HARIMAU MALAYA Beaten By Commercial Exploits

The present Malaysian team, the HARIMAU MALAYA, have caught the imaginations of Malaysians for their OUTSTANDING achievements of late. The fact that more than 90,000 Malaysian supporters crammed in into the Bukit Jalil Stadium last Thursday was testimony of that.

Unfortunately, such adoration to the HARIMAU MUDA was taken advantage of by those with BUSINESS INTERESTS. Under the pretext of preparing the team for the World Cup qualification match against Singapore, the team was USED to be fielded against TWO of the top four EPL teams, namely Arsenal and Liverpool, within a space of four days, just a week before their trip to Singapore….for lucrative financial returns.

As a result, our players were DRAINED OF their energy and stamina….and to some extent, their WINNING MENTALITY…after being beaten by both Arsenal and Liverpool.

FAM were definitely NOT WISE to bring Arsenal and Liverpool as sparring partners to prepare our team to face Singapore…knowing so well that Arsenal and Liverpool are good enough to beat any national team in Europe, let alone national teams in Asia. Have they rated Singapore so highly that they have to use Arsenal and Liverpool  for sparring partners in PRACTICE MATCHES?

We have to salute the FAS for preparing their national team better, by not over-stretching them against unnecessarily opponents, keeping them well rested and free from injuries to their key players.

In true spirit of sportsmanship, we have to also salute the Singapore national team for grabbing the opportunity to over-run the much mentally weakened, physically drained off, morally dispirited and utterly exhausted HARIMAU MALAYA.

I truly believe that our HARIMAU MALAYA team are GOOD ENOUGH to qualify for a place in the World Cup…had they not been victims of COMMERCIAL EXPLOITS.

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