How Democratic is the United Nations?

In recent past, the UN has been directly involved in REGIME CHANGE in several countries including Iraq and Afghanistan, by allowing the USA and NATO forces to use their military mights to determine the final outcome of internal conflicts in those nations.

The past few weeks have witnessed PRO-DEMOCRACY UPRISINGS spreading CONTAGEOUSLY in the Arab countries. STREET DEMONSTRATIONS have sent the President of Tunisia into exile, and forced the President of Egypt to resign. And STREET DEMONSTRATIONS are shaking other governments in the region.

Again, the UN spared no time in TAKING SIDE in the countries affected, and through its ELITIST Security Council, has even decreed NO-FLYING ZONE in Libya, and SANCTIONS against the country’s leader, Muammar Khaddafi. The UN is obviously supportive of PRO-DEMOCRACY UPRISINGS…and possible REGIME CHANGE…and would even consider using US and NATO forces in possible military interventions.

The MORAL QUESTION is, how democratic is the UN itself, when practically, only 5 permanent members of the UN, are dictating terms on behalf of over 180 member-countries of the world body. The five permanent members are the USA, Russia, Britain, France and People’s Republic of China.

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