RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN Political Transformation

One needs to only read the articles and comments in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Chronicle to see this. The attack by the Chinese Bloggers, columnists and commenters is proof enough that this is all about the Chinese agenda. Are we trying to demolish the Malay agenda of Umno or are we propagating the Chinese agenda of the opposition? It looks like it is both, to demolish the Malay agenda and to replace it with the Chinese agenda.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

My comment:

The above is just the ‘intro’ to quite a lengthy article, written by RPK in his Malaysia Today blog yesterday.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, or RPK, has by far been the most controversial  POLITICAL BLOGGER in Malaysia, to the extent that there are people who regards him as one of the main reasons behind the BN loosing their customary two-third majority in Parliment in 2008 GE, for the first time since the formation of the party in 1975.

No doubt, RPK has been a very prolific and influential writer. His trade-mark ‘no holds barred’ writings had been ‘duri dalam daging’ to UMNO/BN, and had become great assets to the opposition coalition of PKR-DAP-PAS. Like his former political boss,  Anwar Ibrahim, and other Malay leaders who have been working against the interest of UMNO, the flagship of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ in the country,  RPK had been venerated by the DAP Chinese for his UMNO-bashings. His anti-UMNO sentiments reached its peak when he took the most foolish action of making statutory declaration implicating DS Najib and DS Rosmah Mansor in the murder of Altantuya. Despite that seemingly ‘bold’ move, he smuggled out of the country, to escape the wrath of the laws, when he was summoned to appear in court to answer the allegations he made against DS Najib and DS Rosmah Mansor.

His ‘isolation’ in the the UK must have allowed him more time to ponder over his previous actions, and more time to assess the the ‘non-performance’ of Pakatan-ruled state governments. Despite his claims that his political stands never change, there were enough evidence to show that many of his political stands have changed….for the better. He claims that he has been consistently against corruption and misuse of power….but how could he ‘wasted’ decades of his good life for Anwar Ibrahim, the one who was believed to be responsible to introduce ‘big-time’ money politics in UMNO, and the one believed to be responsible for ‘big-time’ corruption and cronyism in the BN Government when he was the Deputy PM and Finance Minister.

No one has come to explain the actual reasons for the fall-out between RPK and Anwar Ibrahim. However, it was his fall-out with Anwar which has gradually changed the colour, tone and textures of his blog, Malaysia Today. His ‘no holds barred’ bashing of PKR-led Pakatan-ruled Selangor, including in the sand-mining scandals, have turned many of his political friends to be his enemies. Chinese bloggers who once venerated him for his UMNO-bashings, have now turned their guns against him.

With his latest writing entitled ‘Chinese Agenda’ in his Malaysia Today blog, I’m not at all surprised if RPK will be labelled  as another ‘racist’ Malay, as they did to TS Muhyiddin Yasin, Ibrahim Ali, and scores of other UMNO leaders and bloggers.

Actually, I fully agree with RPK in his above article, that there is indeed a ‘Chinese Agenda’. It is well-engraved in our country’s recent history that the Chinese-centred Communist Party of Malaya had attempted to hijack the Lands of the Malays, Tanah Melayu, immediately after the Japanese surrender in 1945, from the Malays. Fortunately for the Malays, the British were good at history….they responsibly took to their hearts that when they first set their foot on this Tanah Melayu, they were well received by the Malay sultans and their Malay subjects…why should the sovereignty of this Tanah Melayu be handed over to ‘alien’ immigrant races.

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