Malaysians UNITED In Celebrating AFF Suzuki Cup Final Victory

As widely anticipated, our ‘Malaysian Tigers’ managed to hold their nerves, and successfully safeguarded their first-leg 3-0 victory, to overcome the ‘garudas’ by 4-2 aggregate.

 Despite the ‘hospitality-Indonesian styled’ received by our young tigers, including being deprived of pre-match trainings, and having to be ferried into the stadium in MILITARY ARMOURED CARRIERS, our young rising stars, possessed with the MALAYSIA BOLEH spirit, once again displayed their mastery in the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, to frustrate over 90,000 Indonesian fanatical supporters, and earned their rights to walk up the stage GALLANTLY as proud FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS OF THE ASEAN.

Apart from the Malaysian VIPs and officials seated in SECURED section of the Stadium, there were no sight of hundreds of Malaysian supporters who made their way to Jakarta. According to reports, Malaysian supporters changed their plans and only watched the game over a big screen in the Malaysian Embassy, for security reasons.

We admire the fighting spirit of the Indonesia team and the PASSIONATE SUPPORT shown to them by their fanatical supporters. However, the ‘Hospitality-Indonesian styled’ is far short of international standards. We fully understand that until several years ago, Indonesia had been in POLITICAL TURMOIL following the fall of the military regime in 1998. During those days, it was common sights in Indonesia to see hundreds or thousands of people demonstrating for various causes in main squares of Jakarta. However, the ‘post-revolutionary’ fervours still engulf Jakarta, sometimes for wrong reasons.

 But its VERY UNCOMMON to see local football supporters hurling abusive gestures and insults at VISITOR TEAMS  in other cities, apart from Jakarta. Worse still, when the VISITOR TEAM was deprived of their much required pre-match training, due to security reasons.

The Indonesian Government, and Indonesia sports authorities should look deeply into this problem, which may tarnish Indonesia image in the eyes of the rest of the world. By now, Indonesia has become a stable democratic country. Its time to clean up their supporters of  ‘post-revolutionary mannerism’ and start to furnish them with WORLD STANDARD MANNERISM .

All those ‘sufferings’ of our team and supporters while in Indonesia only brings the Malaysians closer to one another in the new spirit of PATRIOTISM, in the new spirit of ONE NATION, and the new spirit of 1MALAYSIA.

Malaysian Government has announced that tomorrow will be a PUBLIC HOLIDAY in recognition of our new heroes. Lets us rejoice, and be UNITED. UNITY IS STRENGTH.

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3 Comments on “Malaysians UNITED In Celebrating AFF Suzuki Cup Final Victory”

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  2. Malaysians UNITED In Celebrating AFF Suzuki Cup Final Victory ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

    • warisan tmk Says:

      For many many years local football have not attracted as much interest, until the Suzuki Cup later rounds, which gave birth to our new batch of young stars.

      Its the talk of the town, everywhere…

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