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PAS’s Blurred Vision of Islamic State

November 21, 2010

DAP is at the forefront of SECULAR POLITICAL SYSTEM, a system whereby RELIGION is seperated from the GOVERNMENT. Hence, DAP is against any form of Islamic State, be it as understood by UMNO , or as ‘specified’ by PAS.

To Muslim scholars who are supportive of UMNO, Malaysia is ALREADY AN ISLAMIC STATE. Some of the criteria used by them include:

1. Political power  is dominated by Muslims, including Muslim Head of State, the Agung, and Muslim Head of Government, the Prime Minister.

2. Security agencies like ATM and PDRM are controlled by Muslims.

3. The Muslims are SAFE to practice their religion.

However, to PAS, Malaysia is NOT ISLAMIC ENOUGH to be called an ISLAMIC STATE.

The paradox is, PAS is working closely with DAP, to a achieve a TRUE ISLAMIC STATE…..

This proves HOW CONFUSED  are PAS leaders, in their ‘search’ for an ISLAMIC STATE.


Significance of SACRIFICES Related To Eid-ul-Adha

November 18, 2010

May I first wish the Muslims world over EID-UL-MUBARAK, on this auspicious day of Eid-ul-Adha.

10th day of the Muslim lunar month of Zulhijjah marks the day of Eid-ul-Adha celebration, in Malay the Hariraya Haji, one of the two MAJOR religious celebrations in Islam.  The other MAJOR religious celebration is the Eid-ul-Fitri, in Malay the Hariraya Puasa, was celebrated just over two months ago, to mark the first day after the fasting month of Ramadan. 

The festive atmosphere associated with Eid-ul-Adha is not as VIBRANT as the Eid-ul-Fitri, as the CENTRE OF ACTIVITY related to the former takes place in Mecca and Medina, both in Saudi Arabia. Mecca was the birthplace of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, while Medina , a city about 300 km north of Mecca,  was where Muhammad migrated to and accepted as leader in the first ISLAMIC STATE.

Apart from the HAJ RITUALS being performed by over 2.5 million Muslims from all over the world in Mecca, and other locations around Mecca, including Arafah, Muzdalifa and Mina, Eid-ul-Adha has traditionally been associated more with one of the HAJ RITUALS, the sacrifice of animals, the only ritual which is carried out even by by those who are not performing the HAJ in Mecca. In Malaysia, the ritual of SLAUGHTERING OF SACRIFICIAL ANIMALS is the most important activity on the day of Eid-ul-Adha, after the performance of congregational Eid Prayers in mosgues. 

The ritual of SLAUGHTERING OF SACRIFICIAL ANIMALS became part of the Islamic religious rituals, although the practice dated back to the times of Abraham(In Arabic, Ibrahim) and Ishmael(In Arabic, Ismail), both the Messengers of Allah. Abraham, the Messenger of Allah, was the common forefather of both the Arabs and the Jews. Abraham had two wives, with Sarah giving birth to Isaac, and Hajar giving birth to Ishmael. The descendents of his son Ishmael became the Arabs, while the descendents of his other son Isaac(In Arabic, Ishak) became the Jews.

By the will of Allah, Abraham took Hajar and Ishmael to settle down in a remote desert settlement now known as Mecca. Infact Abraham was known to be the FOUNDER OF MECCA, where he and Ishmael built the original building of the KAABAH, also known as ‘Baitullah’ or the ‘House of Allah’.

It was during Ishmael’s younger days that Abraham was TESTED with commandment from Allah to SACRIFICE his beloved son, which he faithfully obeyed. As the traditions go, at a point when Abrahan was about to commit the SACRIFICE, by the will of Allah, Ishmael was replaced by a sheep. The episode symbolised the the FAITHFULNESS of both Abraham and Ishmael in obeying commandments of Allah. This was the episode which became the origin of the ANIMAL SACRIFICES associated with the HAJ RITUALS and the Eid-ul-Adha celebrations.

The sacrifice of SACRIFICIAL ANIMALS has much deeper meaning than just to emulate what was practised by Abraham and Ishmael.  The act actually signifies the willingness of Muslims to sacrifice ALL at their disposal, including their belongings, and even their lives, in the fulfilment of the commandments of Allah, the God Almighty.

Zaid Stands Taller Than PKR Sick Leaders

November 16, 2010

PKR’s ‘ala-Wild West’ party elections have given birth to a new FOLK-HERO leader, Zaid Ibrahim.

Series of events leading to Zaid withdrawing from the Deputy Presidency contest, and the inevitable departure from PKR, has elevated Zaid to much much higher political plane than any of the Pakatan leaders.

Zaid is absolutely sharp to describe PKR leaders as SICK LEADERS. Only SICK LEADERS would go around ‘drumming empty can’ claiming to command 400,000 members, when only about 5% of the figure are taking part in the one-member-one-vote election of PKR national leaders.

Zaid knows very well that only SICK LEADERS would be proud to be elected as President and Deputy President with the support of less than 5% of the party membership. Hence, Zaid’s GALLANT MOVE to withdraw from the contest, and leave the party.

The way I see it, the best move for Zaid now is to form a new party, to be a new platform for those who have come to the conclusion that PKR is a SICK PARTY, led by SICK LEADERS with the support of less than 5% of party members.

Zaid can follow the example of Makkal Sakhti Party, the new Indian-centred party formed by former Hindraf leaders, who are now BN-friendly. Zaid’s ‘Parti Keadilan Baru’ may take the path of BN-friendly too.

I’m sure, by now, Zaid must have come to a firm conclusion that UMNO/BN is much more democratic, transparent and honest, compared to the Pakatan parties led by their SICK LEADERS.

Zaid Exhausted By PKR ‘Wild West’ Politics

November 10, 2010

After ENDURING lawlessness of PKR ‘Wild West’ politics for months, Zaid Ibrahim, the Deputy Presidential candidate, finally put up his white flag in EXHAUSTION, physically and mentally. What originally looked like ‘greener pastures’ to him turned out to be ‘branches of thorns’ .

For an experienced politician like Zaid, his misadventure is COMPLETE BLUNDER, which may well put an end to his political ambitions. Only DAP would be interested to salvage MALAY POLITICAL REJECTS, like what they did to Anwar. Who knows… Teresa Kok may want to pay back Zaid, for relinquishing his post as a minister for her sake.

In a way, Zaid has been NAIVE not to look deep into the workings of ‘Wild West’ PKR, before plunging himself into it. He miserably failed to fathom the lawlessness, chronism, and ‘family-linked’ leadership of the party. He failed to see that PKR was created BY ANWAR, FOR ANWAR. And he failed to sense that PKR is ‘indah khabar dari rupa’, or as some others may put it, ’empty cans make most noise’.  

PKR has 222 divisions, and claims to have around 400,000 members. However, their ‘democratic’ one-member-one-vote system in electing national-level leaders appeared to have revealed their HOLLOW CENTRE.

Up to today, 78 divisions have already conducted the new system of voting. What surprises many is, up to today, only about 9,000 PKR members from the 78 divisions took part in the process, out of an estimated 120,000 members in the divisions, or about 7.5%. Worse still, there are allegations that the numbers were even INFLATED.

There is NOTHING TO LOSE for Zaid to withdraw from the CRUEL CONTEST. There is NOTHING TO LOSE for Zaid to relinquish all his posts in the party. There is NOTHING TO LOSE for Zaid even to leave the party.

PKR is a  lawless party ‘Wild West’ party, rotten to the HOLLOW CORE. Like ‘rotten eggs’, it brings no benefit whatsoever to the people, and only fit to be thrown into ALAM FLORA bins.

Underlying Trends As Extracted From Galas and Batu Sapi

November 5, 2010

Congratulation to BN for the DOUBLE VICTORY in Galas and Batu Sapi. For the first time, after several years, we can congratulate MCA for their HARD WORK in winning over the Chinese voters.

Lets not spend much time on Batu Sapi in sabah. Sabah is unquestionably a BN stronghold, congratulation to UMNO Sabah, and other BN component parties. The fact that PKR, which represented PKR-DAP-PAS yet to be officially registered coalition, won less than 30% of the votes is enough testimony of BN standing in Sabah.

Accross the South China Sea, Galas bye-election results have thrown some light s as to the underlying trend in the West Malaysia(formerly Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) political landscape.

As PAS admitted, there have been about 9% swing among Orang Asli votes, and 7% swing of Malay votes, towards the BN. And as analysed the MCA President, BN won by 200 votes majority among the Chinese voters.

The positive trend for BN is the indications that more and more Chinese voters are BACK TO THEIR SENSES, after being TEMPTED by Anwar and Lim Kit Siang to turn their back on the BN in the 2008 General Election. With the support of the Indians towards the BN RESTORED almost to the old-time level, the Chinese voters who are not yet back to their senses should seriously RE-CONSIDER THEIR POLITICAL GAMBLE.

With matters like Articles 153 of the Constitution considered RESOLVED after the recently-concluded UMNO General Assembly, UMNO and BN component parties should no longer be bogged down by the pre-independent SOCIAL CONTRACT.

Instead, all efforts must be focussed on the ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMMES which will increase the ECONOMIC CAKE of the country, to be enjoyed by all.

Malaysia has been a land of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY. Let not be FOOLED by desperado politicians, who survive on STIRRING UP crisis and chaos.

Tun Mahathir Re-affirmed Perkasa NOT RACIST

November 3, 2010

In his latest post, Tun Mahathir RE-AFFIRMED that PERKASA  IS NOT RACIST.

I fully support Tun Mahathir’s RE-AFFIRMATION. It greatly boost the credentials of Perkasa, including its President, Ibrahim Ali.

Unfortunately, a huge section of non-Malays, in particular the Chinese, including seasoned bloggers, still DO NOT KNOW the meaning of terms like ‘racist’ and ‘racism’. To them, any mention of the word ‘race’ is ‘racism’ and those who mention anything related to ‘race’ are ‘racists’.

Let me help those CONFUSED LOT to understand the TRUE MEANING of ‘racism’ and ‘racist’ by highlighting a few examples of ACTS/THOUGHTS which can be regarded as ‘racist’, as follows:
1. When the Jews believe that they are the CHOSEN PEOPLE, standing high above the other races of the world.
2. When the NAZIS is Germany believed that they are the SUPERIOR RACE, standing high above other Europeans. Based on race-factor, the NAZIS exterminated over 6,000,000 Jews.
3. In the past, when the WHITES in America and South Africa SEGREGATED themselves from the BLACKS by having seperate buses, seperate beaches, seperate schools, seperate toilets, seperate housing areas etc.
4. When the Chinese in Malaysia thinks so highly of themselves, to the extent of belittling the capability of the Malays, including Malay politicians. They hero-worship Lee Kuan Yew for his success in BRITISH-DEVELOPED Singapore, and now, all the success stories of UMNO-DEVELOPED Penang is attributed to Lim Guan Eng, despite him being CM there for only 2 years. In short, there is certain EVIL THOUGHTS in their mind that only the Chinese can put Malaysia on the ‘right track’.

To Tun Mahathir, thank you for your GUIDING LIGHTS.

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