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Ustaz Nasha is Influencial Enough To Form a New Party

August 31, 2012

Ustaz Nasharuddin, used to be the General Secretary of PAS, before being voted as the Deputy President of PAS. However, in the latest PAS General Assembly, he lost the post to Mat Sabu in a three-cornered fight.

For the past one week, Ustaz Nasha has been a ‘toast’ of the country’s newspapers, first by accompanying  DS Najib in a meeting with a group of Saudi ulamas in Macca, which had infuriated PAS top leaders including Nik Aziz and Hj. Hadi. To cover his frustration, Nik Aziz reminded his audience that even a former President of PAS, the late Datuk Hj Muhammad Asri  also crossed over to UMNO. Hj Hadi on the other hand offered Ustaz Nasha to UMNO, after all, according to him, Ustaz Nasha is no longer influential among the grassroot in the party. Despite that, he is not taking the responsibility to determine the future of Ustaz Nasha, instead leaving the matter to Dewan Ulama PAS to make certain decision.

If Ustaz Nasha has lost his influence in the party, why both Nik Aziz and Hj Hadi are so scared to make decisions on Ustaz Nasha, as they did against Dr Hassan Ali? The answer is simple. There have been cautious calls by certain key leaders within PAS that the party still need him….rather than he needs the party. Such calls came from influential members of Dewan Ulama PAS like Dr Harun Din, and even from the Chairman of the Dewan Ulama, Ustaz Harun Taib.

Despite those cautious calls, with Anwar-controlled Nik Aziz still in full grip of the party, it looks more likely that Ustaz Nasha will be humiliated in the same way Dr Hassan Ali was. Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim do not want to be embarrassed anymore by  UMNO-friendly leaders within PAS. Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim would not mind losing 10-20% of support among PAS members, as long as their egos are not compromised.

Ustaz Nasha knows exactly what he stands for. He does not need PAS, as much as PAS needs people like him. He knows that PAS has changed for the worse. PAS is no longer defenders of Islam. PAS has become irrelevance. As Dr Hassan Ali has found out, PAS’s direction now is dictated by ‘Anwar-friendly parasites’.

Its time for Ustaz Nasha to leave PAS, well before he is technically sacked by PAS. Ustaz Nasha is not a small fry in PAS. Ustaz Nasha is influencial enough even to set up a new party, perhaps with the support of people like Dr Hassan Ali, to provide the platform for PAS members who have become disillusioned by present leadership of PAS.


31st August 1957 – Independence Day of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu

August 31, 2012

Within minutes, ten of thousands of Malaysians would be crowding around clock towers in city squares all over the country to share the excitement of the countdown towards mid-night, when another celebrated date starts unfolding, 31st August 2012, the 55th Anniversary of our country’s independence. 31st August is our country’s INDEPENDENCE DAY, sometimes referred to as NATIONAL DAY.

However, as events surrounding our counrty’s independence move further and further into distant past, more people are becoming unaware of the fact that our 31st August 1957 was the date when the Union Jack was lowered down to be replaced by the red-and-white stripes of the flag of PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU(in English, MALAYA). The ritual was  to mark the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu from the British rule. On that memorable day, the then Chief Minister of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, led the shouts of MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA!!!!(meaning, INDEPENDENT, INDEPENDENT, INDEPENDENT!!!) echoed by tens of thousands cheery Malayans who filled up the newly-built Stadium Merdeka to the brim, in the presence of the Excellencies the Raja-Raja Melayu.

The landmark event took place 9 years after the establishment of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, a Federation of 9 Malay states of Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Johor, Pahang, Trengganu and Kelantan, and the 2 Straits Settlement states of Penang and Malacca. Penang was originally part of Kedah, but was usurped from the Malay Sultan of Kedah by virtue of an Agreement with the British, which the British never fulfilled. Malacca was the THRONE of the last of Malay Empires before  the coming of the Europeans to the east, and its eventual conquests by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British.

Before the coming of the Europeans in the 15th century, Malay Empires had been the recognized rulers of this region of the world which the Europeans described as the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO, from times immemorable, with the ‘epicentres’ of power shifting from one place to another, including Langkasuka in 2nd-5th AD, Srivijaya 5th-12th AD, Majapahit 12th-13th and Malacca 14th-15th AD .

Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was established in 1948, to replace the Malayan Union introduced by the British in 1946. Malayan Union would have diminished the power of the Raja-Raja Melayu, would have opened the flood-gate of citizenship to millions of IMMIGRANTS brought in by the British to work in tin mines and rubber estates, and would have stripped the Malays, the original rulers and subjects of the Malay States, of any special rights they deserved.

In such critical moments in the history of Malay civilisation, the Malays became energized and UNITED to protect and uphold their rights. They gathered in thousands in major towns to vent their anger and displeasure. On 11the May 1946, in the palace of the Sultan of Johore, they officially set up their ‘vehicle’ to pursue their struggle, the UNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANISATION, or UMNO. It was UMNO, the Raja-Raja Melayu and the British who brokered the eventual establishment of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, as a TRANSITION GOVERNMENT before being conferred full independence in August 1957.

Despite the armed insurgency by the Malayan Communist Party(PKM), the newly- independent Persekutuan Tanah Melayu  threaded their way forward with great success. The multi-racial Malayans worked harmoniously together hand-in-hand to build the nation, guided by the forward-looking leadership of the ruling Alliance Party made up of United Malays National Organisation(UMNO), the  Malayan Chinese Association(MCA) and the Malayan Indian Congress(MIC). The success inspired the British to bring her other colonies of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak into the Federation. The three colonies were eventually merged with the Malay states of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu to form what is now known as MALAYSIA, with 16th September 1963 marked as the official date of formation.

Despite the 16th September date of formation of Malaysia, 31st August remains the official date of our INDEPENDENCE DAY or NATIONAL DAY of the country. The fact remains that 31st August 1957 was the date of  the independence of PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU, not that of MALAYSIA.

To all Malaysians world over, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke 55.

Mr Karpal, Malaysia IS NOT a Secular State

August 25, 2012

Besides advocating ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, another form of MALAYAN UNION which was bitterly opposed by the Malays in 1946, DAP  takes pride in portraying themselves as the VANGUARD OF SECULARISM. Among DAP leaders, the most outspoken spokesman for SECULARISM is none other than their National Chairman, Karpal Singh.

Karpal Singh is arguably one of the top lawyers in the country. However, his professional standing as a top lawyer is often compromised by his other role as a politician, as one of DAP top leaders. The whole country, if not the whole world, were witnesses to the ‘world record’ delaying tactics adopted by him in the SODOMY 2 trial of  Anwar Ibrahim, his political ally and leader of  the Pakatan coalition. All these happened about 15 years after Karpal himself disclosed in the Malaysian Parliment, when Anwar was still in the the ruling BN coalition and held the post of  Deputy Prime Minister, that he got in his possession the evidence of Anwar’s involvement in SODOMY 1.

Being what he is, its not surprising when Karpal came out with THE FLIMSIEST of certain isolated courtroom judgements to fabricate arguments that Malaysia is a SECULAR STATE. Only Karpal alone knows that he has been trying to ‘menegak benang basah’, or trying to ‘pull the wool over the eyes’ of rakyat Malaysia on the issue. Had he truly believed in those flimsy arguments, he would have legally challenged the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, for introducing the ISLAMISATION POLICY in his administration, his setting up of International Islamic University of Malaysia, Islamic Bank etc, besides  RE-AFFIRMING that Malaysia had always been an Islamic State.

Despite his reputation as a seasoned politician and lawyer, I have strong reasons to suspect that Karpal’s understanding of the term SECULARISM is seriously flawed. I wonder whether Karpal is fully aware that SECULARISM originated from deep-rooted Christian teachings of ‘GIVE TO CEASER WHAT IS CEASER’S, AND TO GOD WHAT IS GOD’S’, which means TOTAL SEPARATION between the earthly political powers from that of heavenly religious beliefs. In other words, religion should be confined to the synagogues, churches and the mosques, and SHOULD NOT INTERFERE in political system, processes and decisions of  a country.

Karpal Singh knows very well that the the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution were not in line with his WISHFUL THINKINGS. He knows better than millions others that  Article 3 of our Federal Constitution which clearly spells out that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” alone is enough to dispell any notion that Malaysia is a secular state.

Malaysia IS ALREADY an Islamic State, What DAP and PAS Are Arguing About?

August 23, 2012

It has been a busy Hari Raya schedule for me, that I did not even have time to glance at political blogs for the past few days. May I take this opportunity to wish all Muslims world over a very triumphant EID MUBAARAK, in Bahasa Melayu, the national language of Malaysia,  SELAMAT HARI RAYA.

During the peak period of festivities, it appeared that the never-ending argument between DAP and PAS on the subject of ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS has taken the centre stage again. DAP’s National Chairman, Karpal Singh, RE-AFFIRMED the party’s long-held opposition against the ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS, whilst PAS trying to convince their followers that the implementation of ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS remains part and parcel of PAS’s political struggles.

Its VERY STRANGE that DAP is talking about opposing the establishment of ISLAMIC STATE and implementation of HUDUD, and PAS talking about establishing ISLAMIC STATE and implementation of HUDUD, when Malaysia IS ALREADY an Islamic State…with HUDUD yet to be implemented.

Regardless of what DAP and PAS think, as far as UMNO, Malays/Muslims are concerned, Malaysia IS ALREADY an Islamic State, and no ‘court-room arguments’ will change that.

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