Pakatan Rakyat(PR) Gauging Dwindling Support Through BERSIH

The loose coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS, known as Pakatan Rakyat(PR), are bracing themselves for the coming General Election(GE), which many observers believe would come  early next year…or even earlier.

Since making major in-roads into Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang, besides retaining Kelantan, in 2008 General Elections, the loose coalition, apart from DAP, are fast losing their grounds for multiplicity of reasons. Defections by 2 PKR and 1 DAP state assemblymen in Perak  saw the fall-back of Perak State Government to the BN. This was followed by series of defections by PKR state assemblymen and MPs, and  exodus of their key leaders and members to the fold of the BN. The ‘explosive’ and ‘lawless’ PKR party elections late last year led to further EXODUS of leaders and members alike from the party…even leading to the formation of a splinter party named KITA led by Zaid Ibrahim, former party Central Committee member, and Deputy Presidential candidate.

PAS has been showing more disciplined posture, but their abandoning of their long-held ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS objectives are subject of much debates among their rank-and-file. By opting for for ‘ala-socialist’  Negara Berkebajikan, literally means ‘Welfare State’, PAS are hopeful that they will be able to garner more support from non-Malays/non-Muslims. However PAS may have overlooked the diminishing support of Malays/Bumiputras by such moves. To certain political observers, PAS’s moves were like  ‘terdengar guruh di langit, air tempayan dicurahkan’, meaning, ‘upon listening the thunder, water in the vessel is poured out’.

Without careful preparation, its not impossible that PR’s 2008 ‘tsunamic’ gains would be turned into their  ‘catastrophic’ defeats in the coming GE.

Judging from the trends of voting among the Chinese, who makes up almost 30% of total electorates nation-wide, it is fair to conclude that it was NOT the Chinese votes which triggered major inroads by the Pakatan in Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang in the 2008 GE.  Since the debut of DAP in 1969,  majority of Chinese voters were known to have consistently voted for  DAP, instead of the BN-aligned MCA. Hence, DAP’s TRADITIONAL better showing in overwhelmingly Chinese urban constituencies like Bukit Bintang, Seputeh, Kepong, Ipoh, Batu Gajah etc.

Infact, it was the Indian voters who made up nearly 10% of the electorates which made the difference. Prior to 2008, over 90% of Indian voters were known to be loyal supporters of the BN. However, a few weeks before the 2008 GE, the Indians were STIRRED UP by fabricated rumours drummed up by members of the banned Hindu Rights Action Force(HINDRAF) that the Indians in the country were subjected to ETHNIC CLEANSING by UMNO elements, and that Hindu temples were demolished by UMNO elements too at a rate of one in every few days. STIRRED UP by the rumours, tens of thousands of Indians were driven to the streets of KL to air their anguish and anger. Although the rumours  were all unfounded and FABRICATED,  it was enough to sway over 90% of Indian voters against the BN in the  GE, and became the MOST SIGNIFICANT factor in the Pakatan gains.

However, TRUTH PREVAILS. Within months of the 2008 GE, the Indians came to their senses. They came to realize that there were no ethnic cleansing perpetrated againsts them, and no Hindu temples were demolished. How could such rumours be true when thousands of Indians nationals are arriving at out KLIA day-in-day-out for jobs and new opportunities. They began to realize that their long-held loyalty to the BN were compromised for a wrong cause. Both DAP and PKR did not show much appreciation for the ‘sacrifices’ of the Indians, while their leaders were marginalised in their respective  party elections. Across the spectrum,  PAS remains reluctant to accept non-Muslims as full-fledged members, despite their empty slogan of ‘PAS For All’.

With Samy Vellu’s resignation as the President of MIC, the party is on road to recovery, and will again be UMBRELLA PARTY of the Indians, besides other BN-friendly Indian-based parties like Parti Makkal Sakti, a registered breakaway of HINDRAF, and KIMMA, the Indian-Muslims-based NGO, and several others. From the results of the last few bye-elections, the trends of voting among the Indians clearly indicated that over 70% of them are back to the warm embrace of the BN, and by the coming GE, the level of support among the Indians towards the BN is expected to be back at 90% level. With the support among Malays/Bumiputras has increased to over 70%, BN is looking forward to regain most of the grounds it lost in 2008 GE.

Apart from DAP who made inroads in urban-Chinese majority areas in recent Sarawak State Elections, the future of both PKR and PAS are UNCERTAIN. They are fully aware that overwhelming majority of Malays/Bumiputras will not be fooled by them again. They are fully aware that the Indian voters have had enough of them too. As a result, both PKR and PAS are becoming more and more dependent on Chinese votes….and their leaders are seen more and more as RUNNING DOGS of DAP.

The DECLINE of PAS culminated in the election of STREET DEMONSTRATION EXPERT Mat Sabu as their Deputy President in their recently concluded General Assembly. Paradoxically, it’s widely believed that  it was Mat Sabu who first added the name ‘Al-Juburi’ to Anwar Ibrahim, while Anwar was still in UMNO. The term Anwar Al-Juburi literally means Anwar ‘the sodomiser’. To make matters worse,  Mat Sabu himself was involved in a Khalwat case in a Kota Bharu Hotel…only saved by the interference of Nik Aziz.

At the moment, both PKR and PAS are at their lowest ever level of support among the Malays/Bumiputras and Indians. Its not surprising that when the fame-seeking Ambiga initiated certain NGOs to ‘replay’ the BERSIH demonstration, both PKR and PAS are grabbing the opportunity to re-kindle their DIMMING FLAMES. To prove his WORTHINESS after being elected PAS Deputy President, Mat Sabu is reported to have pledged 300,000 participants from among PAS members for the planned BERSIH2 rally.

BERSIH2 is nothing but an exercise by both PKR and PAS to gauge how much support they have lost over the period of three over years after the 2008 GE. They most likely will be shocked by what they’ll find out…

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4 Comments on “Pakatan Rakyat(PR) Gauging Dwindling Support Through BERSIH”

  1. Mohd Says:

    Najib might be stupid but not that stupid in just watching and not doing anything to stop the Bersih2.
    If the Bersih2 ia allowed to go on and trouble erupts in KL, then Najib can declare a state of emergency for the Selangor State Government. Then all the mischive makers can be rounded up under ISA.
    Then the BN government can explain their rational move to the people. When everything is calm and in order, Najib can have the PRU13 and win with 2/3 majority!
    The Oppositon parties will be smashed to pieces without their crooked leaders to guide them

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Very interesting readings of the situations and predictions.
      However, I do not think Najib would opt for ‘state of emergency’ approach. Only yesterday Najib challenged the opposition to ‘show their guts’ in the GE, not on the streets.

  2. majufikir Says:

    warisan >> The maxim ” truth prevails” applies in the political scene albeit taking a few years for it to unfold. i have long suspected that PR would eventually succumb to their own follies as they do not have any tangible FUNDAMENTALS for their loose coalition . any amat, ah chong and sami could tell that they are opposing forces within themselves for how could the “heavens-bound” ( but now no more la) pas ever work with the highly chauvinistic and anti islamic laws and how could a personality-driven pkr whose leader himself is an ageing morally decadent individual who is steep in sandiwara and lakonan in everything he says an ooes . how could this beloved country be run by these political zombies ? lies, deceit, corruption, racial and religious disharmony not to mention the high propensity for the economy to dwindle into a deepest doldrum would be the order of the day .we don’t have to go far . just listen to the rotten quality of the speeches by their present leaders and we could easily infer on how terrible the country would be if they are ever let to run the show . you are right too that the BERSIH yang berniat kotor did not get an overwhelming support a way we have to thank ambiga for initiaiting this as her background in being anti islamic laws and practices in the country are now thrown wide open an her association with anwar shows that this haram ngo has ulterior motives to destabilize the country and for the ever stupid pas leadership esp mat sabu and demo-prone haji hadi by supporting ambiga has done a disservice to pas itself. a lot of my friends who were pas symphatizers but not the bigot ones are taken aback an shocked..already mat sabu’s victory ( supported by nik aziz ) is a gravest mistake that would plunge pas into a deep abyss this association with ambiga and anwar and of course their political intercourse with greedy chauninism of dap would be the ultimate blow to pas an pkr as more and more malays are now switching their support to BN . and as u say , the indians have now returned to the BN’s fold the only reliable umbrella for them after having been cheated by lim guan eng in penang and ” sivaji the boss ” …..

    Najib and BN can heave a huge sigh of relief now …but the job is not done yet…we have to work harder . there is no other way despite the pendulum swinging towards BN.. QED

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Hai Majufikir,

      Welcome back and thanks for your ever ‘razor-sharp’ comments. Indeed, PAS has deviated further and further away from their long-held struggles for ISLAM.

      When PAS chose to deviate from the RIGHT PATH, they are devoid of guiding lights from Allah, the God Almighty. They are ‘feeling’ their ways in the dark…like the BLINDS.

      Lets pray to Allah, the Almighty, that PAS will eventually come back to the RIGHT PATH…Amin.

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