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Pakatan Rakyat(PR) Gauging Dwindling Support Through BERSIH

June 27, 2011

The loose coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS, known as Pakatan Rakyat(PR), are bracing themselves for the coming General Election(GE), which many observers believe would come  early next year…or even earlier.

Since making major in-roads into Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang, besides retaining Kelantan, in 2008 General Elections, the loose coalition, apart from DAP, are fast losing their grounds for multiplicity of reasons. Defections by 2 PKR and 1 DAP state assemblymen in Perak  saw the fall-back of Perak State Government to the BN. This was followed by series of defections by PKR state assemblymen and MPs, and  exodus of their key leaders and members to the fold of the BN. The ‘explosive’ and ‘lawless’ PKR party elections late last year led to further EXODUS of leaders and members alike from the party…even leading to the formation of a splinter party named KITA led by Zaid Ibrahim, former party Central Committee member, and Deputy Presidential candidate.

PAS has been showing more disciplined posture, but their abandoning of their long-held ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS objectives are subject of much debates among their rank-and-file. By opting for for ‘ala-socialist’  Negara Berkebajikan, literally means ‘Welfare State’, PAS are hopeful that they will be able to garner more support from non-Malays/non-Muslims. However PAS may have overlooked the diminishing support of Malays/Bumiputras by such moves. To certain political observers, PAS’s moves were like  ‘terdengar guruh di langit, air tempayan dicurahkan’, meaning, ‘upon listening the thunder, water in the vessel is poured out’.

Without careful preparation, its not impossible that PR’s 2008 ‘tsunamic’ gains would be turned into their  ‘catastrophic’ defeats in the coming GE.

Judging from the trends of voting among the Chinese, who makes up almost 30% of total electorates nation-wide, it is fair to conclude that it was NOT the Chinese votes which triggered major inroads by the Pakatan in Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang in the 2008 GE.  Since the debut of DAP in 1969,  majority of Chinese voters were known to have consistently voted for  DAP, instead of the BN-aligned MCA. Hence, DAP’s TRADITIONAL better showing in overwhelmingly Chinese urban constituencies like Bukit Bintang, Seputeh, Kepong, Ipoh, Batu Gajah etc.

Infact, it was the Indian voters who made up nearly 10% of the electorates which made the difference. Prior to 2008, over 90% of Indian voters were known to be loyal supporters of the BN. However, a few weeks before the 2008 GE, the Indians were STIRRED UP by fabricated rumours drummed up by members of the banned Hindu Rights Action Force(HINDRAF) that the Indians in the country were subjected to ETHNIC CLEANSING by UMNO elements, and that Hindu temples were demolished by UMNO elements too at a rate of one in every few days. STIRRED UP by the rumours, tens of thousands of Indians were driven to the streets of KL to air their anguish and anger. Although the rumours  were all unfounded and FABRICATED,  it was enough to sway over 90% of Indian voters against the BN in the  GE, and became the MOST SIGNIFICANT factor in the Pakatan gains.

However, TRUTH PREVAILS. Within months of the 2008 GE, the Indians came to their senses. They came to realize that there were no ethnic cleansing perpetrated againsts them, and no Hindu temples were demolished. How could such rumours be true when thousands of Indians nationals are arriving at out KLIA day-in-day-out for jobs and new opportunities. They began to realize that their long-held loyalty to the BN were compromised for a wrong cause. Both DAP and PKR did not show much appreciation for the ‘sacrifices’ of the Indians, while their leaders were marginalised in their respective  party elections. Across the spectrum,  PAS remains reluctant to accept non-Muslims as full-fledged members, despite their empty slogan of ‘PAS For All’.

With Samy Vellu’s resignation as the President of MIC, the party is on road to recovery, and will again be UMBRELLA PARTY of the Indians, besides other BN-friendly Indian-based parties like Parti Makkal Sakti, a registered breakaway of HINDRAF, and KIMMA, the Indian-Muslims-based NGO, and several others. From the results of the last few bye-elections, the trends of voting among the Indians clearly indicated that over 70% of them are back to the warm embrace of the BN, and by the coming GE, the level of support among the Indians towards the BN is expected to be back at 90% level. With the support among Malays/Bumiputras has increased to over 70%, BN is looking forward to regain most of the grounds it lost in 2008 GE.

Apart from DAP who made inroads in urban-Chinese majority areas in recent Sarawak State Elections, the future of both PKR and PAS are UNCERTAIN. They are fully aware that overwhelming majority of Malays/Bumiputras will not be fooled by them again. They are fully aware that the Indian voters have had enough of them too. As a result, both PKR and PAS are becoming more and more dependent on Chinese votes….and their leaders are seen more and more as RUNNING DOGS of DAP.

The DECLINE of PAS culminated in the election of STREET DEMONSTRATION EXPERT Mat Sabu as their Deputy President in their recently concluded General Assembly. Paradoxically, it’s widely believed that  it was Mat Sabu who first added the name ‘Al-Juburi’ to Anwar Ibrahim, while Anwar was still in UMNO. The term Anwar Al-Juburi literally means Anwar ‘the sodomiser’. To make matters worse,  Mat Sabu himself was involved in a Khalwat case in a Kota Bharu Hotel…only saved by the interference of Nik Aziz.

At the moment, both PKR and PAS are at their lowest ever level of support among the Malays/Bumiputras and Indians. Its not surprising that when the fame-seeking Ambiga initiated certain NGOs to ‘replay’ the BERSIH demonstration, both PKR and PAS are grabbing the opportunity to re-kindle their DIMMING FLAMES. To prove his WORTHINESS after being elected PAS Deputy President, Mat Sabu is reported to have pledged 300,000 participants from among PAS members for the planned BERSIH2 rally.

BERSIH2 is nothing but an exercise by both PKR and PAS to gauge how much support they have lost over the period of three over years after the 2008 GE. They most likely will be shocked by what they’ll find out…


PAS Just Reached The Spot Where UMNO Started.

June 6, 2011

No other news, yesterday and today, are HOTTER than the UPSETS in the PAS party elections. Apart from Hj. Hadi who retained the Presidency un-contested, all the other top posts of Deputy President(1 post) and Vice-Presidents(3 posts) were won by those who are NOT from the ‘ulama’ background. The results seem to correspond well with the ‘new ideology’ EVOLVED by PAS over 60 years of its existence, with the final and decisive ‘evolution’ taking place within the last three years.

Starting from an ULTRA-MALAY party which opposed any working together with non-Malays in early 50s, PAS made a sharp turn towards the end of 70s,  to be ULTRA-ISLAMISTS, by taking inspirations from the TRIUMPHANT Ayatollah Khomeini-led uprisings in Iran. By the 80s, PAS fell into the hands of FIREBRAND leaders like Hj. Hadi, Fadhil Noor(the late former President) and Mohamad Sabu(the newly elected Deputy President). The new leadership, with CLEARLY STATED OBJECTIVES of establishing ISLAMIC STATE in Malaysia, then managed to attract waves of young supporters impacted by the world-wide ISLAMIC RESURGENCE , including the Government-sponsored scholars  who  later graduated from overseas universities. The new breed of overseas graduates were infact ‘by-products’ of UMNO-inspired New Economic policy(NEP).

For nearly TWO DECADES after the change-over of leadership to the ULAMAS in ealy 80s, PAS upheld an uncompromising stand NOT TO WORK WITH any parties who did not share its ISLAMIC STATE objectives. Despite a serious split in UMNO following the UMNO Presidency contest in 1987, PAS still refused to have any link with the ‘infidel party’ DAP. However, PAS accepted to work with Ku Li-led Parti Melayu Semangat 46(PMS46), the party that splintered out of UMNO, after the party accepted the concept of ISLAM AS A COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE. PAS and PMS46 formed the Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah(APU), despite PAS knowing well that PMS46 had also formed a coalition with DAP, under the name of Gagasan Rakyat.

PAS moved closer to working with ‘infidel party’ like DAP after the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from UMNO in 1998, and the formation of ‘reformasi’-inspired Parti Keadilan National(PKN), now Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR). In the run-up to 1999 General Election(GE), PAS were driven by the prevailing political landscape, to work directly with DAP under a loose coalition called Barisan Alternatif(BA). Despite that, PAS had been CONSISTANT in upholding their ISLAMIC STATE objectives, including the implementation of Islamic HUDUD LAWS, which among other things, prescribed STONING TO DEATH for adulterators, and 100 lashes of CANNING for sex outside marriage. Prior to 1999 GE, PAS-led Kelantan State Assembly voted in-favour of implementation of HUDUD LAWS in Kelantan.

The working together of PAS, DAP and PKR in the BA in the run-up to 1999 GE benefitted PAS a great deal. Apart from holding on to Kelantan, PAS also gained grounds in other states, including wrestling Terengganu from the UMNO-led BN. However, the loose coalition between DAP and the ISLAMISTS PAS were not well received  by the Chinese community, who punished DAP with one of their greatest ELECTION DEFEATS for years. Shocked by the ‘verdict’ of Chinese voters, and the passing of HUDUD LAWS in PAS-led Trengganu State Assembly three years after the 1999 GE sparked off  the  PULL OUT of DAP from the BA in the run-up to 2004 GE. The decisive move by DAP helped DAP regained some of its lost grounds in the 2004 GE…but resulting into PAS’s  defeats, including losing Terengganu to the UMNO-led BN.

PAS’s bitter experience in GOING ALONE against the mighty BN must have led PAS leaders into deep SOUL-SEARCHING. Would they continue to go alone upholding their ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD ambitions and get defeated times and again, OR just abandon those ambitions, at least temporarily, get accepted by the DAP and PKR in the Pakatan coalition, and stand better chances of winning seats in elections.

In the run-up to the 2008 GE, PAS made the MOST DRASTIC move in their nearly 60 years history by deciding to PUT ASIDE their ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD ambitions, to make way for political partnership with DAP and PKR. To ‘absorb’ possible outcry and opposition from the party’s rank-and-file, the party chose a new slogan, NEGARA BERKEBAJIKAN,  literally means WELFARE STATE, in place of NEGARA ISLAM. PAS leaders argued out that NEGARA BERKEBAJIKAN is the main essence of an ISLAMIC STATE, so can be used to replace the term ISLAMIC STATE. How far PAS’s deliberations were accepted by their rank-and-file, only time would tell. As far as DAP are concerned, they are opposed to an ISLAMIC STATE, but acceptable to WELFARE STATE. Afterall, WELFARE STATE is also the main essence of SOCIALIST STATES…and afterall, DAP is essencially a SOCIALIST PARTY.

To UMNO, there is nothing new about PAS’s NEGARA BERKEBAJIKAN, or WELFARE STATE. From day one of the country’s independence, UMNO had taken on WELFARE-APPROACH, including initial nation-wide programmes to eradicate ILLITERACY and POVERTY. Primary schools, secondary schools, hospitals/clinics and other basic facilities were built all over the country. Infra-structure projects were initiated, like the hydro-electric power generation stations to provide electricity to towns and villages, water dams to provide piped water, and good ports to encourage investments in industries to provide jobs for young people. Those without lands were re-settled in Felda schemes, provided with rubber and palm oil plantations to work on. As the countries got richer, scholarships were provided for students to persue further studies overseas, while more local universities were built, and more private universities and colleges were licenced. The last two decades witnessed the transformation of Malaysia into one of the most advanced developing countries, with 6-lane highways cris-crossing the length and breadth of the country, world-class district hospitals in almost every district in the country charging nominal fees to patients, world-class schools and universities being built, world-class airports, world-class housing projects including low cost housing projects…and a whole range of other facilities serving the WELFARE of all Malaysians.

By announcing during the PAS General Assembly, that PAS is embarking on the vision of a NEGARA BERKEBAJIKAN, instead of NEGARA ISLAM, PAS has indirectly admitted that the party has just arrived at the point where UMNO started its journey over 60 years ago.

In short, in both ISLAMIC STATE and WELFARE STATE visions, UMNO is over 50 years ahead of PAS and are now looking forward to their next MILESTONE, the year 2020, when Malaysia will be a fully-developed country.

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