Tun Mahathir Re-affirmed Perkasa NOT RACIST

In his latest post, Tun Mahathir RE-AFFIRMED that PERKASA  IS NOT RACIST.

I fully support Tun Mahathir’s RE-AFFIRMATION. It greatly boost the credentials of Perkasa, including its President, Ibrahim Ali.

Unfortunately, a huge section of non-Malays, in particular the Chinese, including seasoned bloggers, still DO NOT KNOW the meaning of terms like ‘racist’ and ‘racism’. To them, any mention of the word ‘race’ is ‘racism’ and those who mention anything related to ‘race’ are ‘racists’.

Let me help those CONFUSED LOT to understand the TRUE MEANING of ‘racism’ and ‘racist’ by highlighting a few examples of ACTS/THOUGHTS which can be regarded as ‘racist’, as follows:
1. When the Jews believe that they are the CHOSEN PEOPLE, standing high above the other races of the world.
2. When the NAZIS is Germany believed that they are the SUPERIOR RACE, standing high above other Europeans. Based on race-factor, the NAZIS exterminated over 6,000,000 Jews.
3. In the past, when the WHITES in America and South Africa SEGREGATED themselves from the BLACKS by having seperate buses, seperate beaches, seperate schools, seperate toilets, seperate housing areas etc.
4. When the Chinese in Malaysia thinks so highly of themselves, to the extent of belittling the capability of the Malays, including Malay politicians. They hero-worship Lee Kuan Yew for his success in BRITISH-DEVELOPED Singapore, and now, all the success stories of UMNO-DEVELOPED Penang is attributed to Lim Guan Eng, despite him being CM there for only 2 years. In short, there is certain EVIL THOUGHTS in their mind that only the Chinese can put Malaysia on the ‘right track’.

To Tun Mahathir, thank you for your GUIDING LIGHTS.

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6 Comments on “Tun Mahathir Re-affirmed Perkasa NOT RACIST”

  1. […] View original here:  Tun Mahathir Re-affirmed Perkasa NOT RACIST « Warisan Tanah Melayu … […]

  2. Pope Lennon Says:

    Some thing said here are very untrue 78996

  3. […] Tun Mahathir Re-affirmed Perkasa NOT RACIST « Warisan Tanah Melayu … […]

  4. obefan Says:

    Hm, base on the 4 examples of racism you provide

    1. Some Malay believe they are the supreme race in this nation, standing high above the other races.

    2. Some Malay believe they are the SUPERIOR PRIBUMI RACE, standing high above other Malaysians. Base on this factor they believe in un equal treatment base on skin color.

    3. Today, some in Malaysia insist on seperate diskaun policy, seperate MRSM and UITM, separate policy that serve them, seperate treatment, and segregated race base political party.

    4. When some Malay in Malaysia thinks so highly of themselves, to the extent they think UMNO developed Penang despite having CMs from Gerakan….

    You snookered yourself brader…..

    ps. Since Perkasa and its members display 1,2,3.
    Therefore Perkasa is racist

    • warisan tmk Says:


      The fact that the Government had to introduce certain AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS to uplift the Malays to reach certain ‘level playing field’ with the Chinese is an ‘admission’ that the Malays are infact INFERIOR, rather than SUPERIOR, to the Chinese in certain fields of life, especially BUSINESS and ENTERPRENEURSHIP.

      Such measures had to be initiated when the Chinese, who are SUPERIOR in term of BUSINESS and ENTERPRENEURSHIP, were seen as ‘reluctant’ to impart their BUSINESS KNOWHOW to the Malays/Bumiputra, unless ‘forced’ by means of regulations, like when a company applies for PUBLIC LISTING.

      From my personal experience, I never come accross Malays who regard themselves as SUPERIOR to the Chinese in the same sense as the Jews, the Nazis, the old-time WHITES of America and South Africa, and the Chinese themselves.

      Only Lim Kit Siang, with BAD INTENTION, interpreted the phrase ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ to mean MALAY MASTERS AND CHINESE SLAVES. ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ infact refers to the MALAY CENTREDNESS of our Constitution, which is the reflection of the regions political history.

  5. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog… 34

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