Registration of DAP Can Be Cancelled For Advocating MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA.

The concept of MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA was first advocated by the Singapore-based PAP, shortly after the formation of Malaysia. MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA envisaged a Malaysian society which would do away with SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS as provided for in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

PAP’s obsession with MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA was bitterly opposed by UMNO, the backbone of the then ruling Alliance Party which consisted of UMNO, MCA and MIC. Eventually, this had resulted into the expulsion of Singapore from the Federation. It was seen by many as an act of ‘amputating’ certain cancerous part the body in order to keep the other parts of the body healthy.

However, the expulsion of Singapore did not stop ‘PAP’s ideology’ from being upheld in Malaysia by former supporters of PAP in Malaysia, who later formed the Democratic Actions Party(DAP), whose present leadership include Lim Kit Siang as its advicer, Lim Guan Eng as the Secretary General, and Karpal Singh as the Chairman. DAP’s debut in the 1969 General Election co-incided with the the most devastating racial riots the country had ever witnessed for decades.

DAP’s persistent advocacy of MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA, which aims to remove policies favourable to the Malays/Bumiputras,as provided for in the Federal Constitution,  has been the MOST POTENT FLASHPOINT in Malaysian politics and race-relations in the country. Infact, Lim Kit Siang used to write a book entitled ‘THE TIME BOMB’ , forecasting an inter-racial ‘explosion’ along the path of our nation. Paradoxically, DAP has been the ‘God-father’  of Chinese educationists who have been upholding CHINESE-MEDIUMED SCHOOLS.

I did wonder, whether, a political party like DAP, whose aspirations are IN CONTRADICTION to the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution should be allowed to exist as a REGISTERED SOCIETY, what more about being allowed to take part in the political elections in the country. I’d looked for some answers in the Societies Acts 1966. Having browsed through back and forth, my attention was focused on the item 2A which was listed under a heading ‘REGISTERED SOCIETIES TO ACT IN FULFILLMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION’.

Item 2A started with: “It should be the duty of every registered society to carrying out its activities and conducting  its affairs, to ensure that they are in accord, and conducive to the fulfillment of and adherence to, the provisions of the Federal Constitution and the State Constitution, and where any of the activities or affairs of any society is in any manner vialative of, or derogatory to, or militate against, or show disregard for……………………the position of the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak……as provided in the Federal Constitution, the Registrar may CANCEL the registration of the society…..”.

Having studied the provisions in the Societies Act 1966, I reached a FIRM CONCLUSION that many political parties in the country, notably the DAP, have been conducting their activities and affairs, in a manner VIALATIVE OF, DEROGATORY TO, MILITATE AGAINST, and SHOW DISREGARD to the Federal Constitution, in particular, with regards to THE SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS.  These have been the underlying factors WHY there have been so much POLITICS OF HATE been spread out to all corners of our country.

The Societies Act 1966 are very clear about it. And the Act clearly spelt out WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE to monitor the activities and affairs of registered societies, and what actions are within their powers to exercise, when certain societies conduct their activities and affairs IN CONTRADICTION to the spirit and letters of our Federal Constitution. I hope all pro-BN bloggers will take note and study this matter further, so that we can ensure that any political party who are acting against the letters and spirit of our Federal Constitution will get their registration CANCELLED, and not be allowed to dictate or determine the future of our GREAT NATION.

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