Is SUARAM a Foreign Agent?

According to SUARAM(Suara Rakyat Malaysia) website, the organisation “specializes in civil and political rights such as freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association; right to fair trial; freedom from torture, extra-judicial killings and cruel punishment; public accountability and genuine democracy-building….”

Despite their claim of acting in line with the International Declaration of Human Rights, ‘co-incidently’ their directors are associated with the opposition parties, including Dr Kua Kia Siong, who wrote the SEDITIOUS ‘May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969’, including accusing Tun Ab Razak, the then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, of staging a ‘coup-de-tat’ against the then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman….by ‘creating’ the 13th May riots…that’s how he ‘intepreted’ certain ‘classified documents’ made available to him…Sounds more like DAP or Communist agitators than a human right activist…

With regards to their sources of funding, SUARAM website states ” funded by donations and grants from public and private sources. However, the most important source comes from private donations, local fund-raising events, sales of books and campaign merchandise. Funds are accepted strictly on the basis of non-interference of donors.”

However, recently, SUARAM’s director Kua Kia Soong  revealed that the organisation has been receiving funds from foreign countries  namely the United States, Finland and Canada, besides certain  Malaysian state governments and individual donators. Since SUARAM was foung to be listed under ‘companises’, the revelation triggered certain Malay NGOs including Jaringan Melayu Malaysia(JMM) to demand investigations by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia(SSM) about the foreign fundings.

Yesterday, SSM revealed their initial findings that  SUARAM was over 99% funded by a company by the name of Suara Instiatif  Sdn. Bhd. with RM500,000.00 and RM600,000.00 being transferred to SUARAM in 2009 and 2011 respectively. The donators included the US-based National Endowment for Democracy, New York-based Open Society Institute and, Southeast Asian Centre for e-media and the German Embassy.

With such huge sums of money being transmitted by FOREIGNERS to NGOs like SUARAM, certain questions arise….how can our Government be sure that NGOs like SUARAM are not  FOREIGN AGENTS, whose activities may be dictated, and even directed, by their FOREIGN PAYMASTERS.

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