terdapat kecenderungan kepimpinan tertinggi PAS, termasuk Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden, untuk memulakan perbincangan-perbincangan dengan UMNO ke arah memenuhi cita-cita PERPADUAN. Namun begitu, ianya digagalkan oleh Mursyidul-Am PAS sendiri.

Apakah sebenarnya di dalam KEPALA HOTAK Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, sehingga sanggup mengenepikan PERPADUAN di kalangan umat Melayu/Islam, yang juga bermakna mengenepikan perintah-perintah Allah swt dan arahan-arahan Rasulullah saw.

Secara ikhlas dan terus-terang saya ingin nyatakan, bahawa, walaupun Tuan Guru Nik Aziz seorang yang begitu luas ilmu pengetahuannya tentang ilmu-ilmu Islam, beliau bukanlah pakar dalam segala-galanya. Saya percaya, beliau SALAH PANDANG atau mungkin TERKHILAF di dalam memahami makna perkataan ‘asobiyyah’ yang beliau kerap kaitkan dengan UMNO.

Presiden PAS kedua, Allahyarham Dr. Burhanuddin Al-Helmi, di dalam salah satu penulisannya pernah menempelak mereka yang menganggap perjuangan KEBANGSAAN, seperti perjuangan KEBANGSAAN MELAYU itu sebagai ‘asobiyyah’. Bagi beliau, ‘asobiyyah’ itu bukan bermakna ‘bangsa’ atau ‘kebangsaan’, tetapi ialah ‘sikap taksub’ terhadap sesuatu kumpulan.

Dari apa yang saya dapat faham dari huraian beliau, sekiranya berlaku ‘sikap taksub’ berlebihan di dalam sebuah parti yang bernama PARTI ISLAM sekalipun, ia boleh membawa kepada gejala ‘asobiyyah’ yang dilarang oleh Islam.

Malah, Presiden Ketiga PAS, Allahyarham Datuk Hj Mohd Asri pun berpegang teguh kepada perjuangan Melayu/Islam. Bagi beliau, Islam hanya boleh ditegakkan di mana bahagian dunia oleh kelompok-kelompok dan bangsa-bangsa tertentu. Di awal penyebaran Islam, bangsa Arab adalah pendukung utama obor Islam. Sementara di Asia Tenggara, Islam diletakkan di suatu tempat yang tinggi, secara umumnya, oleh bangsa Melayu.

Saya mengambil peluang ini untuk MENCABAR sesiapa sahaja dari PAS untuk membuktikan pandangan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz bahawa perjuangan bangsa itu bertentangan dengan Islam, sebagaimana sering dilaungnya.

Bagi saya, pandangan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz yang menyamakan ‘asobiyyah’ itu dengan ‘bangsa’ adalah suatu FAHAMAN SESAT DAN KARUT, yang bukan sahaja tidak selari dengan apa yang difahami oleh Allahyarham Dr. Burhanuddin dan Allahyarhan Datuk Hj. Mohd Asri, malah TERPESONG dari ajaran Islam sebenarnya.

Saya percaya, SALAH FAHAM terhadap beberapa aspek ajaran Islam seperti inilah yang MENCELARUKAN umat Melayu/Islam dan menjadi PENGHALANG kepada PERPADUAN.

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