Would Anwar be Spared Under Islamic Laws?

For the past few weeks, news about the so-called DEMOCRACY UPRISINGS in the Arab countries, and TSUNAMI in Japan, have been dominating the world air-waves. However, in Malaysia, those news were eclipsed by the emergence of what many believe to be ANWAR IBRAHIM SEX VIDEO.

The UNVEILING of the 20-minute SEX VIDEO  to selected journalists and politicians by the so-called ‘Datuk Trio’ received MIXED RESPONSES, as usual accross political divide. Pro-BN supporters welcome the unveiling of the video…and seek to proof the AUTHENTICITY of the video, as another proof of HOW IMMORAL Anwar Ibrahim is, and HOW UNFIT he is to seek leadership role in the country.

The opposition supporters were fast in CHORUSING Anwar’s claims that the video is yet another POLITICAL CONSPIRACY by UMNO to tarnish his image further, after his image was SEVERELY DENTED by the SODOMY 2 High Courts proceedings still in progress. Despite police’s findings that the original video is AUTHENTIC, and the appearance of  a  ‘soft part’ of the video mainly in pro-UMNO blogs,  which many believe to have convinced most people that Anwar Ibrahim is indeed the ADULTERER in the video, opposition leaders and supporters still pretend to be BLIND by denying the involvement of Anwar.

Under pressure from NGOs and Parlimentarians, the the Government is considering the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry(RCI) to probe deep to the bottom of the SEX VIDEO, despite the UNUSUAL opposition from Anwar’s own family and the opposition parties. Assuming that the RCI eventually establish the involment of Anwar as the ADULTERER in the video, would Anwar be STONED TO DEATH for committing ADULTERY, had HUDUD LAWS being implemented in Malaysia?

Certain pro-Anwar NGOs would like to see ‘Datuk Trio’ be hauled to the Syariah Court for QAZAF, or FALSE ALLEGATION. According to their understanding of QAZAF, any one making REPORT on ACTS OF ADULTERY against another person, is required to bring on 4 WITNESSES to support his/her reports. Otherwise, it would be treated as FALSE ACCUSATION, and the accuser would be punished by 80 LASHES of canning. 

There have been intense DEBATES among Muslim lawyers and scholars on the PERMISSABILITY of bringing AUTHENTIC VIDEOS, like the CCTV IMAGES,  to Syariah Court as evidence in the absence of 4 WITNESSES. However, the debates have been centred more on the PERMISSIBILITY of AUTHENTIC VIDEOS as AN ALTERNATIVE to the requirement of bringing 4 WITNESSES.

Not many, or rather none at all, raised the question whether MILLIONS OF PEOPLE watching an AUTHENTIC VIDEO, can all be regarded as WITNESSES under the Islamic Laws. Should WITNESSING OF ACTS IN AUTHENTIC VIDEOS, be weighted as EQUIVALENT to watching LIFE ACTS IN HOTEL ROOMS, can Anwar be sure that he would be spared under Islamic Laws?

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