Lets Accept That, MCA Accepts Hudud Islam, NOT Hudud PAS.

Two days ago,  DS Chua Soi Lek, the President of MCA, issued a statement outlining MCA’s stand on Hudud.

The way I understood the statement, MCA accepted HUDUD ISLAM, as explained to them by  Ustaz Fathul Bari, regarded by many as ‘spokesman’ for UMNO on religious matters. On the other hand, the party rejects ‘Hudud versi-PAS’.

The statement by the MCA President brings MCA very much in line with UMNO on the Hudud issue. UMNO leaders have long contended that Hudud Islam may have not featured in the forefront of UMNO’s political agenda, but the party never rejected Hudud Islam.

PAS leaders and supporters have not been happy when UMNO branded their understanding of Hudud Islam as ‘Hudud PAS’, or ‘Hudud versi-PAS’ as used by MCA. However, both UMNO and MCA have strong grounds to justify their stands, which I do not intend to discuss in depth at the moment. PAS knows better that they had used ‘hudud’ just to incite hatred among the Muslims against UMNO.

I believe the statement by MCA is commendable, and acceptable to Muslims in the country.

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