Ripples of Pro-Democracy Uprisings Reaching China?

The past few weeks witnessed PRO-DEMOCRACY UPRISINGS spreading like wild fires throughout the Middle-east. Sparked off by a SELF-BURNING incidence in Tunisia which ignited public uprising which forced the country’s President into exile, similar PRO-DEMOCRACY UPRISINGS led to the departure of Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, and are shaking the existing leadership in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, and several other Arab countries.

Such UPRISINGS, particularly in Libya which is developing into BLOODY CIVIL WAR, has prompted interventions by the United Nations, to put a halt to BLOOD BATH between the forces loyal to Khaddafi and  and those supporting the uprising. The UN Security Council has even passed a resolution to impose sanctions against Khaddafi and his family, including freezing their assets.

Out of the 15-nations UN Security Council, there are 5 PERMANENT MEMBERS, namely the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China. Whilst the first four PERMANENT MEMBERS of the UN are healthy democracies, not many realize that the fifth, People’s Republic of China, is still ruled by an AUTOCRATIC COMMUNIST REGIME. It was not long ago that  Tiennamen Square in Beijing, China, was scene of hundreds, if not thousands, of China’s own PRO-DEMOCRACY DEMONSTRATORS been crushed to their deaths by columns of army tanks of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

It appears that the ripples of PRO-DEMOCRACY UPRISINGS in the Middle-east are reaching the GREAT WALL of China. China’s COMMUNIST REGIME is reportedly VERY NERVOUS about the development, and is reportedly beginning to filter certain news items into the country, including the internet, to prevent such UPRISINGS from affecting the 1.2 billion population of China.

Its high time, that a permanent member of the UN Security Council, be forced to accept the PRINCIPLES OF DEMOCRACY, in the same way the Security Council is POLISING events in the Middle East.

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4 Comments on “Ripples of Pro-Democracy Uprisings Reaching China?”

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  2. China’s ‘Communist’ regime is not the greatest, but there is little incentive to overthrow them from within China. The Chinese people, by and large, are seeing their lives get better and better.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      No doubt China has opened up since the last few decades. The FAILURE of communism had forced the communist regime to adopt certain aspects of free market economy into their system.

      However, the IRON-FIST POLITICAL SYSTEM associated with a COMMUNIST REGIME is still intact, ever willing to ‘crush to death’ any dissent, as witnessed in the MASSACRES OF TIENNAMEN SQUARE years ago.

      No one expected what is happening in certain Arab countries like Libya, to ever happen. After all, Libya is one of the top oil-exporting nations in the world. It looks like the MODERN HUMAN BEINGS are looking more for HUMAN DIGNITY through democratic values, like FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM OF CHOICE and FREE ELECTIONS OF LEADERS, far beyond ‘life gets better’.

      Its hard to tell whether there is really ‘little incentives within China’ to overthrow the COMMUNIST REGIME. It could be the RUTHLESSNESS of the regime which are keeping DISSENTS AT BAY…at least for the moment.

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