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Chinese Dream vesus Chinese, What A Dream!

March 31, 2012

Its very simple to understand Chinese Dreams. Browse through blogs like Malaysia Today, and within minutes, if not seconds,  you’ll come across such a dream. Today, within minutes of thumbing into Malaysia Today, I’d come across one of such dreams. It was written in response to an article by RPK which touched on American Dreams. I believe the one who sent the post is Chinese using the name of  MrHot, March 30, 2012 18:09:37 :

Dear RPK Sir,
The dream that we want would never happen in this beloved country of us called Malaysia! Simply because the African-American have “Choon Toi” to realise their dreams where else in Malaysia the non-Malays have no “Choon Toi” to fight for what they want. Perhaps among the non-Malays, our Indian, Iban, Dayak, Kadazan brothers and sisters have more “Choon Toi” than the Malaysian Chinese. I am a Chinese but sad very sad indeed, in Malaysia my race is the least with a “Choon Toi” to fight for their political right. All the Malaysian Chinese “Choon Toi” was gone, ‘pohchik’ or vanished after May 13th 1969. On top of that all the Malaysian Chines “Choon Toi” was squeezed left, right center by evil UMNO for the last 50 years, and do you know what is the funniest things regarding the No “Choon Toi” Malaysian Chinese? You can see them all in the MCA! Dreams to have a Chinese PM for Malaysia could only be possible if all the Rakyat irregardless of race give zero vote for Parliament and DUN to MCA! Listen, MCA though I am a Chinese, I despise and abhor you to the core and I’m not alone! Period!
My comment:
I really wonder, how a Chinese brain like that belonging to ‘Mr.Hot’ was BRAINWASHED into believing what he stated above. Almost every sentence was written with so much GRUDGES against the Malays/UMNO. While, almost every statement contradicts what he himsel would feel, touch and experience in his daily life in our beloved country Malaysia.
First and foremost, lets consider the economic standings of the Chinese in this country. Despite the New Economic Policiy(NEP) which reserves certain percentage of opportunities to the Malays/bumiputras, 80% of Top 100 Richest Persons in Malaysia are Chinese. Whilst the NEP was supposed to prepare the Malays/bumiputras to compete for opportunities on ‘more level playing field’, the Chinese were never deprived of their rights to establish businesses, and propel them into corporate and conglomerate entities. The phenomenal success of the Chinese in economic sphere is clear proof that there is NO DISCRIMINATION whatsoever against them by the Malays/UMNO.
In the field of education, the Chinese in Malaysia enjoy ‘special treatment’ compared to their counter-parts in other South-east Asian countries. Chinese in Malaysia are allowed to have ‘Chinese-typed schools’ despite the presence of GOVERNMENT FULLY-FUNDED NATIONAL SCHOOLS. ‘Chinese-typed schools’ are essentially PRIVATE SCHOOLS, but they are also partially funded by the Government….aren’t they special. Even the Malays do not have their own ‘Malay-typed schools’. And now, over 90% of Private Universities are owned by the Chinese, and due to the high fees charged, only the very rich parents can afford to send their children to such Private Universities…hence the over 90% Chinese students enrollment.
The only area the Chinese may be seen to be lagging behind the Malays is in the field of POLITICS, or POLITICAL POWER.
However, the Chinese need to ask themselves, have they been discriminated in any way politically? Is there any laws stopping the Chinese from taking part in elections, forming political parties of their own, entering into alliances with others parties? Is there any laws stopping the Chinese from becoming a Members of Parliment, Ministers or even Prime Minister!!!!
Its time for them to realize that in democratic countries like Malaysia, its the decision of THE MAJORITY which matters. And in our political syatem, whoever wins the support of THE MAJORITY of elected Members of Parliment  will elect the country’s Prime Minister. So far, no Chinese MP has ever enjoyed such a majority support to become a PM. However, the Chinese in Malaysia can be proud that perhaps have more ministers in Malaysia than all other countries outside GREATER CHINA AND SINGAPORE put together. There might be certain number of ministers in Thailand and Filipines from among the Chinese, but they are ‘assimilated Chinese’ who do not even use Chinese-sounding names, and may not be able to speak Mandarin.
It took over 200 years before the Americans elected a SEMI-WHITE President. It may take them another 300 years before they can accept a ‘FULLY-METALLIC’ (I’m just borrowing a term used by a DAP leader in Perak) President. And that scenario is against the background that America was a VACANT CONTINENT before 16th century….meaning the WHITES themselves were essentially immigrants from England, Ireland, Spain and other European countries. Yet, despite their EQUALITY, and despite quite sizeable Chinese population, I have not come accross any congressman or mayor with Chinese name in America.
In comparison, the Malays have inhibited and ruled over the lands of Tanah Melayu, part of a larger Malay Archipelago since TIME IMMEROBLE, before history books were written, and before Arab, European and Chinese explorers sailed through the narrow straits between Sumatra and the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu peninsula.
So, my fellow Malaysians among the Chinese….please erase you unjustified GRUDGES against Malays/UMNO. Your immigrant forefathers were received well by our Malays/bumiputras forefathers. They were very wise to leave us the ‘Social Contracts’ which became the embodiment of our Federal Constitution, to provide WIN-WIN co-existence among all races in decades and centuries to come. Lets refrain ourselves ‘rocking the boat’, and do not let the Malays yell back at you, ‘Chinese, what a dream’….

Is Violence A Product of Chinese Schools?

March 26, 2012

PETALING JAYA: MCA national youth deputy chairman Dr Mah Hang Soon criticised Pakatan Rakyat for not condemning the unruly behaviour of the crowd at yesterday’s rally at the New Era college in Kajang.

Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong was jeered and almost punched when he attended the United Chinese School Commitees Association’s (Dong Zong) protest rally (also known as 325 rally).

“If they do not condone heckling from the audience, why did Pakatan leaders in attendance not address the crowds and advise them to be at their best behaviour?……..

My comment:

I really feel sorry for Wee Ka Siong, for having to endure the unruly behaviour of the Chinese ‘educationists’. If not for scores of Malay policemen and other security-related personnels, Wee Ka Siong could now be nursing bruises or even broken ribs and bones…

The incidence reminds me the atrocities committed by the Chinese-centrered  ‘bintang tiga’ communists who took over certain towns in Tanah Melayu immediately after the Japanese surrender in 1945. They could not wait for the impending arrival of the British re-occupying forces before setting up their own ‘kangaroo court’ and passed ‘death sentence’ to huge number of people, mainly out of sheer VENGEANCE.

The way Wee Ka Siong was treated, obviously the 5,000 crowd are supporters of  Pakatan, to be more precise, DAP. DAP stands for DEMOCRATIC Action Party. By the name alone, DAP are supposed to inculcate into their supporters CIVILITY and GOOD MANNERS. The failure of scores of Pakatan MPs and State Asemblymen to even attempt to control the emotion of the unruly crowd was clear proof that even their leaders are not fit to talk about democracy, freedom of speech, rights of peaceful assembly, and such other rights which would be highly by CIVILISED PEOPLE.

Worse still, those who attended the rally or assembly were those interested in  Chinese-typed education. Are they fit to be leaders of Chinese-typed education. According to a Malay proverb ‘bapa kencing berdiri, anak kencing berlari’. Meaning, if those who are entrusted to be leaders in Chinese-typed education are themselves are unruly and violent, what sort of behaviour can be expected of their students.

We Malaysians really hope that VIOLENCE is not one of the products of Chinese-typed schools…we all really do.

Chinese First, Malaysian Second

March 25, 2012

(The Malaysian Insider) – Datuk Wee Ka Siong was chased away after a rally protesting a lack of Chinese school teachers where it was alleged someone tried to punch the deputy education minister.

The MCA Youth chief said he was “shocked” and “saddened” by the jeers, scuffles and alleged attempted punch from frustrated rally-goers who made up part of over 5,000 who had gathered here.

After the rally organised by the United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong) ended, an angry swarm of people chanted for him to resign and it was alleged someone attempted to land a punch on his body but was prevented by a large security detail…….

My comment:

As an ordinary citizen of Malaysia, the above news item by Malaysian Insider is just SHOCKING. My simple question is…why put the burden on the Government to provide teachers for PRIVATE vernacular schools like the Chinese-typed schools?

It has long being accepted that the Government is only responsible to fully finance the NATIONAL SCHOOLS, both primary and secondary schools. NATIONAL SCHOOLS use Bahasa Melayu, our national language, as the medium of teaching. However, under our Federal Constitution, PRIVATE vernacular schools are allowed to exist. PRIVATE vernacular schools, including Chinese-typed schools, Tamil-typed schools and Islamic Schools(Sekolah Agama Rakyat) are meant to be financed privately….with small subsidy from the Government under ‘per capita’ scheme. Under the scheme, the Government would allocate certain subsidy to schools based on the number of students the schools have enrolled…including to subsidise the salary of their teachers.

How can associations like Dong Zong are making demands to the Government in such a THREATENING manner….after all, their Chinese-typed schools are basically PRIVATE SCHOOLS. Are they taking advantage of the fact that the country is moving closer to the 13th GE?

Overwhelming majority of Chinese in this country have continually support a ‘multi-racial’ party, DAP. And, DAP has from its inception in late 1960s has been advocating ‘Malaysian Malaysia’….meaning, Malaysia first and then only races. The paradox is, DAP are the most staunch supporter of the continued existence of CHINESE-TYPED schools. For the benefit of our readers, its interesting to note that no other South-east Asian countries allow CHINESE-TYPED schools as we do in Malaysia. Ask the Chinese in Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines, Brunei, or even Singapore!!!!

Is DAP a party which ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’? Why talk about ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ when deep in your hearts and souls, ‘its always Chinese first, and the others second’.



RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN Political Transformation

March 24, 2012

One needs to only read the articles and comments in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Chronicle to see this. The attack by the Chinese Bloggers, columnists and commenters is proof enough that this is all about the Chinese agenda. Are we trying to demolish the Malay agenda of Umno or are we propagating the Chinese agenda of the opposition? It looks like it is both, to demolish the Malay agenda and to replace it with the Chinese agenda.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

My comment:

The above is just the ‘intro’ to quite a lengthy article, written by RPK in his Malaysia Today blog yesterday.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, or RPK, has by far been the most controversial  POLITICAL BLOGGER in Malaysia, to the extent that there are people who regards him as one of the main reasons behind the BN loosing their customary two-third majority in Parliment in 2008 GE, for the first time since the formation of the party in 1975.

No doubt, RPK has been a very prolific and influential writer. His trade-mark ‘no holds barred’ writings had been ‘duri dalam daging’ to UMNO/BN, and had become great assets to the opposition coalition of PKR-DAP-PAS. Like his former political boss,  Anwar Ibrahim, and other Malay leaders who have been working against the interest of UMNO, the flagship of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ in the country,  RPK had been venerated by the DAP Chinese for his UMNO-bashings. His anti-UMNO sentiments reached its peak when he took the most foolish action of making statutory declaration implicating DS Najib and DS Rosmah Mansor in the murder of Altantuya. Despite that seemingly ‘bold’ move, he smuggled out of the country, to escape the wrath of the laws, when he was summoned to appear in court to answer the allegations he made against DS Najib and DS Rosmah Mansor.

His ‘isolation’ in the the UK must have allowed him more time to ponder over his previous actions, and more time to assess the the ‘non-performance’ of Pakatan-ruled state governments. Despite his claims that his political stands never change, there were enough evidence to show that many of his political stands have changed….for the better. He claims that he has been consistently against corruption and misuse of power….but how could he ‘wasted’ decades of his good life for Anwar Ibrahim, the one who was believed to be responsible to introduce ‘big-time’ money politics in UMNO, and the one believed to be responsible for ‘big-time’ corruption and cronyism in the BN Government when he was the Deputy PM and Finance Minister.

No one has come to explain the actual reasons for the fall-out between RPK and Anwar Ibrahim. However, it was his fall-out with Anwar which has gradually changed the colour, tone and textures of his blog, Malaysia Today. His ‘no holds barred’ bashing of PKR-led Pakatan-ruled Selangor, including in the sand-mining scandals, have turned many of his political friends to be his enemies. Chinese bloggers who once venerated him for his UMNO-bashings, have now turned their guns against him.

With his latest writing entitled ‘Chinese Agenda’ in his Malaysia Today blog, I’m not at all surprised if RPK will be labelled  as another ‘racist’ Malay, as they did to TS Muhyiddin Yasin, Ibrahim Ali, and scores of other UMNO leaders and bloggers.

Actually, I fully agree with RPK in his above article, that there is indeed a ‘Chinese Agenda’. It is well-engraved in our country’s recent history that the Chinese-centred Communist Party of Malaya had attempted to hijack the Lands of the Malays, Tanah Melayu, immediately after the Japanese surrender in 1945, from the Malays. Fortunately for the Malays, the British were good at history….they responsibly took to their hearts that when they first set their foot on this Tanah Melayu, they were well received by the Malay sultans and their Malay subjects…why should the sovereignty of this Tanah Melayu be handed over to ‘alien’ immigrant races.

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