Ibrahim Ali – Ular Menyusur Akar Tidak Hilang Bisanya

After OMITTING MT People’s Portal for a few days, I ‘descended’ into this old playground of mine, just to ‘share’ the Chinese bloggers REJOICING the news that Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa’s President, was stripped of his Datukship by the newly installed Sultan of Kelantan.

I no longer frequent MT People’s Portal as I used to, simply because, lately, I began to find out that, there are SO MANY BLOGS out there which are MUCH MUCH MORE INTERESTING than MT People’s Portal, which I used to think WAS TOP before. However, I felt bad to leave some friends there who every now and then seeked ‘guiding lights’ from a ‘racist’  and ‘Master Spinner’ like me…

By the way, I really wonder WHY our Chinese bloggers HATE Ibrahim Ali so much…. much more than they hate Tun Mahathir. They are really REJOICING at Ibrahim Ali’s ‘fall out’ with the Sultan of Kelantan, which we do not know the reasons why. Tun Mahathir was DEAD RIGHT, to take ‘negotiate away’ certain powers from the Sultans, to allow the Malays, and Malaysians, to look up on the Sultans, the way they deserve. At the end of the day, there is POSITIVE check-and-balance between the Malay Sultans and their Malay Subjects.

 Whatever the bloggers here name-calling Ibrahim Ali, he has already ‘engraved’ his name in the MALAY HISTORY and the HISTORY OF TANAH MELAYU, as one of the MALAY GREATS, not far behind the likes of Datuk Maharajalela of Perak, Tok Janggut of Kelantan, Datuk Bahaman and Mat Kilau of Pahang, and others.

 The LIVING PROOF of Ibrahim Ali’s ACHIEVEMENTS is simply….  the Chinese hate him so much…. in the same way they hate the NEP and the number 153.

Do not worry Ibrahim…. ular menyusur akar, tidak hilang bisanya.

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3 Comments on “Ibrahim Ali – Ular Menyusur Akar Tidak Hilang Bisanya”

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  2. mohamed Says:

    “Tun Mahathir was DEAD RIGHT, to take ‘negotiate away’ certain powers from the Sultans,”

    Now I fully understand and agree to what TUN did at that time.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Indeed, what Tun Mahathir and UMNO did was to SAFEGUARD the SANCTITY of the institution of KESULTANAN MELAYU.
      There are natural tendencies for ABSOLUTE POWER to corrupt ABSOLUTELY. By creating mechanisms of CHECK AND BALANCE, Tun Mahathir and UMNO helped the institution of KESULTANAN MELAYU to remain CHERISHED by the rakyat.

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