Malays Or Chinese CONTRIBUTED MOST To Corrupt Practices – Comparison Between Malaysia and People’s Republic of China

Many of us must have been tickled by a statement made by one of newly-appointed Vice-Presidents of DAP, Dr. Ariffin C.M. Omar, blaming the ‘monopoly’ (using his words) of Civil Service by the Malays for CORRUPT PRACTICES in the country. I believe that, the ‘hidden’ message in the statement was, should more Chinese be admitted to the Civil Service, the country will be managed better and there will be less corruption.

Before we find out whether there’s any grain of truth in the statement, let me point out that until very recent past, until last couple of years, generally, the Chinese looked down on employment in Civil Service due to its low pay. Least attractive to them were employment in security-related services like the military and the police force.  Chinese graduates were more tempted to find employment in Chinese-dominated private sector which offered much more attractive pay. Thousands of them even opted for employment overseas after finishing their studies, where salaries are paid in British pounds, Singapore dollars, American dollars, or Australian dollars.

Despite such circumstances which gave rise to Malays dominating the  Civil Service, the opposition parties are inclined to inciting hatred among the non-Malays, in particular the Chinese, towards the UMNO and BN Government, by claiming that entrance of non-Malays into Civil Service were much restricted and the non-Malays were victims of discrimination. It’s very surprising that Dr. Ariffin are not aware of those circumstances before making such sweeping statement.

More surprising, Dr. Ariffin must be unaware that the Transparency International(TI) had published its latest findings on corrupt practices accross the world,  and had listed Malaysia well above People’s Republic of China in its 2012 ‘Corruption Perception Index(CPI)’. The listing involved 176 countries, and the countries were listed based on scales ranging from 100(most clean) to 0(most corrupted). The latest listing put Malaysia at No.3 among ASEAN countries, and No.54 worldwide with a score of 49, while China was placed at No.80 with a score of 39.

This means, a country called People’s Republic of China, with 95% of its 1.2 billion population are Chinese, is one of the more corrupted countries in the world!!! Since the ‘diaspora’ of Chinese all over the world originated from the Mainland China, such despicable ranking of China in the CPI tells us a lot about the level of corrupt practices among the Chinese in general, whether they are citizens of People’s Republic of China, or they are citizens of countries in South-east Asia, or other countries of the world.

What’s then the basis of Dr.Ariffin’s ‘most stupid assumption’ that the Malays ‘monopoly’ of the Civil Service is the reason for corrupt practices in the country? Are the Malays running the Civil Service in China too….that China is listed well below Malaysia?? Infact, without the open secret ‘under-table’ role of Chinese businessmen in Malaysia, Malaysia could have been listed 40-50 positions above the present No. 54.

It is obvious that only a few ‘stupid Malays’ are enticed, or even paid for, to join DAP, and that only such fools are prepared to be used as ‘window dressing’ for DAP,  to hide their grudges, hatred and ill-intentions against the Malays.

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