Malaysians United In Suzuki Cup AFF Football Final

Congratulation to both Malaysia and Indonesia, for making it to the FINAL of the  Suzuki Cup AFF, the most prestigious football tournament  among Southeast-Asian countries.

The HOME FINAL last night lived up to Malaysians’ wildest expectations when Malaysian youthful team traunced Indonesia by 3-0. Over 70,000 Malaysian supporters who packed the National Bukit Jalil Stadium were HIGHLY CHARGED with PRIDE and NATIONALISM watching our National Teams putting up one of their BEST DISPLAYS for decades, while millions enjoyed every moment of the display infront of their TV sets.

With such gallant displays by our players spiritted by the MALAYSIA BOLEH battle-cry, we believe that they are more than capable in overcoming their opponents in the AWAY FINAL in Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, this coming Wednesday. The  same spirit of MALAYSIA BOLEH  had in the past taken Malaysians to the summit of the Everest, the North Pole, around the world and even to the outer space.

So much can be achieved when Malaysians are proud of themselves, and UNITED in their visions and aspirations. UNITY has been the main element which had transformed our once poor and ‘malaria-infested nation’ into one of the ECONOMIC TIGERS of Asia,  one of the TOP 20 biggest trading nations on earth, one of the TOP 10 MOST COMPETITIVE economises in the world and home of the TALLEST TWIN TOWERS ever built on this planet.

UNITY IS STRENGTH. Lets uphold the FOUNDATIONS of our nation which have contributed to the UNITY, STABILITY and PROSPERITY of our great nation. Lets not allow ANTI-NATIONALS from wrecking the UNITY we have built over the last 50 over years.

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5 Comments on “Malaysians United In Suzuki Cup AFF Football Final”

    • warisan tmk Says:

      I love Indonesia too. Afterall, Malaysia and Indonesia were part of what the Europeans termed as the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO.

      Malaysia and Indonesia share so many things in common. We share the same language, similar cultures, and to most Malaysians and Indonesians, the same religion.

      Despite the INTENSITY of the feelings of patriotism and love to one’s country, we should treat the Suzuki Cup Final as purely a sporting event.

      Imagine that two blood brothers like the Sidek brothers, or the Hashim brothers, qualify for the Final of All-England Badminton Tournament. They remain brothers, despite one has to be the champion, and the other the runner-up.

      I wish Indonesia all the best in the second-leg of the final in Jakarta….but, as a Malaysian, I would like Malaysia to win…that natural…people call it patriotism.

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  2. warisan tmk Says:

    Indonesians are GREAT PEOPLE with high level of patriotism and great love for their country.

    Lets spread love, rather than hate.

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