Bersih2, Welcome To Shah Alam Stadium!!!

To allow Bersih to use Stadium Merdeka is like allowing them to use Dataran Merdeka. Roads around Stadium Merdeka are BUSY ROADS, and Stadium Merdeka itself has very limited number of parking spaces.

The only two stadiums with sufficient parking facilities the Bukit Jalil Stadium and Shah Alam Stadium. For the next few weeks, Bukit Jalil Stadium will be vanue for very prestigious football matches involving involving elite EPL teams, Chelsea and Liverpool, against our national team.

Bersih2 ia left with only the Shah Alam Stadium, on the outskirt of Shah Alam, the administrative capital of PKR-led Pakatan Selangor State Government. Afterall, Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor MB, has even offered Bersih2 to make use of the Shah Alam Stadium.

Unless Bersih has other HIDDEN AGENDAS, they should not drag this matter much longer than necessary. Shah Alam Stadium can accomodate nearly 100,000 on the terraces and further 200,000 on the field itself. And nothing will stop Selangor State Government to provide some REFRESHMENTS, or even NASI BARIANI BUNGKUS lunch….

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One Comment on “Bersih2, Welcome To Shah Alam Stadium!!!”

  1. john ayam Says:

    as ordinary rakyat I supported the offer by selangor mb for bersih to use its shah alam stadium… common bersih…. do you want your message to be heard… or you still want to haggle over venue… it is not the form but it is the substance….

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