Lim Guan Eng’s SHADOW PLAY In Penang

‘TEEN CONTRACTOR TALK OF THE TOWN’  must have been one of the most read news items in The Star today. Its about a complaint by Wanita MCA Deputy Secretary-General, Tan Chen Liang, that a RM 1m contract to build a religious school in Batu Maung was awarded to a 19-year old part-time BUMIPUTRA student. However, at the end of the news item, it stated that the students’s father is a Class A Contractor.

However, in politics, we have to be able to read IN-BETWEEN THE LINES. Is Tan Chen Liang really trying to ‘expose’ that DAP is anti-Chinese, and pro-Bumiputra? She got the point… could it be that only 0.2% of projects were awarded to non-Bumiputra contractors since DAP took over Penang in 2008….or, is she indirectly trying to win support for DAP among the Malays/Bumiputras????

What a great plot in a ‘Wayang Cina’…..if the MCA leader is selling the idea to the Malays/Bumiputras that their future will be much much better under DAP, than under UMNO/BN. The paradox is, why there is NO NOISE from DAP members….why the noise is coming from a lone MCA leader???

Before we even consider looking into the plots in the ‘Wayang Cina’, let us first see how true is her claim that only 0.2% of projects were awarded to non-Bumiputra since 2008. Where he got the FUNNY-LOOKING figure. Or is she only talking about below RM 200,000 projects meant for Class F contractors, who are all Bumiputra.

Its not impossible, but its MADNESS to believe that only 0.2% of all State Government contracts in Penang were awarded to non-Bumiputra contractors, especially when MERITOCRACY is being practised. And, it must be HUMILIATING for established Chinese contractors….to lose out to a 19-year old BUMIPUTRA, under the system of MEROTOCRACY. To avoid being accused of Chinese ‘shadow play’,  I  challenge the Penang State Government to publish in the newspapers all contracts awarded in Penang since DAP takeover of 2008….and list down the list of contractors who were awarded the contracts.

If the 0.2 % figure is true, I really have GREAT SUSPICION that DAP in Penang is doing like what DAP in Selangor is doing…..USING Bumiputra-status contractors to secure projects….while the true beneficiaries are the Chinese….in order to achieve a POLITICAL MILAGE among Malays/Bumiputras.

And, if the 0.2% figure is true, my far GREATER SUSPICION is, DAP is on with a SHADOW PLAY to win over the hearts and mind of Malays/Bumiputra, in the same way Lim Guan Eng trying to impress the Muslims by comparing his rule with that of Khalifah Omar Abdul Aziz. Its just a MEANS to and END. The END game is to end any affirmative actions in favour of Malays/Bumiputras. Only when the HAK ISTIMEWA MELAYU/BUMIPUTRA is abolished from our system, then only the TRUE CLAWS of Lim Guan Eng and DAP will come out in the open.

The Malays/Bumiputra just have to look across the causeway down south, to witness how the ‘Malays overwhelming the Chinese’ as being portrayed by DAP, and MCA, in Penang. Lim Guan Eng must have cooked a master-stroke SHADOW PLAY for Malays/Bumiputra in Penang and Malaysia too….but as the old Malay proverb goes: ‘Terkilat ikan di air, sudah tahu jantan betinanya”, literally means, by looking at the glitters on the water surface, we would be able to tell whether its a male of female fish.

No thanks Lim Guan Eng for your ‘killing with kindness’ SHADOW PLAY.


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