Hang Tuah, a Malay ICON or Chinese IDIOT?

What a great day today, the Chinese New Year, the year of the dragon. To all Malaysian Chinese, and the Chinese world over, I wish all of you a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.

It has been a  few years since I came accross some postings, must be by Chinese bloggers, ‘touting’  TALES that the Malay WARRIOR ICON, Hang Tuah, and his four almost equally famous comrades-in-arm, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Lekiu, were Chinese.

At first I thought the TALES were not worth a second look. However, I kept on coming across such TALES being repeated by other bloggers, giving me the impression that such TALES may have been ‘swallowed’ as TRUTH by the younger Chinese generation. The paradox is, the Malaysian Chinese UM Professor of History, Prof. Khoo Kay Kim, through his recent statement, is of the belief that Hang Tuah was a mythical figure.

I’m not taking on Prof. Khoo Kay Kim here. On this ouspicious Chinese New Year day, its more relaxing to handle the proponents of the belief that Hang Tuah and his ‘comrade-in-arms’ were Chinese. Their TALES are based on the following: 1. The name of Ming Emperor’s princess ‘presented’ to the Sultan Iskandar Shah of Malacca was Hang Li Po.  2. Names of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and others had THREE consonents, typical of Chinese names. Hence their re-naming of Hang Tuah as ‘Hang Too Ah’ and Hang Jebat as ‘Hang Jee Fatt’.  3. According to them, initial name of ‘Hang’ was never used in Malay names. 4. To ‘add spice to the salt’, according to them, certain DNA tests were carried out in ‘America’ of remnants of ‘Hang Too Ah’ dug out from his grave in Malacca proved that he was Chinese.

Its interesting to note that the proponents of the TALES believe that  ‘Hang Too Ah’ and his comrades were among the best Chinese Warriors, assigned by the Ming Emperor to safeguard the Princess Hang Li Po in distant land of Malacca. We can not help to believe that, had they been among the best Chinese warriors, they must have been very skillful Kung Fu fighters, most likely using the long Chinese swords as their main weapon for self-defense. In this aspect, the proponents of the TALES need to explain WHY ‘Hang Too Ah’ decided to put aside his Chinese sword in favour of the Malay KERIS, besides being invincibly-skillful in the Malay SILAT rather than the Chinese Kung Fu. Had he found out that SILAT, the Malay art of self-defense, is much superior than the Chinese Kung Fu?

However, by far the most mind-boggling question the proponents of the TALES must tell us is the willingness of the Chinese ‘Hang Too Ah’ to kill his fellow Chinese comrade-in-arm ‘Hang Jee Fatt’  for the sake of a Malay Sultan. Such ‘tragedy’ seemed to contradict their earlier claims that ‘Hang Too Ah’ and his comrade-in-arms were sent by the Chinese Ming Emperor to be the body-guards of the Princes Hang Li Po. Had ‘Hang Too Ah’ and comrade-in-arms changed their allegiance from the Ming Emperor to the Malay Sultan of Malacca?

And that has not taken into consideration  a very important historical ‘trade mark’ attached to ‘Hang Too Ah’…to utter a LEGENDARY STATEMENT  towards the end of his life, the statement that ‘ TAKKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA’, which have injected into the Malay bloods, arteries and veins,  the spirit of  SELF-RESPECT, BRAVERY and WILLINGNESS TO FIGHT in defense of their RIGHTS AND HONOUR.

Simply, there is no credible basis whatsoever for the proponents of the TALES to believe that the Malay LEGENDARY WARRIOR Hang Tuah was Chinese. In fact, there were more basis to believe that the Chinese Ming Emperor was Muslim. There is no dispute that Admiral Cheng Ho was a Muslim. The question is, how could a Chinese Ming Emperor trust a Muslim Admiral so much, if he himself was not a muslim. Whilst, there were articles written by certain historians, revealing  that there were Ming Dynasty coins with the Arabic inscription ‘La ilaha illa Allah’, meaning ‘There is no god but Allah’, the phrase that a non-Muslim would have to utter to convert to Islam.

The proponents of the TALES also have not studied enough about  Malay names, by making conclusion that Malay names do not normally carry  a family name which is passed down from the father to the son. Obviously they overlooked the fact that  there are many Malay names with the INITIALS being passed down from father to son. For example, we have names beginning with NIK, like in the name NIK Aziz, the Menteri Besar of Kelantan. His son’s name is NIK Abduh, and his daughter’s name NIK Amalina. Besides names beginning with NIK, there are hundreds of other INITIAL names including Daeng, Wan, Yeop, Sheikh, Syed, Dang, Dayang, Awang, Tengku, Teuku, Pangiran and many many others which are carried down from father to son/daughter, quite similar to the Chinese names.

HANG is one of such Malay names. In Sejarah Melayu, there was a character with the name of HANG Nadim, who was persecuted by the rulers of Tumasek(old name of Singapura). This episod of history happened well before the founding of Malacca by Parameswara, or Sultan Iskandar Shah, well before the giving away of Hang Li Po’s hand to the Malacca sultan. It could be just a co-incidence that the INITIAL sounds like a Chinese surname, just like the term TAN in the title TAN SERI, whilst TUAH is a Malay word, meaning ‘luck’. Hence the term ‘cabutan nombor berTUAH’.

Most Malays would wonder, what’s the real motive behind attempts by the Malaysian Chinese to ‘re-incarnate’ the ICONIC Malay warrior Hang Tuah as Chinese. Are they trying to tell the world that anything ICONIC and GREAT must necessarily be related to the Chinese?

My advice to proponents of ‘Chinese Hang Tuah’ is, do not try to hijack MALAY HEROES like Hang Tuah to be CHINESE, plus deregatory adjectives, like  IDIOTS. Why I said that? For a Malay/Muslim Hang Tuah, to be absolutely loyal to a king is a RELIGIOUS DUTY, based on a ‘commandment’ in the Quran, meaning ‘Obey Allah, and obey the Messengger of Allah, and THOSE IN POWER from among you’. For a Malay/Muslim Hang Tuah, to kill Hang Jebat for the sake of Sultan Melayu was an HONOURABLE ACT, and infact a RELIGIOUS DUTY.

But, for Chinese ‘Hang Too Ah’ to kill his fellow Chinese ‘Hang Jee Fatt’  for the sake of the Malay Sultan of Malacca, he would have inflicted DISGRACE to the Chinese Ming Emperor, and would have earned him the ‘title’ CHINESE IDIOT.

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33 Comments on “Hang Tuah, a Malay ICON or Chinese IDIOT?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    If they are malays the Hangs must also be malay idiots

    • warisan tmk Says:


      As Malays, Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat fought each other for HONOURABLE reasons. Hang Tuah was guided the the principle that ‘Melayu pantang durhaka kepada Rajanya'(meaning, Malays would never become disloyal to their sultans), while Hang Jebat was guided by the principle that ‘raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah'(meaning, just kings will be obeyed, while unjust kings would be disobeyed). In other worlds, the Malay Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat fought each other for certain HONOURABLE PRINCIPLES.

      Had Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat were Chinese, what would be the principles that would suit what had happened…..two CHINESE BEST WARRIORS killing each other for a MALAY SULTAN!!!! Nay, no principles guided them….simply, they were CHINESE IDIOTS…

  2. 3eyes Says:

    Yes, I agree that it is not wise to say that Hang Tuah is Chinese just because of the surname, there is not much evidence in it. However, we should really doubt the existance of Hang Tuah or the truth in his story. Ancient history books often tell fake histories.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      At one time, the Chinese bloggers were advocating the Hang Tuah was Chinese, and now a Chinese history professor is advocating the Hang Tuah DID NOT exist.
      How the Chinese would feel if Malays start asking them to prove the existence of all Chinese emperors before the Mings, and how would they feel if the Malays started spreading words that Confucious DID NOT actually exist!!!!

  3. 3eyes Says:

    If Hang Tuah is not the idiot, and Hang Jebat also not the idiot, then who is the idiot?
    The Sultan?

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Hang Tuah fought Hang Jebat based on HONOURABLE principle. Hang Jebat revolted against the sultan based on what he believed to be HONOURABLE principle. The Sultan also acted on certain HONOURABLE principles. None of them were idiots.
      The story of ‘IDIOTS’ only surfaced when certain IDIOTS attempted to smuggle certain CHINESE characters into the great court of the Malay sultanate of Malacca.
      What the Chinese are up to, only they know best.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    no comments, as everybody knows, hang tuah and hang jebat are malays. if theyre chinese, whats the point they came to malacca, at TANAH MELAYU not TANAH CINA? the same thing if sultans sends malay warriors to China, the warriors will not argue just for the china emperor, right?

    • warisan tmk Says:

      For over 350 years after Sejarah Melayu was written, no one disputed the fact that Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and their other three comrade-in-arms were MALAYS.
      However, since the last 5 years, certain Chinese writers and bloggers began to throw what they called ‘hypothesis’ that Hang Tuah and his comrade-in-arms were infact Chinese, and that they were sent to Malacca by the Ming Emperor to protect his princess Hang Li Po, whose hands were given to the Malay Sultan of Malacca.
      I fully agree with you that had the Sultan of Malacca sent two of his best warriors to China, they would not commit foolish things, like fighting-to-kill each other for the sake of a Chinese Emperor.
      The funny thing is, certain Chinese writers and bloggers are SO THICK, as thick as the GREAT WALL OF CHINA, to make up stories that Hang Tuan and Hang Jebat were Chinese, and that they fought-to-kill each other for the sake of a Malay Sultan.
      Anonymous, you alone have much bigger grey-matter in your skull, that hundreds of those nonsensical Chinese writers and bloggers put together.

  5. Your article is littered with racism, And your counter-arguments are equally racist (not to mention poorly evidenced and biased).

    It’s actually believable if Hang Tuah was Chinese. You call him an “Idiot” if he were Chinese because he killed his own kinsman for the Sultan of a country not his own. If you think about it DEEPER rather than on it’s shallow aspect, it makes A LOT of sense. Sejarah Melayu stated that “Hang Jebat ran amok and killed thousands of people in the palace. Hang Tuah was called to return by Sultan Mansor Syah to annihilate Hang Jebat”. Now, before I get to that part, Hang Tuah is supposedly the most loyal, bravest, strongest and trusted laksamana of Sultan Mansor Syah, And because of some mere accusations against Hang Tuah, Sultan Mansor Syah decides to dispose of him without investigation. Who in their right mind would do that to their own kind? Unless… Hang Tuah is Chinese. Which makes sense. Sultan Mansor Syah probably just sees him as a tool/gift from China and hence, is willing to simply execute him without a second thought. “He isn’t of my blood, I have no obligations to investigate his case nor keep him alive. If he has sinned me, he could one day strike a rebellion against me too”. So Sultan Mansor Syah is simply protecting himself by removing Hang Tuah permanently. .

    Now back to my reference of Sejarah Melayu, So assuming the 5 Warriors all originated from China… that would make Hang Jebat Chinese too right? So Hang Jebat goes on a killing spree to avenge his bestfriend’s (and possibly kinman’s) death. Hang Jebat who could possibly be suffering from some kind of emotional or mental breakdown (upon losing his trusted friend) obviously hadn’t considered the consequences of his actions. If Hang Jebat was indeed Chinese, imagine what must be going through the Sultan and local people’s minds. “The Chinese people has turned against us! We can no longer trust them”. This would adversely affect the relationship between China and Malacca, And we know that the Chinese were trying to maintain good ties with Malacca as Malacca is an important port of that period for the trading business. They even supposedly sent Princess Hang Li Po to be a concubine for a Sultan! That is A LOT of effort in there.

    Hang Tuah had obviously thought about this issue and decided to redeem himself and his country’s honour by killing Hang Jebat. Which is a very fair reason to kill your best friend; to protect your countries relation with Malacca. Losing your best friend for the sake of your entire nation IS honourable indeed, as compared to killing your best friend for a King who almost executed you for no damn reason.

    Truth be told, you know everything I said up there? Is fiction and I came up with that theory. This is just to tell the author of this racist article to THINK ABOUT IT YOU FOOL. It’s actually possible but because of your narrow-mindedness you refuse to accept other people’s opinion on the matter. Rather than just blasting of the entire research on Hang Tuah’s Chinese origin as fraudulent, it’s better to come up with your own research on the subject matter complete with evidence to prove he’s Malay. There’s currently genetic proof on Hang Tuah’s remains that he originated from Chinese lineage! On what basis are YOU denying this? I won’t say I believe Hang Tuah is indeed Chinese, just because I still don’t think there’s enough evidence, but I’m open to the idea that he might possibly be Chinese/Malay/some other race. If someone comes up with evidence saying that Hang Tuah is actually Indian, I’d be willing to hear that out and reason with it too.

    Either way, irregardless of whether Hang Tuah was Malay or Chinese or even just a myth, it’s not freaking important! He can still be Chinese and still be regarded as a Malay legend. Why is his race so important?

    Also, I cannot help but notice your reply to another’s comment regarding Confucius existence. You really want to deny Confucius existence? There’s an entire certified organization that has been keeping track of his descendants for centuries. He has written countless books and philosophical beliefs. He appears in various text and his teachings continue on today. Hang Tuah appears in Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Hang Tuah. And even that contain fictional stories of him possessing supernatural powers.

    Conclusion: Think about it and keep an open mind.

    • warisan tmk Says:


      I must tell you that I’m really thrilled by your effort to uphold a ‘not enough evidence’ hypothesis, as you yourself admitted.

      However, its quite strange for you to ask me to prove that Hang Tuah was Malay, instead of you proving that he was Chinese.

      You mentioned ‘genetic’ proof of Hang Tuah’s remains, whilst the Sejarah Melayu, which you referred to several times, narrated that Hang Tuah DID NOT DIE, but disappeared. Meaning, his remains was nowhere to be found. Yes, there was a tomb built in memory of him in Tanjung Keling, Malacca, but his remains was not buried there.

      I hope my argument will not put an end to this interesting topic.

  6. Eujin Tan Says:

    “How the Chinese would feel if Malays start asking them to prove the existence of all Chinese emperors before the Mings, and how would they feel if the Malays started spreading words that Confucious DID NOT actually exist!!!!” ??

    Simple, I am a Chinese and I don’t feel a damn thing about it. The Chinese got rid of their emporers because they learnt that these are parasites.

    As for Confusius, he is a mortal, regardless if he really exists, what was quoted in his name, make sense to intellectuals.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Eujin Tan,

      I feel really sorry for the Chinese all over the world, if what you are revealing about Chinese emperors are true. Possibly that would explain the over 50 millions overseas Chinese world ….their forefathers migrated to distant lands to escape their parasitic and cruel emperors.

      But not all kings are like the Chinese emperors. Until today, many European countries are proud of their kings/queens, as in the case of England, Spain, Sweden, and several others. In those countries, their citizens cherish their kings and their history, just do the Malays in Malaysia.

      I can not stop you from hating your emperors, in the same way you can not stop the Malays from cherishing their kings and their history.

  7. Jackk Sparro Says:

    Prelude…..traces of homo erectus & homo sapiens were traced to central China.Malayo Polynesians trekked south to this Malay archipelago,around 6000 BC,from the cold mountainous region of central Asia.
    By the 13th AD,Kublai Khan’s sailors were actively trespassing into this peninsula,in search of it’s kin….
    Further contacts were made with the Indians of the mighty Sri Vijaya empire,which has been sharing religious learning eg. Buddhism & Hinduism, plus trading overland at the Golden Chersonese which was Kedah. Hinduism & Buddhism religious artifacts found at Gunung Jerai dated back to the 1st AD!,& Kelantan,with the longest reclining statue of Buddha in SEA, located at Tumpat!,plus other parts of southern Thai!Bear in mind,the British only agreed with Siam over these 4 states in northern Malaya at the beginning of the 20th century.
    Even before Admiral Cheng Ho sailed into the straits at the 14th AD, the preliminary Chinese seafarers were already here to terrorize the straits!On one of their excursion here,the seasonal monsoon winds was against their sails,thus landed them here along the west coastal of Malaya & in Sumatra!These were initial settlers among the Chinese,after the first wave consisting of Malayo Polynesians many thousand years ago.
    1511, Spainish conquistador Alfonso de Albuquerque sacked Malacca,after learning of it’s waterway’s richness.Surfaced our legends or myths….the Hangs to the rescue!Could they be Bugis,& descendants of the earlier Chinese?Speculations made up that they were from Sumatra!
    By the time the Dutch took over,these Bugis didn’t gave up on the idea with relentless raids onto Malacca!When the Dutch finally captured Selangor in the 18th AD,these same Bugis kept harassing the Dutch,in the know that the sultan of Selangor was a…..

    • warisan tmk Says:

      As agreed by all GREAT RELIGIONS of the world, including Islam and Christianity, the human race started from just a couple, Adam and Eve. Their descendents spread out to the four corners of the earth, and developed into tribes, races and nations.

      Along the path of history, names were attached to the tribes, races and nations. Those who settled down in the valley of the Indus River later on were known as indians. Those who settled down around the Yellow River, were known as Chinese, after one of the ruling dynasties. Those who settled down in what was later on termed as the Malay Archipelago, were known as Malays.

      There are hundreds, even thousands, other tribes and races, all are descendents of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were created in HEAVEN, and later ‘delivered’ to this planet Earth, as the first human couple. No one can really confirm, WHERE they started their life on Earth. However, religious sources are of the belief that Adam and Eve started somewhere in between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers.

      All these took place before history books were written, and even before the advent of religions like Hinduism, Budhhism, Islam, Judaism and other religions.

      Lets not waste time trying to trace the ancestory of races TOO LONG INTO DISTANT past. After all, all human tribes and races started from the couple Adam and Eve. Meaning we human beings are all distant ‘cousins’ to one another. Ok brother?

      • warisan tmk Says:

        Even if we are brothers from the same father and mother, we still have our own home, family and properties. Even if my elder brother and family wanted to stay in my house for a week during school holidays, they still have to follow my house ‘rules and regulations’.

        And if my elder brothers family wanted to stay longer, they need my permission. If I and my family do not welcome their longer stay, they have to leave, and go back to their own homes. If such rules are necessary among blood brothers, what more about tribes, races and nations.

  8. cina2 ni suka menipu dan mencuri, punyer nak curi hero melayu sampai sanggup mengencing,, yg melayu pulak senang kena kencing adalak yg percaya…..

  9. to continue cheating, maybe it’s quite hard to chinese , how to convert Hang iskandar, Hang Isa pantas names to make them sound like chinese… hahahah just because hang sounds like chinese doesnt make him chineselah …., i remember when i read Ming Shih (official records of Ming Emperors Court) , they wrote parameswara state visit to china, they wrote pah li Mi Su La,,, so,, is that means that pah li mi sula is a chinese?????? hanya kerana kamu pandai tukar nama kasi bunyi macam cina maka dia jadi cina lah… bodoh betul lah depa ni

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Amat bersetuju dengan pandangan sdra. Kaum Cina ada ‘superiority complex’, iaitu tanggapan bahawa mereka sahaja yang layak dikaitkan dengan sesuatu yang hebat. Mereka tidak dapat nafikan bahawa Hang Tuah itu hebat, jadi mereka cuma nak ‘cinakan’ character Hang Tuah….memang depa ni bodoh punya olang…

  10. Great article. I agree with you. Those yellow monkey creature is a virus to mankind. The brings a lot of problem to a country where they lives.

    • Deedee Sacz Says:

      After reading all the articles and comments(only after the fact asking my child to do some research regarding her history) its to sad with all the racist comments and what’s the point of all these stupidity.. does it put us forward in L I F E, MEANING TO BE A BETTER M A L A Y SIANS!!!???

  11. ..chinese will be chinese. like to label other people racist but miserably failed to see the racism in themselves..

  12. It seemed to me Confucius teachings had NO EFFECT on the chinese people. Confucius was a great and good teacher and tried to impart good values to the community.. BUT, the Chinese are full of greed, trickeries and does not appreciate people’s help. They claimed to be Buddhist, but have ill and bad feelings towards the Malays… why???? my people is like this???

  13. Origins of Hang Tuah ( and Hang Jebat Hang Lekiu etc)
    By John Chow

    This is what I heard:-

    Findings of the team of scientists, archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the United State, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia
    The graves of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and their close friends have been found and their skeletons had been analysed. Their DNA had been analysed and it is found that Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu etc. are not Malay, but Chinese (Islamic Chinese, just like the famous Admiral Cheng Ho). Malacca was a protectorate of China at that time, and the Emperor of China sent the Sultan of Malacca “yellow gifts’ as a token of his sovereignty. The 5 warrior brothers were believed to be sent to help protect Malacca and its Sultan from Siam (Thailand).

    The Sultans of Malacca was directly descended from the Parameswara from Indonesia who fled to Tamasek (Singapore) and then to Malacca. The Malaccan Sulatanate family eventually spread and became the Sultanate of the other Malay states of Perak and Johor. Therefore, the Sultanate royal court and the aristocrats of the Malay sultanates are actually foreigners from Sumatra and Java. Hang Tuah and his friends were the protectors of the Indonesian aristocratic Parameswara family who came to Malaya around 1400 AD and claimed sovereignty of the land.

    For confirmation please refer to:-
    The Federal Association of Arc & Research of Michigan, USA

    John Chow’s notes:-

    “Hang” is an unusual surname or name for a Malay. It sounds like s corruption of a Chinese surname.

    In fact, Chinese names start with the surname first, and given names last. Malay names start with the given names first, and the father’s name last (as in Ahmad bin Yusuf which means “Ahmad, the son of Yusuf”). There is no surname in traditional Malay! There is no surname to carry forward to the next generation.

    We also need to examine the genealogy. We know that Hang Tuah’s father was Hang Mamat. Here, we do not see a Malay name transmission. We see a name being carried forward. It is also noted that the placement of the name that is carried forward is in front. This indicates that the surname is “Hang”. It is the transmission of Chinese names.

    We also know that Hang Tuah’s son is Hang Nadim. Again, the name “Hang” is carried forward, and yet again, auspiciously in front, as a Chinese name would be, with the surname in front. There is no indication of a Malay naming convention.

    Note that Hang Nadim is also known as Si Awang (Malays would colloquially refer to others as “Si”. “A” or “Ah” is a common prefix for referring to others in Chinese. Thus, a person with surname Wang/Huang would be referred to as “Si Ah Wang” in Malaysia – Mr. Ah Huang) by the Malays.

    Note that Hang Tuah’s mother is Dang Merdu. “Dang” would be quite an unusual surname for a Malay also. However, “Dang” or “Tang” is a common Chinese surname. Note that the name “Dang” is in front, signifying that this is a Chinese naming convention, yet again.

    Some Malays will argue that “Hang” is an honorific term (Humba) for those that serve the royal courts. http://www.freewebs.com/suaraanum/0506b02.htm This argument is not tenable. Firstly, where is the precedence in sultanates that preceded the Malaccan Sultanate? Secondly, where is the evidence that this is so in succeeding sultanates? Thirdly, where is the evidence that this practice was carried out in the sultanate of that time? And has that Sultan given it to other court official and the royal family and their court officials and courtesans? Where is the evidence? Fourthly, since Hang Tuah’s father is called Hang Mamat, then he would have served the Sultan prior to Hang Tuah. But there is no evidence this is so. In fact, there is evidence that Hang Tuah was a very poor kid in the village. His father was not a high court official, and he was not brought up in the court. In addition, since if Hang Tuah’s father Hang Mamat had already served as a high court official, why must Hang Tuah be educated in Bahasa Melayu and court etiquette etc. again since the family is already indoctrinated in royal protocol?

    “Dalam perbendaharaan nama-nama orang Melayu semasa zaman kesultanan Melaayu Melaka, tiada terdapat nama-nama seumpama Hang Tuah, Hang Kasturi, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu, ringkasnya ringkasan yang bermula dengan ¡®Hang¡¯. Sejarah juga telah mencatatkan nama-nama dari bangsa Cina yang bermula dengan Hang, Tan, Maa dan Lee. Ia bergantung kepada suku kaum atau asal-usul keturunan mereka dari wilayah tertentu dari China. Kemungkinan untuk mendakwa bahawa gelaran ¡®Hang¡¯ telah dianugerahkan oleh Raja-Raja Melayu juga tiada asasnya. ”

    The last sentence loosely translates as, “There’s the possibility to propose that the term “Hang” conferred as a honorific by the Malay Kings also has no basis.”

    Moreover, before the time of the 5 warriors with their close families during this close period of relationship with the Chinese, there are no Malays with this name.

    Note that the Chinese ‘princess’ who married the Sultan of Malacca was called “Hang Li Po”. Here, we not only see the same name, but the name is also in front, indicating a Chinese naming convention. Hang Li Po brought along with her many servants and bodyguards from China who became the Baba and Nyonya’s of Malacca – these folk exist to this day. Chinese who do not know how to speak or write Chinese. They have been totally ‘malayanised”. Babas are people of Chinese descend who have been malayanised to such an extent that they wear Malay clothing, eat Malay food (with some Chinese food), speak Malay, and do not speak or write Chinese. Malacca is famous for its Baba communities. The only thing that is Chinese about them is that they are of Chinese ancestry. If you say that Hang Tuah is a Malay in the same sense that these Chinese have been malayanised, then you might be quite right. However, at this present moment, we are arguing on the basis whether he was an ethnic Malay or an ethnic Chinese, in the sense of blood ancestry. .

    There is an old Chinese tradition where warriors or servants in the royal palace were given or re-issued with surnames given by the emperor, to signify that they belong to the emperor, or to one of his offsprings. Therefore, it is possible that some very special bodyguards of the emperor or the royal family, have the same surname to signify that they are a unit formed especially to protect that one owner. Since the Princess Hang Li Po was given away in marriage to a strategic partner whose land the emperor wanted to ensure is safe and stable, he assigned a group of able warriors to the Princess Li Po, and he gave their families the same surname. This is not an unusual practice for the Chinese emperor.

    As for Hang Kasturi having 4 characters in his name, it is unusual, but it does happen that some Chinese have only 2 characters, and some have 4 characters in their names. For example, my paternal grandmother had only 2 characters in her name.

    See: http://www.anu.edu.au/asianstudies/ahcen/proudfoot/mmp/rtm/teachers.html

    In the GENEALOGICAL TREE OF THE ROYAL FAMILIES OF PERAK STATE (http://www.geocities.com/aizaris/genealogy), you may note 2 things:-
    1) Evidence that traditional Malay naming conventions do not carry the name of the father forward.
    2) There is no surname to carry forward
    3) Neither name nor surname are placed in front.
    4) The genealogy of the early part of the lineage tree makes reference to Chinese ancestry:- “Putera Chedra China” “Puetra China” and then later “Paduka Sri Cina”

    This proves there has been early Chinese links in the Malay/Indonesian races and aristocratic lineages.

    One Malay argued that Hang Tuah was already in the service of the Sultan before Hang Li Po was sent to Malacca. However, there is not evidence of this. A probable reference is the semi folklore Hikayat Hang Tuah, whicjh is not very reliable as it has many contradiction to Sejarah Melayu. . From the Ming Dynasty chronicles does not mention Hang Li Po or Hang Tuah but did mention the trip of Sultan Mansur Shah. See: http://thepenangfileb.bravepages.com/histr36.htm

    It is even possible that Hang Li Po was a minor “princess” (ie. only a daughter of a court official) who the emperor ordered to be given away to marry a vassal sate in order to ensue loyalty and close diplomatic relation. The whole event was blown up to given the foreign king a big ego boost that the great Chinese overlord gave him his own daughter in marriage! (It is doubtful that the conservative Chinese emperors would give their daughters away to somebody living in a foreign land very far away). It has happened before in the history of China. For example, the Tibetans think that their King Sonten Gampo forced the Chinese emperor to give away his daughter in marriage in order to make peace with great big powerful Tibet. The story from the Chinese side is that the Chinese emperor tricked the egotistical Tibetan king into believing that the palace maid was a princess and sent her off with her retinue and gifts. It was a ‘diplomatic trick”. Therefore, it is possible that the Chinese court repeated the trick on Sultan Mansur Shah, and gave him a “Chinese princess” with many gifts for the Sultan. In the meantime, he sent some warriors to the Sultanate to help ensure peace, safety and stability in the region – all in China’s national interests. Protect your friends and your interests will be protected. Or it could have been a ploy used by the Chinese emperor and the Malaccan sultan to use this marriage of a “princess” to deter the Siamese kings from encroaching on Malaccan territory. Siam would not dare to invade Malacca whose sultan is a son in law of the mighty Chinese empire!

    The 5 sworn brothers who studied and practised Silat together are:-
    Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu and Hang Kasturi.

    Further references:-

    Serajah Melayu – History of the Malay Peninsula

    Parameswara and the founding of the Sultanate of Malacca by John Chow

    This is my limited understanding of this subject matter.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Tq for your lengthy deliberation…but much lacking in facts and substance. Let me point out a few loopholes in your argument.

      1. Sultanate of Malacca was never a ‘protectorate’ or ‘vassal state’ of China. Sultanate of Malacca ‘big brother’ of that time was the Islamic Empire…which was the only super power at that time. Islamic empire was then in control of half of the world, running across India…and to the frontiers of China. Ming dynasty of China then was in the process of re-unifying China…after China was ruled by the Mongols for over 300 years. extended to the Sultanate of Delhi in India. This explained why the Sultans of Malacca adopted names like Sultan, Shah etc. in line with the Muslim sultanates in India.

      2. I have explained in my original post that there are so many names in Malay which follow the concept of surname, example:
      Nik Abduh Nik Aziz, Awang Ibrahim Awang Kechik, Tengku Putra Tengku Kamaruddin and such like. Hang is one of such names. Even there was a character named Hang Nadim in the history of ‘Singapura dilanggar todak’ which took place earlier than the founding of Malacca.

      3. In Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Tun Tuah, it was clearly depicted how Hang Tuah and his 4 ‘comrades’ attracted the attention of the Bendahara Tun Perak, when they displayed their fighting skills in defeating a ‘mengamuk’ person who was on a rampage. The Bendahara then presented the five to the Sultan.

      4. I wonder how credible is your DNA tests claims. According to Sejarah Melayu, Hang Tuah did not die, but diappeared, after going up to Gunung Ledang duing the rule of Sultan Mahmud Shah. How did they conduct DNA tests when his body was never found?

      5. Last but not least, Hang Tuah’s main weapon in combat was Keris, rather than Chinese sword. And his skills was in silat, not Chinese Kung Fu. Had Hang Tuah been Chinese, what made him abandoned Chinese Kung Fu and Chinese sword. Did he find Keris and Silat much superior weapon of war?

  14. it is nt a fact that i my self stated bt i saw & copy it frm the internet & send u sir,,,,no racis is applyed here,,,,,wan 2 knoe the real fact

  15. Semuaok Lah Says:

    No need lah to deliberate so much about the maybes, just go and look for then Hang brother’s grave and do a DNA test once and for all. That is if their grave can be found.
    Its strange that the Hang brothers seems to have no descendants ?. Are they eunachs that they cannot sire children ?.

  16. With regards to the writer’s sentiment about “Chinesizing” a Malay/Muslim character…well, somebody has got to get the ball rolling, hasn’t he/she/it…..read this http://duniakisahnyata.blogspot.sg/2013/01/biografi-sejarah-wong-fei-hung-ternyata.html

  17. Jwa Mobsta Says:

    There is no way a DNA sample can be taken from a grave in the tropics and have DNA after 500 years. A human body would have fully decomposed in the grave within 3 years. After 3 years, the only component surviving will be hair. By 10 years, this would have decomposed as well. Studies have been done on this. So anybody who says that Hang Tuah’s DNA has been checked in America is just making up a story. There is no logic to any of this. Second thing is i don’t think the grave could have been exhumed without the permission of the authorities. Somebody is just out to cause trouble between the Chinese and the Malays. Ignore please. Hang Tuah’s identity can only be traced using historical records. Having read the Sejarah Melayu, i think he is a Malay.

  18. Adeline Lee Says:

    You no need to kepoh Chinese Idiots. Chinese have tons of idiots coz there’ over 1.2 billion worldwide, we’re bound to have a few bad apples. BUT the thing is ; for every Chinese idiot we have a few more calibers and intelligent Chinese out there to balance it up. Being the only CONTINUAL SURVIVING ancient civilization in the world from the recorded history of dating back to millenniums ago, to being one of the 3 modern civilization to send a rocket to the moon (mind you, NOT space TOURIST like your poster boy Dr. what’s-his-name-sorry-I-forgot that wasted the nation over rm1 billion just to boost your maruah MeLayu), does not account for stupidity alone. There must have some merits in it. Unlike you Malay IDIOTS are the most butthurt type. No glorious ancient civilization, so any teeny weeny bits of merits or “heroism” left, u fellas would be hell bent to defend it…for your Maruah Melayu…even IF there may be a possibility your heroes may truly not be Malay . But u guys have tons of “glorious” politicians and tons and tons of scandals and corruption ..look at ur current PM..a bloody shining example.

    So I can understand your typical butthurt breed, esp. IF your heroes truly are of Chinese blood, the race you are MOST jealous (out of your imaginary fear), thus HATED. U fellas are only like and are comfortable with those that you deemed to be below you. Any sort of equality or even perceived to be better then your breed, you fellas are hell bent in seething wth denial, denial, hatred and hatred. The Malay mentality is a typical malignant narcissist, ie, a clinical condition known as severe inferiority complex.

    To prove my point, the very fact that rumour has it that Hang Tuah and/or Jebat has Chinese DNA, not yet even substantiated the Malay gov has ALREADY TOOK it upon their inferiority butthurt selves to remove these historical figures in school text books’ Sejarah . If you fellas got nothing to hide, why so kiasi (damn afraid). ANd even to the point of CHANGING HISTORY. Some idiots here said Sultanate time was not a vassal state? haahhhaaa.Never heard of Bunga Emas send to Siam? You fellas also change the Tanah Melayu BUKAN dijajah Inggeris, cuma DINAUNG..” Ptuiih! Always in denial. Typical of a narcissist.

    Hang Tuah Chinese or not, not important for me coz we are not the butthurt type like you, but what is interesting here is that, through this whole Tuah is Chines/not Chinese fiasco, it has truly PROVEN the poyoMelayu mentality.The blogger poyomelayu got it right, that kind of melayupoyo mentality is sickening and has kept u down…but those poor Malays who has self-reflection and has the ability to truly analyze their own bangsa’s psyche without getting butthurt are often ostracized and persecuted. PoyoMelayu indeed….and I did not comeup wth this term.

    • warisan tmk Says:

      No one dispute China’s great civilisation. Being such a great and continual civilisation, surely it would have great number of ICONIC warriors.

      However, its embarrassing that such great civilisation would ‘fight’ to make Hang Tuah Chinese…despite all the odds.

      By the way, like every civilisation, even the great China’s civilisation experienced ‘ups and downs’….including periods of being ‘colonised’ by the Mongols and Manchus in distant past…and by the Japanese in more recent past.

      • warisan tmk Says:

        In response to few earlier comments, let me re-iterate that Hang Tuah has NO GRAVE. So, how on earth that some people are claiming DNA test results and such ridiculous attempts to support futile arguments.

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