Ustaz Nasha is Influencial Enough To Form a New Party

Ustaz Nasharuddin, used to be the General Secretary of PAS, before being voted as the Deputy President of PAS. However, in the latest PAS General Assembly, he lost the post to Mat Sabu in a three-cornered fight.

For the past one week, Ustaz Nasha has been a ‘toast’ of the country’s newspapers, first by accompanying  DS Najib in a meeting with a group of Saudi ulamas in Macca, which had infuriated PAS top leaders including Nik Aziz and Hj. Hadi. To cover his frustration, Nik Aziz reminded his audience that even a former President of PAS, the late Datuk Hj Muhammad Asri  also crossed over to UMNO. Hj Hadi on the other hand offered Ustaz Nasha to UMNO, after all, according to him, Ustaz Nasha is no longer influential among the grassroot in the party. Despite that, he is not taking the responsibility to determine the future of Ustaz Nasha, instead leaving the matter to Dewan Ulama PAS to make certain decision.

If Ustaz Nasha has lost his influence in the party, why both Nik Aziz and Hj Hadi are so scared to make decisions on Ustaz Nasha, as they did against Dr Hassan Ali? The answer is simple. There have been cautious calls by certain key leaders within PAS that the party still need him….rather than he needs the party. Such calls came from influential members of Dewan Ulama PAS like Dr Harun Din, and even from the Chairman of the Dewan Ulama, Ustaz Harun Taib.

Despite those cautious calls, with Anwar-controlled Nik Aziz still in full grip of the party, it looks more likely that Ustaz Nasha will be humiliated in the same way Dr Hassan Ali was. Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim do not want to be embarrassed anymore by  UMNO-friendly leaders within PAS. Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim would not mind losing 10-20% of support among PAS members, as long as their egos are not compromised.

Ustaz Nasha knows exactly what he stands for. He does not need PAS, as much as PAS needs people like him. He knows that PAS has changed for the worse. PAS is no longer defenders of Islam. PAS has become irrelevance. As Dr Hassan Ali has found out, PAS’s direction now is dictated by ‘Anwar-friendly parasites’.

Its time for Ustaz Nasha to leave PAS, well before he is technically sacked by PAS. Ustaz Nasha is not a small fry in PAS. Ustaz Nasha is influencial enough even to set up a new party, perhaps with the support of people like Dr Hassan Ali, to provide the platform for PAS members who have become disillusioned by present leadership of PAS.

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