Will Sarawak Chinese Dance To RACIAL MUSIC of DAP?

Sarawak has been the ‘CENTRE’ of Malaysia, ever since its State Assembly was dissolved a few weeks ago, to make way for the 10th Sarawak State Election, which will take place tomorrow.

Sarawak is not only the largest state in Malaysia, but its also one of the MOST COLOURFUL states with over 40 ethnic groupings, the bigger ones being the Iban(30%), Melayu/Melanau(27%), Chinese(26%).

Apart from the Chinese, all other ethnic groupings are INDIGENOUS, or BUMIPUTRA of Sarawak. Meaning, the BUMIPUTRAS make up 74% of the population, and voters in Sarawak.

Like any other parts of Malaysia, the Chinese are the WEALTHIEST GROUPING in Sarawak, dominating trades, businesses  and commerce, including the lucrative TIMBER CONCESSIONS and EXPORTS business. The political stability of Sarawak has allowed the state to develop and prosper, and the Chinese has been the BIGGEST BENEFICIARIES of the stability and prosperity.

However, the BUMIPUTRAS including the Ibans, Malays, Melanaus, Bedayuhs and others, are catching up very fast, thanks to the AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS like the DEB, which have allowed them to compete with the Chinese on a more levelled play-ground. Without the AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS policies like the DEB, the INDIGENOUS ethnic groupings would have been overwhelmed by the Chinese, who have been more advanced and sophisticated in trades and businesses….they would have fared worse than the INDIGENOUS GROUPINGS in Kalimantan, Indonesia. In Indonesia, the 5% Chinese population is controlling over 90% of the country’s economy, forcing MILLIONS of their INDIGENOUS population, male and female,  to ‘cari makan’ in other countries including Malaysia.

The past one week witnessed how agressive DAP is in trying to win over the support of the Chinese in Chinese-majority urban constituencies. DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ seek to abolish any race-related policies like the DEB, and seek to provide ‘equal opportunity’ for all.

The BIG QUESTION  is,  will ‘equal opportunity’ ensure  FAIR DISTRIBUTION of wealth accross the multi-ethnic population. How to ensure that the MORE ADVANCED Chinese in the field of trades and business will not dominate and overwhelm the others, like in the game of MONOPOLY, where the RICH WILL GET RICHER and the POOR GETS POORER.

Majority of Chinese voters may be driven to dance to DAP’s musics. Why not we follow the path of ‘equal opportunity’  in all aspects of life, when the Chinese will surely dominate and overwhelm the others? Why should we care about the Malays, the Melanaus, the Ibans, the Bedayuhs, and others? Why not we compete on the basis of MERITOCRACY…where the best will win…and the winners will take all!!!

This is the question the Chinese voters will have to answer by tomorrow…to dance to the RACIAL MUSICS of DAP and surge forward infront of all others in grabbing the country’s wealth, all for themselves…or to look right and left, and share the country’s cakes with the others, especially the smaller  and helpless INDIGENOUS groupings and tribes.

Until today, all the INDIGENOUS GROUPINGS are only shielded and protected, by the benovalent AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS policies of the BN Government…..against the TYRANNY OF GREEDINESS.

Will the Sarawak Chinese BREAKAWAY and SURGE AWAY from the remaining 74% of the population, in their quest for wealth and prosperity..all  for themselves??

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2 Comments on “Will Sarawak Chinese Dance To RACIAL MUSIC of DAP?”

  1. Mohd Says:

    The local Sarawak chinese will be in for a shock when the DAP with Pakatan win in Sarawak.
    Don’t forget who financed the DAP’s election campaign in Sarawak – the Semenanjung Chinese businessmen of course.
    There will be an influx of the Semenajung Chinamen who will grab all the business opportunities in Sarawak.
    God forbid this to happen.
    Anyway you reap what you sow!

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Contrary to your point of view, Sarawak Chinese would welcome new waves of Chinese immigration from Semenanjung, and even from Mainland China, to strengthen their hold to power.

      When the Chinese start to outnumber the Ibans and other INDIGENOUS population, only then the Ibans and other INDIGENOUS people will regret not giving their full support to the BN.

      It would be too late then…the Chinese will outnumber and overwhelm the Ibans, in the same way the Chinese in Mainland China outnumber and overwhelm the Uigurs in Xinyang….and in the same way the Europeans drove away the Red Indians of North America.

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