Bersih2 Confirmed HUGE EROSION In Pakatan’s Support

Whenever an ILLEGAL DEMONSTRATION is conspired, the PDRM would have to prepare certain ‘rituals’ to uphold the country’s laws and regulations, including taking certain PRE-EMPTIVE ACTIONS, putting up road-blocks and even ‘splashing coloured waters’ and making arrests when the situations required. PDRM’s preparations against the Bersih2 for the past few weeks was nothing new. The same ‘rituals’ were prepared against the Bersih1 in 2007  too.

With all those ‘rituals’ remained almost the same, yesterday’s Bersih2 must have sent SHIVERS to the spines of PKR, DAP and PAS leaders. Despite the EXTRA PUBLICITY, when the Bersih2 President Ambiga was allowed an audience with the Yang Dipertuan Agung, and ensuing haggling over the VANUE, the DEMO attracted less than 10,000 people, less than 10% of the of the Bersih1 crowd way back in 2007. This statistics were made worst by the fact that all Pakatan leaders including Anwar Ibrahim of PKR, Hj Hadi of PAS and Lim Kit Siang of DAP were at the scene in person.

Where were the 300,000 PAS supporters promised by Mat Sabu, PAS’s newly elected Deputy President. And where were the publicly-acclaimed Unit Amal members when Hj Hadi was arrested by the police. Its quite SURPRISING that Hj Hadi was arrested without any resistance from his HARDCORE body-guards. Does it mean that Hj. Hadi has lost all his FANATICAL SUPPORTERS he used to command during his FIREBRAND days?

Bersih2 has allowed the Pakatan leaders to see with their own eyes HUGE EROSION of their support  since their significant gains in 2008 GE. Bersih2 was a NIGHTMARE for them, and yesterday was the start of their SLEEPLESS NIGHTS….how to maintain what they gained in 2008.



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