Behind Bersih 3.0 – the Aftermath

Anwar at it again!!!…where he is best at…Using other people for his ends…and even risking LIVES of the unsuspecting section of society for his personal goals. Anwar is simply great….even the former President of Bar Council, Ambiga, was reduced to being his SCREWS and SPANNERS, to RE-IGNITE the ‘revolutionary fervour’ of  REFORMASI ERA which has lost its gloss.

Most of Anwar’s right hand men had deserted him…Chandra Muzaffar, Zulkifli Nordin, Roslan Kassim, and even one of his ‘two wings’, Ezam…the other being Azmin….among others. The real back-bone of Pakatan, PAS, is in disarray, after the sacking of its former Selangor chief, Dr Hassan Ali. More and more PAS members are being made aware HOW FAR the party has strayed away from its original path, the establishment of Saudi-styled Islamic State, where the non-Muslims would not even be allowed to vote.

Its widely believed that the rakyat in Kedah and Selangor are ready to revert back the states to the BN. Even Kelantan is no longer a safe state for PAS/Pakatan. Substantial reduction in support to PAS/Pakatan as demonstrated in Manek Urai and Galas bye-elections were early signs of the inevitable EROSION. DAP leaders in Penang may be able to sleep soundly…but not for too long. Once overwhelming majority of Malays make up their mind to reject both PAS and PKR, DAP will be returned to the FRINGE of Malaysian political stage again….

The only way left for Anwar is to create a perception, at least among Pakatan hardcore followers, that the ELECTION PROCESS in the country is not fair. If the Pakatan gains more ground in the coming General Election…fair and fine…Pakatan parties will welcome the results….as they did when they won 5 states in the 2008 General Election. But, if they lose badly this time round, they will put the blame on the ELECTION PROCESS.

Anwar has always been FAR-SIGHTED, in a wrong way. He is preparing the supporters of Pakatan for the worst. Bersih 3.0 is a life rehersal of what would happen in the country, if the Pakatan coalition lose badly in the coming General Election. For his own political survival, nothing will stop Anwar from resorting to UNDEMOCRATIC MEANS, if normal democratic processes fail to deliver.

Saturday’s Bersih 3.0 are not the right venue for overwhelming majority of generally decent and peace-loving Malaysians. Its more suited to youths bent on street-fighting and gengsterism. Decent, civilised and law-abiding people would not even take a second glimpse of the MADNESS taking over our city streets.

Its time the Government take STERN and DRASTIC actions against those who are bent on undemocratic means to affect regime change in the country, against the will of the country’s SILENT MAJORITY.

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