Ethnic Integration ala-Singapore….

In my quest to understand Singapore’s electoral systems, I came across a very CUNNING piece of ‘social integration’ policy practiced in Singapore which is known as the ETHNIC QUOTA SYSTEM in housing.

On the surface, the policy appears to have good intentions, to integrate all the ethnic groups of Singapore into living together,  to avoid RACIAL ENCLAVES, and to achieve a ‘balanced ethnic mix’ in residential neighborhood and even in  blocks of residential flats. The ‘balanced ethnic mix’ is determined to reflect the composition  of Singapore population, ie. 80% Chines, 15% Malays and 5% Indians and others.

Under the policy, the allocation and sale of public housing is based on a quota system reflective of the above racial composition of Singapore population. Meaning, in every neighborhood and every block of flats, about 80% of the units should be owned or rented by the majority Chinese, 15% by the Malays and 5% by the Indian and others.

The obvious result of the ‘social integration’ policy would be to make the Chinese, the ruling race in Singapore, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY in every neighborhood and every block of flat in Singapore. The Malays and the Indians will have to live as MINORITIES in each and every neighborhood and even every block of flat.

Unlike in other countries like the USA, Australia and Canada, which allow CONCENTRATIONS of certain minority races in certain part of a city or a town, like the CHINA TOWNS, we would not be able to find a MALAY VILLAGE or LITTLE INDIA in Singapore.

In the eye of the ruling Singapore Government, a ‘balanced ethnic mix’ is only achieved when the minority races remain MINORITY in each and every neighborhood, with the Chinese making up 80% of the residents. This is ‘social integration’ ala-Singapore.

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11 Comments on “Ethnic Integration ala-Singapore….”

  1. lenox Says:

    You are being mischeivious in this article. The quota is to ensure racial integration to avoid social clashes as often happened in most other countries.

  2. warisan tmk Says:

    What do you think if other countries implement the same policy, where the Chinese is only 5%-15% of the population…

    What do you think if other countries implementing the same policy, forcing them to occupy only 5%-15% of every neighbourhood….

    Don’t you think its BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS to choose wherever you want to buy a house and live life???

  3. msia news Says:

    the malays in m’sia have been importing malays from indonesia to make 200% sure that the malays will always remain the majority in m’sia.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      I would not describe the situation as ‘importing’. Possibly it would be a little bit easier for Malays from Indonesia to APPLY for citizenship, as the APPLICANTS are expected to be able to speak Bahasa Melayu.

      Regardless, the Malaysian Government does not impose STRINGENT ethnic quota system like Singapore. In most cases, the Housing Ministry would require only 30% Bumiputra quota in most housing projects, in line with some other policies like 30% Bumiputra ownership of newly-listed PUBLIC COMPANIES.

      However, since the Chinese in Singapore have introduced such a system, perhaps they would not mind if the Bumiputra quota is increased to about 65% in Malaysia.

  4. Hello, just found your page from reddit. It’s not blog post I would typically read, but I liked your spin on it. Thanx for making a piece worth reading!

  5. lenox Says:

    Please explain why should malays be given the privildge?can’t they compete on even ground like all other races? Why doesn’t other races be given privileges? So, please define Basic Human Rights when it is unequal just because they are malay?

    • warisan tmk Says:


      Basic HUMAN RIGHT has nothing to do with EQUALITY or INEQUALITY.

      In all countries in this world, you would find some forms of UNEQUALITY among their population. A section would be classified as CITIZENS, another as PERMANENT RESIDENTS and another as FOREIGN WORKERS/TOURISTS. Even…there is also another, called ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

      Since my original article is about Singapore….let me put it that Singapore is NO EXCEPTION in exercising the CLASSIFICATIONS among their population.

      Any form of CLASSIFICATION is creating UNEQUALITY among fellow human beings…but is that necessarily against BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS??

  6. UNI Says:

    to Warisan,

    Say you are the king of a country with different ethnic groups who have some animosity with each other. What would you do?

    A) Forced social integration (for the benefits for the future, maybe 50% human rights)
    B) Give them 100% “human rights”, these groups live and interact only amongst themselves, separating the whole country (you know its natural for people to live amongst themselves, forming enclaves )

  7. warisan tmk Says:

    Singapore is the possibly the ONLY country in the world imposing ETHNIC QUOTA neighborhood by neighborhood, and block by block.

    The ruling PAP is fully aware that they have DISCRIMINATED against the INDIGENOUS MALAYS in many ways…so, they are in constant fear that the Malays would revolt against them. To alley their fear of their own shadows, they introduce the ETHNIC QUOTA, primarily not to have any Malay-majority villages or neighbourhood.

    What Singapore is doing is not ‘social integration’, but RACIAL SUBJUGATION.

    There are many other ways of achieving social integration, WITHOUT using RACIAL SUBJUGATION.

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