PAS’s Blurred Vision of Islamic State

DAP is at the forefront of SECULAR POLITICAL SYSTEM, a system whereby RELIGION is seperated from the GOVERNMENT. Hence, DAP is against any form of Islamic State, be it as understood by UMNO , or as ‘specified’ by PAS.

To Muslim scholars who are supportive of UMNO, Malaysia is ALREADY AN ISLAMIC STATE. Some of the criteria used by them include:

1. Political power  is dominated by Muslims, including Muslim Head of State, the Agung, and Muslim Head of Government, the Prime Minister.

2. Security agencies like ATM and PDRM are controlled by Muslims.

3. The Muslims are SAFE to practice their religion.

However, to PAS, Malaysia is NOT ISLAMIC ENOUGH to be called an ISLAMIC STATE.

The paradox is, PAS is working closely with DAP, to a achieve a TRUE ISLAMIC STATE…..

This proves HOW CONFUSED  are PAS leaders, in their ‘search’ for an ISLAMIC STATE.

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4 Comments on “PAS’s Blurred Vision of Islamic State”

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