Registrar of Societies HAS BEEN Sleeping

Is the job of the Registrar of Societies(ROS) limited to only to’ ‘register’ societies? Really? Meaning, their job is just to receive application forms from groups of at least 7 people to form registered societies, or legal societies?

Then, who is responsible to deal with unregistered, or ILLEGAL SOCIETIES? How could SUARAM, only recently been found out to be unregistered, hence ILLEGAL  society, be allowed to ‘walk the earth’ in Malaysia, and had become A BASE for certain opposition leaders to subvert the Government, and even OUTPOST for certain FOREIGN INTERESTS keen to cause mischief in the country?

SUARAM have been around not for a few months, or a few weeks. The ILLEGAL SOCIETY have been around for over a decade, if not decades. The big question is, how could our ROS were never bothered to check out whether the ‘human rights society’ had ever applied to be a registered, hence LEGAL SOCIETY.

There is no need for lengthy excuses… the eye of the rakyat, the Registrar of Societies(ROS) HAS BEEN SLEEPING….MAKAN GAJI BUTA….What a shame!!!!

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