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HARIMAU MALAYA Beaten By Commercial Exploits

July 31, 2011

The present Malaysian team, the HARIMAU MALAYA, have caught the imaginations of Malaysians for their OUTSTANDING achievements of late. The fact that more than 90,000 Malaysian supporters crammed in into the Bukit Jalil Stadium last Thursday was testimony of that.

Unfortunately, such adoration to the HARIMAU MUDA was taken advantage of by those with BUSINESS INTERESTS. Under the pretext of preparing the team for the World Cup qualification match against Singapore, the team was USED to be fielded against TWO of the top four EPL teams, namely Arsenal and Liverpool, within a space of four days, just a week before their trip to Singapore….for lucrative financial returns.

As a result, our players were DRAINED OF their energy and stamina….and to some extent, their WINNING MENTALITY…after being beaten by both Arsenal and Liverpool.

FAM were definitely NOT WISE to bring Arsenal and Liverpool as sparring partners to prepare our team to face Singapore…knowing so well that Arsenal and Liverpool are good enough to beat any national team in Europe, let alone national teams in Asia. Have they rated Singapore so highly that they have to use Arsenal and Liverpool  for sparring partners in PRACTICE MATCHES?

We have to salute the FAS for preparing their national team better, by not over-stretching them against unnecessarily opponents, keeping them well rested and free from injuries to their key players.

In true spirit of sportsmanship, we have to also salute the Singapore national team for grabbing the opportunity to over-run the much mentally weakened, physically drained off, morally dispirited and utterly exhausted HARIMAU MALAYA.

I truly believe that our HARIMAU MALAYA team are GOOD ENOUGH to qualify for a place in the World Cup…had they not been victims of COMMERCIAL EXPLOITS.


Bersih2 Confirmed HUGE EROSION In Pakatan’s Support

July 10, 2011

Whenever an ILLEGAL DEMONSTRATION is conspired, the PDRM would have to prepare certain ‘rituals’ to uphold the country’s laws and regulations, including taking certain PRE-EMPTIVE ACTIONS, putting up road-blocks and even ‘splashing coloured waters’ and making arrests when the situations required. PDRM’s preparations against the Bersih2 for the past few weeks was nothing new. The same ‘rituals’ were prepared against the Bersih1 in 2007  too.

With all those ‘rituals’ remained almost the same, yesterday’s Bersih2 must have sent SHIVERS to the spines of PKR, DAP and PAS leaders. Despite the EXTRA PUBLICITY, when the Bersih2 President Ambiga was allowed an audience with the Yang Dipertuan Agung, and ensuing haggling over the VANUE, the DEMO attracted less than 10,000 people, less than 10% of the of the Bersih1 crowd way back in 2007. This statistics were made worst by the fact that all Pakatan leaders including Anwar Ibrahim of PKR, Hj Hadi of PAS and Lim Kit Siang of DAP were at the scene in person.

Where were the 300,000 PAS supporters promised by Mat Sabu, PAS’s newly elected Deputy President. And where were the publicly-acclaimed Unit Amal members when Hj Hadi was arrested by the police. Its quite SURPRISING that Hj Hadi was arrested without any resistance from his HARDCORE body-guards. Does it mean that Hj. Hadi has lost all his FANATICAL SUPPORTERS he used to command during his FIREBRAND days?

Bersih2 has allowed the Pakatan leaders to see with their own eyes HUGE EROSION of their support  since their significant gains in 2008 GE. Bersih2 was a NIGHTMARE for them, and yesterday was the start of their SLEEPLESS NIGHTS….how to maintain what they gained in 2008.



Bersih2, Welcome To Shah Alam Stadium!!!

July 7, 2011

To allow Bersih to use Stadium Merdeka is like allowing them to use Dataran Merdeka. Roads around Stadium Merdeka are BUSY ROADS, and Stadium Merdeka itself has very limited number of parking spaces.

The only two stadiums with sufficient parking facilities the Bukit Jalil Stadium and Shah Alam Stadium. For the next few weeks, Bukit Jalil Stadium will be vanue for very prestigious football matches involving involving elite EPL teams, Chelsea and Liverpool, against our national team.

Bersih2 ia left with only the Shah Alam Stadium, on the outskirt of Shah Alam, the administrative capital of PKR-led Pakatan Selangor State Government. Afterall, Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor MB, has even offered Bersih2 to make use of the Shah Alam Stadium.

Unless Bersih has other HIDDEN AGENDAS, they should not drag this matter much longer than necessary. Shah Alam Stadium can accomodate nearly 100,000 on the terraces and further 200,000 on the field itself. And nothing will stop Selangor State Government to provide some REFRESHMENTS, or even NASI BARIANI BUNGKUS lunch….

Lim Kit Siang – A Born Loser

July 6, 2011

Lim Kit Siang was quick to endorse a posting in Malaysian Insider, which picked up ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in the  BERSIH2 ‘saga’ .

According to Malaysian Insider, the ‘winners’ were: The organisers of Bersih2, Ambiga, the Agung and the Malaysian Public.

And, according to Malaysian Insider, the losers are: DS Najib, Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein, Datuk Ibrahim Ali and  PDRM.

However, before chosing the WINNERS or LOSERS, Lim Kit Siang should first determine what was the main OBJECTIVE of Bersihs. The POLITICALLY NAIVES will hold to the belief that the main objective is to bring about fairer GE, by sending memorandum to the Agung. However, if this is the main objective, what’s the need to gather the estimated 100,000 people onto the street. Afterall, Ambiga and a few of her committee members could easily have audience with the Agung, and hand over the memorandum.

The fact that Bersih2 is seen more as a huge exercise to bring on hundred of thousands of supporters clad in yellow T-Shirts, lead us to the BIGGER OBJECTIVE of Bersih2….to try to bring onto the KL streets what have been common scenes in a few Middle-eastern countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria….with the hope that the resultant situation of ANARCHY would attract foreign intervention, on their side.

Its hard to believe that Lim Kit Siang has not read one of the great CHINESE CLASSICS, the Art of War by Sun Tzu. In describing a GREAT GENERAL, Sun Tzu used to describe a GREAT GENERAL as ‘one who defeat his enemies without committing his army to the battle-field’.

That’s exactly what DS Najib has done to break the stale-mate in the Bersih2 stand-off. By TEMPTING Ambiga and her committee to agree to hold gatherings in a stadium, DS Najib has indirectly ROBBED the Bersih2 of its initial, and hidden MAIN OBJECTIVE. Bersih2 has been defeated without DS Najib committing his soldiers to the battle-field.

However, to Lim Kit Siang, DS Najib is the loser…..what to do if that’s the view of a BORN LOSER. 


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