Zaid Exhausted By PKR ‘Wild West’ Politics

After ENDURING lawlessness of PKR ‘Wild West’ politics for months, Zaid Ibrahim, the Deputy Presidential candidate, finally put up his white flag in EXHAUSTION, physically and mentally. What originally looked like ‘greener pastures’ to him turned out to be ‘branches of thorns’ .

For an experienced politician like Zaid, his misadventure is COMPLETE BLUNDER, which may well put an end to his political ambitions. Only DAP would be interested to salvage MALAY POLITICAL REJECTS, like what they did to Anwar. Who knows… Teresa Kok may want to pay back Zaid, for relinquishing his post as a minister for her sake.

In a way, Zaid has been NAIVE not to look deep into the workings of ‘Wild West’ PKR, before plunging himself into it. He miserably failed to fathom the lawlessness, chronism, and ‘family-linked’ leadership of the party. He failed to see that PKR was created BY ANWAR, FOR ANWAR. And he failed to sense that PKR is ‘indah khabar dari rupa’, or as some others may put it, ’empty cans make most noise’.  

PKR has 222 divisions, and claims to have around 400,000 members. However, their ‘democratic’ one-member-one-vote system in electing national-level leaders appeared to have revealed their HOLLOW CENTRE.

Up to today, 78 divisions have already conducted the new system of voting. What surprises many is, up to today, only about 9,000 PKR members from the 78 divisions took part in the process, out of an estimated 120,000 members in the divisions, or about 7.5%. Worse still, there are allegations that the numbers were even INFLATED.

There is NOTHING TO LOSE for Zaid to withdraw from the CRUEL CONTEST. There is NOTHING TO LOSE for Zaid to relinquish all his posts in the party. There is NOTHING TO LOSE for Zaid even to leave the party.

PKR is a  lawless party ‘Wild West’ party, rotten to the HOLLOW CORE. Like ‘rotten eggs’, it brings no benefit whatsoever to the people, and only fit to be thrown into ALAM FLORA bins.

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