Pro-democracy Uprisings Reached Singapore!!

Pro-democracy uprisings WAVES sweeping across the Middle-east countries may have not reached the Great Wall of China, but the RIPPLES must have reached the shores of the island-state Singapore. Despite its DEMOCRATIC STATE status, its a known fact that Singapore is run more like a COMMUNIST STATE, where freedom of expression and voices of decent are RARE LUXURIES.

I used to ridicule Singapore MALES, by implying that they must have ‘small eggs’ between their legs, for not being brave enough to voice out their grievances against the DYNASTIC DICTATORIAL REGIME ruling Singapore. To me, there’s NOTHING GREAT about other achievements of Singapore, when the citizens are not been given the HUMAN DIGNITY accorded to their neighbors in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and even in Myanmar of late.

However, Singapore GE of last weekend had changed my perception about SINGAPOREAN MALES altogether. When 40% of Singapore voters rejected the ruling PAP, despite winning only 6 out of the total 87 parlimentary seats, I began to believe that SINGAPORE MALES have ‘reasonable-sized eggs’ after all. Its interesting to note that the Singaporeans are so concerned about the presence of nearly A MILLION FOREIGNERS on their soil, competing for jobs and businessess from the locals, and even snatching away job opportunities from the locals.

Gone are the perceptions that Singaporeans are so ‘open-minded’ and would welcome FOREIGNERS with open arms. Its high time for Singaporeans to learn from the Malays in Malaysia, how to keep the FOREIGNERS IN CHECK…the least, to bind them into some kind of SOCIAL CONTRACT, so that the locals(only Malays are INDIGENOUS in Singapore) will not be over-run by the waves of FOREIGNERS seeking PERMANENT RESIDENTS and CITIZENSHIP status on their island.

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