Only ‘HISTORY MADE IN CHINA’ is Credible To Prof. Khoo Kay Kim

I read with interest the interview given by Prof. Khoo Kay Kim, as published by The New Sunday Times yesterday.

A major point raised by him was that the Sejarah Melayu was not a historical account, as it was written years after the fall of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca, during which period, the ‘mythical hero’ Hang Tuah was ‘alleged to have served’ at least three Malay sultans as Laksamana, or Admiral of the Sea.

In comparison, according to Prof KKK, the history of Ming Dynasty in China was TRULY historical account, as it was written by Ming historians during the rule of the Ming Emperors itself.

If we were to use Prof. KKK arguments, what about the ‘history’ of GREAT RELIGIONS of the world, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam? Apart from the Ten Commandments, other parts of Old Testament were compiled hundreds of years after Moses. The Gospel of Jesus Christ were also written and compiled hundreds of years after what the Christians believed to be the the cruxifiction of Jesus Christ. And according to Muslim scholars, apart from the Quran itself, the life history of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, and his caliphs, or successors, were written and compiled over 100 years after the death of the Messenger of Allah.

By Prof. KKK ‘high standards’, is he also claiming that GREAT HUMANS like Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were mythical figures too, in the same way he regarded Hang Tuah?

Even the Malays would agree that certain capabilities of Hang Tuah may have been subject of OVER-GLORIFICATIONS, in the same way Paul and the Roman over-glorified Jesus Christ to be SON OF GOD. Certain superlatives being attached to certain historical figures do not take a way the fact that those figures were historical figures, a few even changed the course of history.

Prof. KKK should re-assess his NARROW-MINDED views of history and historical accounts. Otherwise he would find himself REJECTING the whole history of the MALAY CIVILISATION, despite historical accounts of the Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka (2nd-5th AD), the Malay Kingdom of Sriwijaya(5th-12th AD), the Malay Kingdom of Majapahit(12th-14th AD) and the Malay Kingdom of Malacca(14th-16th AD). Is Prof.KKK also claiming the the whole HISTORY OF MALAY CIVILISATION is a myth?

I believe, Prof. KKK should not pretend that he knew so much about history, to question the HISTORY OF MALAY CIVILISATION, especially when he is still obsessed with MADE IN CHINA products, including history. He should leave it to MALAY HISTORIANS to interpret the history of the Malays, and the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO.




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