REAL CULPRITS In Creating Racial Tension

My latest article before this was entitled ‘Highly-Racially-Charged 2010’, after which I have not written much in this blog, but was compelled to gauge the outside world by debating in other blogs, mainly the pro-opposition blogs.

Today, when I descended into one of my favourite ‘playgrounds’, the MT People’s Portal, I came accross many CUT&PASTE post, some even by writers from outside Malaysia, who subscribe to the perception that the present UMNO/BN Government is the party playing the RACIAL CARD for its survival.

Having read all the INTERNATIONAL RUBBISH being served there, I have a few brief comments to make:

1. Malays will never encroach into the Chinese’s RIGHTS to run businesses, to run banks, to become millionaires and even billionaires. And Malays would not mind the Chinese playing SECOND FIDDLE(in film industry, they call it supporting actors) to Malays in politics. However, Malays will never accept the Chinese trying to ‘divide and rule’ the Malays, in order to be KING-MAKER’ like what DAP is trying to do.

2. Its a FALLACY that the 153-related policies only benefited certain ‘Malay elites’ close to UMNO. Those policies have benefitted the Malays ACCROSS THE BOARD. Access to tertiary education has allowed MOST Malay families to have at least one or two of their siblings graduating from IPTAs and secured good jobs. Who benefited? Their families in the kampungs benefitted. Its a NATURAL TENDENCY that successful Malay-owned companies would employ Malay managers, technocrats, accountants and floor workers. That’s how WEALTH is distributed down.

 3. RACIAL TENSIONS are quite new phenomenon in Malaysia. For over 50 years, Malaysians were living by and large, in PEACE and HARMONY. The present ATMOSPHERE OF RACIAL TENSION only started in the run-up to 2008 GE. Many still do not realize that it was THE OPPOSITION who started playing the RACE CARDS, to provide life-line to political survival of Anwar Ibrahim, with the support of DAP, who took advantage of Anwar’s predicaments. Anwar was the one proclaimed that UMNO have been discriminating the Chinese, and he was the one who promised the Chinese to abolish policies like NEP….all in order to get Chinese votes for himself, to salvage his political career.

 4. Anwar-Kit Siang HATE CAMPAIGN against UMNO managed to stir up Chinese voters. With the timely emergence of Hindraf, claiming that UMNO was involved in ethnic cleansing against the Indians, Pakatan made some gains in 2008 GE, giving further hopes to the Chinese…the time has come to push aside terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT.

5. Sensing that the Chinese are beginning to ‘naik kepala’ by beginning to questions TERMS OF THE SOCIAL CONTRACT, provisions and policies related to the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS, MALAY RIGHTS NGOs began to emerge, includingl. No doubt, their emergence increase the tension further.

However, lets not forget that, the present HIGHLY-RACIALLY-CHARGED Malaysia is the results of ‘pakatan’ Anwar-Kit Siang, hatched in the run-up to the 2008 GE, rather than being planned or started by the UMNO/BN Government or the Malay NGOs.

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