Mr Karpal, Malaysia IS NOT a Secular State

Besides advocating ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, another form of MALAYAN UNION which was bitterly opposed by the Malays in 1946, DAP  takes pride in portraying themselves as the VANGUARD OF SECULARISM. Among DAP leaders, the most outspoken spokesman for SECULARISM is none other than their National Chairman, Karpal Singh.

Karpal Singh is arguably one of the top lawyers in the country. However, his professional standing as a top lawyer is often compromised by his other role as a politician, as one of DAP top leaders. The whole country, if not the whole world, were witnesses to the ‘world record’ delaying tactics adopted by him in the SODOMY 2 trial of  Anwar Ibrahim, his political ally and leader of  the Pakatan coalition. All these happened about 15 years after Karpal himself disclosed in the Malaysian Parliment, when Anwar was still in the the ruling BN coalition and held the post of  Deputy Prime Minister, that he got in his possession the evidence of Anwar’s involvement in SODOMY 1.

Being what he is, its not surprising when Karpal came out with THE FLIMSIEST of certain isolated courtroom judgements to fabricate arguments that Malaysia is a SECULAR STATE. Only Karpal alone knows that he has been trying to ‘menegak benang basah’, or trying to ‘pull the wool over the eyes’ of rakyat Malaysia on the issue. Had he truly believed in those flimsy arguments, he would have legally challenged the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, for introducing the ISLAMISATION POLICY in his administration, his setting up of International Islamic University of Malaysia, Islamic Bank etc, besides  RE-AFFIRMING that Malaysia had always been an Islamic State.

Despite his reputation as a seasoned politician and lawyer, I have strong reasons to suspect that Karpal’s understanding of the term SECULARISM is seriously flawed. I wonder whether Karpal is fully aware that SECULARISM originated from deep-rooted Christian teachings of ‘GIVE TO CEASER WHAT IS CEASER’S, AND TO GOD WHAT IS GOD’S’, which means TOTAL SEPARATION between the earthly political powers from that of heavenly religious beliefs. In other words, religion should be confined to the synagogues, churches and the mosques, and SHOULD NOT INTERFERE in political system, processes and decisions of  a country.

Karpal Singh knows very well that the the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution were not in line with his WISHFUL THINKINGS. He knows better than millions others that  Article 3 of our Federal Constitution which clearly spells out that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” alone is enough to dispell any notion that Malaysia is a secular state.

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