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DAP Exposed GREEN LIES Of Ketua Pemuda PAS Regarding HUDUD

July 28, 2012

The increasingly popular news daily, SINAR HARIAN, organised another political debate recently, this time fielding the Youth Wing Chief(Ketua Pemuda) of PAS, Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi, against the equally-increasingly popular pro-UMNO young Islamic scholar, Fathul Bari.

What baffled most people who kept track of the debate was the GREEN LIES made by the Ketua Pemuda PAS that DAP, including their National Chairman, Karpal Singh, have ‘agreed’ to discuss the implementation of HUDUD, the Islamic criminal laws. In front of the life audience, he confidently claimed that Karpal Singh’s famous quote ‘over my dead bodies before implementation of HUDUD’ was things of the past…things of 20 years ago.

It must be utterly embarrassing for Ketua Pemuda PAS that his statement was immediately refuted by Karpal Singh, the National Chairman of DAP, and his Deputy Chairman,Dr. Tan Seng Giaw. According to Karpal, he has never changed his long-held stand on opposing the HUDUD.

Its surprising that even Ketua Pemuda of PAS is not aware(…is he really not aware?) that Karpal Singh and DAP have not compromised an inch on the issue. Does it then mean that PAS has taken the route of working with DAP on a misunderstood premise…that DAP is going to co-operate with PAS to implement HUDUD???

Obviously, the top leadership of PAS have been hiding certain facts of their political ‘tahalluf siasiyy’ from their rank-and-file leaders and members. They are still giving impression to their rank-and-file that their struggle is still for Islam and implementation of HUDUD, and that DAP would go along with them to implement it….


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