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Ethnic Integration ala-Singapore….

May 15, 2011

In my quest to understand Singapore’s electoral systems, I came across a very CUNNING piece of ‘social integration’ policy practiced in Singapore which is known as the ETHNIC QUOTA SYSTEM in housing.

On the surface, the policy appears to have good intentions, to integrate all the ethnic groups of Singapore into living together,  to avoid RACIAL ENCLAVES, and to achieve a ‘balanced ethnic mix’ in residential neighborhood and even in  blocks of residential flats. The ‘balanced ethnic mix’ is determined to reflect the composition  of Singapore population, ie. 80% Chines, 15% Malays and 5% Indians and others.

Under the policy, the allocation and sale of public housing is based on a quota system reflective of the above racial composition of Singapore population. Meaning, in every neighborhood and every block of flats, about 80% of the units should be owned or rented by the majority Chinese, 15% by the Malays and 5% by the Indian and others.

The obvious result of the ‘social integration’ policy would be to make the Chinese, the ruling race in Singapore, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY in every neighborhood and every block of flat in Singapore. The Malays and the Indians will have to live as MINORITIES in each and every neighborhood and even every block of flat.

Unlike in other countries like the USA, Australia and Canada, which allow CONCENTRATIONS of certain minority races in certain part of a city or a town, like the CHINA TOWNS, we would not be able to find a MALAY VILLAGE or LITTLE INDIA in Singapore.

In the eye of the ruling Singapore Government, a ‘balanced ethnic mix’ is only achieved when the minority races remain MINORITY in each and every neighborhood, with the Chinese making up 80% of the residents. This is ‘social integration’ ala-Singapore.


Pro-democracy Uprisings Reached Singapore!!

May 9, 2011

Pro-democracy uprisings WAVES sweeping across the Middle-east countries may have not reached the Great Wall of China, but the RIPPLES must have reached the shores of the island-state Singapore. Despite its DEMOCRATIC STATE status, its a known fact that Singapore is run more like a COMMUNIST STATE, where freedom of expression and voices of decent are RARE LUXURIES.

I used to ridicule Singapore MALES, by implying that they must have ‘small eggs’ between their legs, for not being brave enough to voice out their grievances against the DYNASTIC DICTATORIAL REGIME ruling Singapore. To me, there’s NOTHING GREAT about other achievements of Singapore, when the citizens are not been given the HUMAN DIGNITY accorded to their neighbors in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and even in Myanmar of late.

However, Singapore GE of last weekend had changed my perception about SINGAPOREAN MALES altogether. When 40% of Singapore voters rejected the ruling PAP, despite winning only 6 out of the total 87 parlimentary seats, I began to believe that SINGAPORE MALES have ‘reasonable-sized eggs’ after all. Its interesting to note that the Singaporeans are so concerned about the presence of nearly A MILLION FOREIGNERS on their soil, competing for jobs and businessess from the locals, and even snatching away job opportunities from the locals.

Gone are the perceptions that Singaporeans are so ‘open-minded’ and would welcome FOREIGNERS with open arms. Its high time for Singaporeans to learn from the Malays in Malaysia, how to keep the FOREIGNERS IN CHECK…the least, to bind them into some kind of SOCIAL CONTRACT, so that the locals(only Malays are INDIGENOUS in Singapore) will not be over-run by the waves of FOREIGNERS seeking PERMANENT RESIDENTS and CITIZENSHIP status on their island.

If it was Anwar, so what?

May 8, 2011

If it was Anwar, so what?

This was the TITLE of a letter by P Ramakrishnan, the President of Aliran, to Free Malaysia Today, on the ANWAR IBRAHIM SEX VIDEO, which has turned most Malaysians into some kind of FRENZY.

Among other things, P Ramachrishnan stated that:  “Malaysians are sick and tired of the pornographic tape that has been kept alive as if the very life of our nation depended on it! There seems to be no let up. There is this obsession with this voyeurism….The motive is to implant the impression in the minds of Malaysians that the performer in the sex tape is Anwar…….Just for argument’s sake, so what if it was Anwar? ……”

When I came across the letter, my first impression was….Mr Ramachrishnan must be pro-opposition…..and therefore, unavoidably pro-opposition-biased.

Its interesting to observe how POLITICS have divided Malaysian not only into different political camps, but also into different OPTICAL VISION. By and large, pro-BN supporters who have viewed the ANWAR IBRAHIM SEX VIDEO would not think twice before confirming that the MAN FUCKING THE CHINA DOLL was none other than Anwar Ibrahim, the country’s opposition leader. On the other hand, by and large, pro-opposition supporters would RELENTLESSLY deny that the man in the video was the de-facto leader of PKR.

Somehow, I wonder, what would be the reaction of opposition supporters, including Ramachrishnan, had the ‘male in the video’ looked like Najib, Muhyiddin or Hishamuddin? It would not be hard to imagine their reaction. In 1989, when the former Deputy Speaker of Dewan Negara, Vijandran, was implicated in a sex video, the opposition leaders and supporters wasted no time in making BIG MEALS out of the matter, which eventually forced Vijandran to resign. At that time, nobody from Aliran came out with questions like, ‘if it was Vijandran, so what?’.

Knowing HOW the opposition would drag the whole country into it, the former MCA Health Minister, Datuk Chua Soi Lek, took the GENTLEMAN step of resigning from all his cabinet and party posts when a video of him having sex with his girldfriend in a Batu Pahat Hotel was posted in the internet months before the 2008 General Election. In term of LAWS, Chua Soi Lek had not broken any laws, not even syariah laws, as both he and his girldfriends were non-Muslims. His GENTLEMAN move paid dividen when he was elected MCA President in a three-cornered fight for the post two years later.

The expectations that political leaders caught in SHAMEFUL ACTS like SEXUAL SCANDALS are to resign their posts have been a NORM either in Malaysia, a Muslim country, and other countries across the world, including non-Muslim countries. In 1998, the Americans were in some kind of FRENZY too when the former American President Bill Clinton, while still in office as President of America, was EXPOSED of having SEX SCANDAL with a White House intern. As far as the country’s laws, Bill Clinton had not broken any laws, let alone criminal laws. Despite that, the world witnessed months of IMPEACHMENT PROCESSES taken against him, then the serving President of America, which he eventually narowly escaped.

Using INTERNATIONAL NORMS in determining the STANDARDS OF MORALITY expected of political leaders across the globe, its very strange for Mr Ramachrishnan of Aliran to ask, ‘If it was Anwar, so what?’.

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