Underlying Trends As Extracted From Galas and Batu Sapi

Congratulation to BN for the DOUBLE VICTORY in Galas and Batu Sapi. For the first time, after several years, we can congratulate MCA for their HARD WORK in winning over the Chinese voters.

Lets not spend much time on Batu Sapi in sabah. Sabah is unquestionably a BN stronghold, congratulation to UMNO Sabah, and other BN component parties. The fact that PKR, which represented PKR-DAP-PAS yet to be officially registered coalition, won less than 30% of the votes is enough testimony of BN standing in Sabah.

Accross the South China Sea, Galas bye-election results have thrown some light s as to the underlying trend in the West Malaysia(formerly Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) political landscape.

As PAS admitted, there have been about 9% swing among Orang Asli votes, and 7% swing of Malay votes, towards the BN. And as analysed the MCA President, BN won by 200 votes majority among the Chinese voters.

The positive trend for BN is the indications that more and more Chinese voters are BACK TO THEIR SENSES, after being TEMPTED by Anwar and Lim Kit Siang to turn their back on the BN in the 2008 General Election. With the support of the Indians towards the BN RESTORED almost to the old-time level, the Chinese voters who are not yet back to their senses should seriously RE-CONSIDER THEIR POLITICAL GAMBLE.

With matters like Articles 153 of the Constitution considered RESOLVED after the recently-concluded UMNO General Assembly, UMNO and BN component parties should no longer be bogged down by the pre-independent SOCIAL CONTRACT.

Instead, all efforts must be focussed on the ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMMES which will increase the ECONOMIC CAKE of the country, to be enjoyed by all.

Malaysia has been a land of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY. Let not be FOOLED by desperado politicians, who survive on STIRRING UP crisis and chaos.

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