Dealing With TREACHEROUS Acts

Ibrahim Ali has created a new STIR by proposing that the Government set up a commission to deal with those who are DISLOYAL to the country and even proposed REVOKING CITIZENSHIP as one of the measures which can be considered.

I may not agree to all proposals put up by Ibrahim Ali. However, I agree with him that its HIGH TIME that the Government take serious actions against ACTS OF DISLOYALTY to the country. During the old feudal past, ACTS OF DISLOYALTY was termed as TREACHERY, in Malay ‘DURHAKA’, which were normally dealt with by DEATH SENTENCE.

The way I see it, it is NOT treacherous to form an alternative party to the BN, and its NOT treacherous to vote the opposition. And its NOT treacherous to put up different views from that of the Government. And, its NOT treacherous even to change a Government, through FAIR and DEMOCRATIC elections.

However, its TREACHEROUS to undermine the Government by FABRICATING STORIES against the Government, the BN or even UMNO. Lets take the case of Hindraf FABRICATING the ETHNIC CLEANSING stories, which stirred the Indians just weeks before the 2008 GE. Without such FABRICATION, over 90% of Indians would not have been DUPED into voting the opposition.

And, to me, one of the most TREACHEROUS ACTS is to undermine the very FOUNDATIONS of our country, like the SOCIAL CONTRACT among major races which were engraved in the country’s Constitution. It was a FACT OF HISTORY that the Malays agreed to the granting of citizenship to FORMER IMMIGRANTS, in exchange for them accepting SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS, the original inhabitants and rulers of the Tanah Melayu.

Any effort or PLOT to review the FOUNDATIONS would weaken the whole structure of our ‘building’, and may cause the whole building to collapse on our head. And any political CONSPIRACY to alter the FOUNDATIONS will only send the whole country on the part of PERIL.
TREACHEROUS ACTS should be dealt with severely, including REVOKING CITIZENSHIPS, to safeguard the PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY of this beloved country of ours.

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