PAS’s Hudud Dilema

There is nothing new about spat of exchanges between Hj Hadi, the President of PAS, and Karpal Singh, the Chairman of DAP, over the last few days, over the HUDUD LAWS issue.

In the run up to the 12th General Election(GE) in March 2008, PAS made a MOST SURPRISED move in their party history by agreeing to DAP and PKR, to set aside their objectives of setting up an Islamic State and implementing the HUDUD laws, to fulfil the condition imposed by the DAP,  to form a loose coalition called BARISAN ALTERNATIVE(BA), which was later changed to Pakatan Rakyat(Pakatan), and contest the GE with common manifesto. Despite the GIGANTIC ‘sacrifice’ by PAS, very few PAS members were fully aware of the implications of the move….that PAS had abandoned their long-held political struggle to establish an Islamic State in Malaysia, where HUDUD laws are applied.

Many Malay/Muslim political observers were left wondering where PAS was heading to. The main reason for their fight against UMNO, and split the Malays/Muslims all these years was their CLAIM that UMNO were against Islam and had become obstacles to their objectives of setting up an Islamic State and implementation of HUDUD laws. They were left wondering how would PAS achieve those objectives by joining DAP and PKR in Pakatan. DAP has long been known for its staunch SECULARIST stands, ie. against bringing in religion into politics or government.  The political observers could not help to wish PAS ‘all the best in  their political endevours’, but deep in their hearts, they knew that the move will gradually erode the support enjoyed by PAS among the Muslims who would like to see the reality of  an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ ruling a modern nation.

No doubt, PAS  are in real DILEMA. If they insist on their Islamic State and HUDUD laws agenda, their Pakatan ‘marriage of convenience’ with DAP may face immediate rupture. DAP used to leave the BA prior to 2004 GE, after PAS tabled the HUDUD laws in Kelantan and Trengganu after the 1999 GE. Co-incidently, both PKR and PAS lost badly in the 2004 GE – PAS lost Trengganu to BN, while PKR only managed to maintain a solitary parlimentary representation in Parliment. It looked like without the support of DAP, both PKR and PAS failed miserably in elections.

However, if PAS were to set aside, or even freeze, its Islamic State and HUDUD laws agenda, their leaders would be accused of ‘selling Islam for the sake of political power’. Such perception among the Malays/Muslims would be ‘political suicide’ for PAS. For years, PAS had been riding on the TIDES OF ISLAMIC RE-SURGENCE, in the same way a surfer has to ride on waves to keep above the water. Without the Islamic State and HUDUD laws agenda, PAS will ‘go down the drain’, in the same way a surfer would have to plunge into water once the wind and waves are gone.

However, PAS would not be in such dilema, had they been honest in their struggle for the sake of Islam and Allah swt.


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