Zaid Stands Taller Than PKR Sick Leaders

PKR’s ‘ala-Wild West’ party elections have given birth to a new FOLK-HERO leader, Zaid Ibrahim.

Series of events leading to Zaid withdrawing from the Deputy Presidency contest, and the inevitable departure from PKR, has elevated Zaid to much much higher political plane than any of the Pakatan leaders.

Zaid is absolutely sharp to describe PKR leaders as SICK LEADERS. Only SICK LEADERS would go around ‘drumming empty can’ claiming to command 400,000 members, when only about 5% of the figure are taking part in the one-member-one-vote election of PKR national leaders.

Zaid knows very well that only SICK LEADERS would be proud to be elected as President and Deputy President with the support of less than 5% of the party membership. Hence, Zaid’s GALLANT MOVE to withdraw from the contest, and leave the party.

The way I see it, the best move for Zaid now is to form a new party, to be a new platform for those who have come to the conclusion that PKR is a SICK PARTY, led by SICK LEADERS with the support of less than 5% of party members.

Zaid can follow the example of Makkal Sakhti Party, the new Indian-centred party formed by former Hindraf leaders, who are now BN-friendly. Zaid’s ‘Parti Keadilan Baru’ may take the path of BN-friendly too.

I’m sure, by now, Zaid must have come to a firm conclusion that UMNO/BN is much more democratic, transparent and honest, compared to the Pakatan parties led by their SICK LEADERS.

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