Between Foresightedness and Threats

In his LANDMARK SPEECH at the just concluded UMNO General Assembly, Najib, the UMNO President and the country’s Prime Minister, among other things did touch on certain ‘bad human natural instincts’  which had led to HORRIFIC and HORRENDOUS episods in world history like the holocaust in Germany, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, and such HUMAN TRAGEDIES.

Certain opposition leaders, including Chen Man Hin, the DAP veteran, were fast in interprating Najib’s apeech as VEILED THREATS to non-Malays – threats that if powers are taken away from UMNO and the Malays, the non-Malays would suffer such HORRENDOUS ACTS too.

The way I see it, opposition leaders are only interested to undermine the TREMENDOUS ADMIRATIONS shown by UMNO delegates and the Malays at large to the POLITE, HONEST but FIRM speech by Najib, to put a stop to the ‘ever rising temperature’ race-related debates dominating our political stage.

Najib was VERY HONEST to state that, should every generation of Malaysians be embroiled  into debates with regards to  what the country’s forefathers had agreed as the FOUNDATIONS of our independent nation,  then the ‘bad natural instincts’ from both sides of the divide may lead the country along the path of  CARNAGE AND DESTRUCTION.

Najib’s intent was obviously to invite all Malaysians to avoid such EVENTUALITY based on his FORESIGHTEDNESS. It was not meant to be THREATS as manipulated by TRUE RACISTS like Chen Man Hin.

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