Pro-Communist Mat Sabu GREAT LIABILITY For PAS

The whole country was in disbelief when a NOVICE like Mat Sabu was elected Deputy President of PAS in a three-cornered fight for the post in the recent PAS party election. Even PAS President, Hj Hadi, indirectly BELITTLED Mat Sabu by proclaming PAS newly elected Central Committee as his ‘Election Cabinet’. Hj Hadi never call his previous Central Committee as ‘Election Cabinet’.

Hj. Hadi may be correct in calling his Central Committee, with Mat Sabu as Deputy President, as ‘Election Cabinet’. Hj. Hadi has long regarded ELECTIONS as WARS IN TIME OF PEACE. Hj. Hadi even regards political and religious debates as IDEOLOGICAL WAR. And to Hj. Hadi, whatever FORBIDDEEN in times of peace, are PERMITTED during the times of wars, including DECEITS.

Hj. Hadi is fully aware how the election of Mat Sabu as his deputy have LOWERED the prestige of PAS Central Committee.  However, he is equally aware that his NOVICE deputy is quite an EXPERT IN STREET DEMONSTRATION, besides his ‘jual ubat’ CERAMAH POLITIK which can pull certain section of PAS followers.

Apart from being arrested on a bike while making his way to Bersih 2 rally recently, Mat Sabu has not really stamped his mark as a new Deputy President of PAS. He knew his limitations, as a drop-out from ITM. Yet, he has to make certain statements, to attract the attention of the rakyat that Mat Sabu is a worthy Deputy President of PAS.

Two days ago, Mat Sabu SHOCKED the country, including PAS leaders, members and supporters, by proclaiming that the 200 or so COMMUNIST TERRORISTS who attacked and burnt a police station, with all lives within, in Bukit Kepong, Johore, in 1950, during the early EMERGENCY YEARS as ‘national heroes’. His proclamation is not only STUPID, to say the least, but may also  land him in trouble under the country’s Sedition Act.

Mat Sabu must have been too busy  with his ‘selling ubat’ POLITICAL CERAMAH that he had little or no time to read up history, or even consult his colleagues, before making such horrible statement. He must be unaware that the Malayan Communist Party(MCP), to whom the 200 CTs belonged, was then a branch of the Communist Party of People’s Republic of China. And he must be unaware that the the Chin Peng-led MCP started the armed insurgency in 1948, immediately after the British scrapped off the Malayan Union which was BITTERLY OPPOSED by the Malays, and proclaimed PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU, a transition Malay-led Government, on the road of full independence from the British.

Mat Sabu is Penang-based, and must be desperate to win over the hearts of the Chinese. He may have won the admiration of certain section of his Chinese voters, BUT  Mat Sabu may have overlooked the fact that his STUPID PROCLAMATION will diminish whatever support PAS may still have among the Malays/Muslims.

Pro-Communist statement by Mat Sabu has turned him into INSTANT LIABILITY for PAS, and will make UMNO/BN tasks to return to power in the coming GE much much easier. Najib can now look forward to not only returning to power with over two-third majority for the BN, but with LANDSLIDE VICTORY.

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