Its Time To Abandon PAS Leaders

As a Muslim, I can only sympathise with with PAS members and supporters, for being forced to accept DEVIATIONIST PATH taken by their TOP LEADERSHIP. First, PAS had to put aside their long-held struggles to establish ISLAMIC STATE and implement HUDUD LAWS in Malaysia, in order to be accepted as a partner in Pakatan Rakyat, the other two partners being PKR and DAP.

Quite some time ago, PAS surprised the Muslims by ACCEPTING the use of the term ALLAH, instead of TUHAN, in Roman Catholics Malay-version Bible….against the standpoint of overwhelming majority of Muslims in the country.

And, in the most recent development involving JAIS and the Damansara Utama Methodist Church, PAS again have demonstrated their tendency to regard matters AS FUNDAMENTAL AS THE FAITH OF MUSLIMS as secondary, compared to their quest for maintaining the support of non-Muslims/non-Malays in the coming GE. Even the President of PAS, Hj Hadi, who used to be FIREBRAND LEADER of PAS during his earlier days, has put PAS’s most senior EXCO member in Selangor, Dr Hassan Ali into BAD LIGHT, by directing further fact-finding meetings with both JAIS and the Damansara Utama Methodist Church. Politically speaking, PAS top leadership do not trust their former Selangor PAS Chief anymore.

Yesterday, it was the turn of PAS Youth Leader, Nasaruddin Hassan to break away from the rank, by making brave statements in his blog, among others stating that ‘FAITH can not be exchanged with one or two extra Parlimentary or State seats, and FAITH can not be sold for ministerial or state assemblyman posts’. And, in his blog, Nasaruddin indirectly indicated that he was under pressure for taking different stand from top party leadership on the issue….and expressed his sense of being DECEIVED over the whole thing…

Its one of the MOST CRUCIAL times in PAS 60 years history. Its time for the rank-and-file of PAS to reflect back on their past and ponder over the future. Has PAS top leadership being possessed by the CRAZE FOR POWER that they are even willing to be complacent on an issue which have ANGERED the overwhelming majority of Muslims….the attempt by a Christian Church to entice a group of Muslims to Christian faith by giving out material assistance to  ‘soften their hearts’. The plot was too obvious when the function to give out material aids was conducted within the premises of the Church.

Its time for PAS rank-and-file to abandon their TOP LEADERRSHIP who have de-railed the party from their original path. And its time for leaders like Dr Hassan Ali and Nasaruddin Hassan to think of an alternative party for PAS supporters HONEST with their long-held ORIGINAL STRUGGLE…perhaps in the same way Zaid Ibrahim led a breakaway party from PKR.

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