A few months before the last GE, PAS had changed its SLOGAN from ‘Membangun Bersama Islam’ to ‘PAS For All’. The slogan ‘PAS For All’ appeared to run parrallel with PAS’s other move to freez, if not abandon, their long-held objectives of establishing ISLAMIC STATE and IMPLEMENTING HUDUD LAWS in Malaysia.

PAS’s change of slogan and objectives proved to be ‘positive points’ for PAS in the last GE. The decisions had transformed PAS into a MODERATE party….acceptable to DAP, the flag-bearer of SECULARISM in Malaysia, an ideology of separating ‘religious matters’ from that of  ‘administration of state matters’.

What surprised most Malays/Muslims is the fact that PAS has virtually transformed itself BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS. The party who used to champion ENJOINING GOODNESS AND FORBIDDING EVILS have turned the opposite way… PAS is seen more as a party championing ENJOINING EVILS AND FORBIDDING GOODNESS.

During the early part of PKR/DAP-dominated rule in Selangor, the then PAS party chief of Selangor, Dr Hassan Ali, who is the Selangor State EXCO in-charge of Islamic/Malay Affairs Customes Affairs, was REPRIMANDED by the party’s Disciplinary Sub-Committe,  for opposing the sales of liqour in certain overwhelming Muslims/Malays majority areas of Shah Alam.

While, in the STILL HOT case of ‘raid’ by JAIS officials on a dinner function believed to be attended by certain number of Muslims in Methodist Church of Damansara Utama, PAS Central Committee are again seen not to support Dr Hassan’s action of openly supporting JAIS officials’ actions.

Obviously, PAS has transformed itself far far beyond any expectation of Malays/Muslims. Its only fitting for PAS to change its slogan again….from ‘PAS For All’… ‘PAS For DAP’…

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