Its Time To Prosecute Office Bearers of SUARAM

In Malaysia, Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia(JPPM) is responsible to register societies, to monitor their conducts and activities, to take actions against misconducts, and even to  prosecute the office bearers in the court-of law if they commit offenses under the Act. Included under their responsibility to act against UNLAWFUL SOCIETIES.

Unlawful societies include societies whose registration have been revoked by Registrar of Societies(ROS), and those who ARE NOT OFFICIALLY REGISTERED UNDER THE ACT. Sections 41-52 of the Act clearly spell out the WRATH OF THE LAWS against those who administer UNREGISTERED SOCIETIES,  including financial penalties, and even prison sentences, against their office bearers. One of the sections also spell out that SOLICITING FUNDS by unlawful societies is also an offence under the Act.

Our peaceful and harmonious Malaysian society have always look up to the Government to make sure that the letter and spirit of Acts like the Societies Act 1966 be enforced to ensure our continuous peace and harmony. However, the reality was there were times when the Government was not seen to be strict enough in upholding such Act. Just look at how an unlawful society like Al-Arqam were allowed to run their activities for years before certain drastic actions were taken against their leaders… the way it was JAKIM who made the final  move to ban the organisation.

Weeks before the General Election of 2008, out of a sudden, another unlawful society by the name of Hindu Rights Action Force(Hindraf) was unleashed to create havoc on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.  Certain actions were taken against their leaders for committing certain offences like organising street demonstrations and causing public disorder, but no action was taken against them on the basis that their organisation was unlawful. Look, when we do not extinguish the fire when it was small….our country was put on the brink of disaster!!!

Now the whole nation have been awakened to the fact that even SUARAM, an organisation who have been on national stage for decades, is also UNLAWFUL, to be precise UNREGISTERED under Societies Act. Worse still, it has been discovered that SUARAM have been receiving huge sums of money from overseas, including Jewish-related organisations based in the United States.

The question is, how could our REGISTRAR OF SOCIETIES(ROS), be caught UNAWARE that  such a controversial organisation as SUARAM, has long been ‘terrorising’ our Malaysian society without even registering themselves with ROS. Have the officials in ROS been sleeping in their office?  Or…were ROS aware of it, but waiting for the rakyat or newspapers to highlight the issue…then only they would act. It sounds a bit like Suruhanraya Syarikat Malaysia(SSM)….

Come on ROS, there are enough provisions under the Societies Acts to prosecute office bearers and activists of SUARAM, before they cause more damage to our peaceful and harmonious Malaysian multi-racial society.


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